Monday, July 27, 2015

Mel Morse, Edgar Cayce, and Future Memory


"Firstly, I do apologize. I could not find the link to message you on the blogger site. Obviously, you are free to ignore this question - it's a touchy subject and I couldn't be offended. Do you believe that the Melvin Morse scandal is a 'teachable moment' for those who are spiritually striving to know about ourselves on higher levels? Have you heard anything from the man himself, about his actions? On one hand, it's obvious he wasn't trying to kill his daughter, but he had researched the benefits in intelligence and happiness in kids who experienced NDEs so much, and wanted her to have what they had. He created a situation of mistreatment that could easily lead to the opposite, or he honestly could have killed the little girl. All the same, it was absolutely child abuse, even the things to which he admitted doing. I believe he's been convicted now, but may appeal. It might be good to give a message in the wake of this about how a "Spiritually Transforming Experience" or Near-Death Experience happens when people need it, trying to force it is foolish and dangerous.

"Perhaps also, no scientist is immune to a touch of dangerous madness - he probably saw it as a kindness to try to provoke a near-death experience in his daughter. Instead of learning true kindness from his experiences with these kids or his own meditation experiences he's written about, something got lost in translation or twisted while he researched NDEs in children, making him desperate to cause his daughter to have one. I was hoping you might have a helpful idea or perspective about this. Really, I think it might be important to keep in mind you can't force yourself or (especially) others in such a way. Wouldn't he have had greater results if they had family meditations, etc.? I just can't imagine there aren't 1,000 better ways to guide a child through their natural spiritual growth! After all, wasn't he the one to quote a child saying, "Life is for living! The Light is for later!"?

"Thank you for your passion about NDEs and fulfilling your mission to spread the word with your books. It's really changed my life - and for opening up and talking about your own childhood experiences! I find your interviews compelling and positive, not like some guru on high, just, 'This is what happened to me, for most, it may be a little different, a lot different, or ineffable.' It's still very courageous. I do hope someday you put together an autobiography, because even the thing you experienced long before your NDEs fascinate me. Thank you for your rigorous work and your honesty! I have read most of your books. I currently only own two - a digital version of I Died Three Times in 1977 (now that you pointed out the pattern of swirling energy, I seem to see people writing about it quite a lot), and Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story (the NYC library is a huge blessing. I found The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences to be really helpful to clarify ideas to my husband, who has a hard time believing in a lot of things, but he definitely is interested. It's a desire to have a knowing that he simply doesn't feel, I think), but am interested in picking up the one you wrote about the new generation, and the one that is mathematically designed as a labyrinth! How did that idea come to you? It's amazing. The subject of the book is very intriguing and the format perhaps more so. Anyway, even if the question is something you don't feel comfortable answering, knowing I can say 'thank you' to you means a great deal to me. I hope you always have a busy travel schedule when you want it."....Katherine


My goodness. So many questions.

As per Mel Morse, there is more involved in his story than has made the headlines. I have known him for a long time, and still cannot figure out why he has taken the road in life that he has. Why he left his first wife and family, has always puzzled me. Why he married this new young wife and had another child doesn't make sense to me either. No, it's not just love. I saw him in Montreal, Quebec, a few days before he was arrested. His wife and daughters were there, too. He gave at that time the best talk I've ever heard him give, and I told him so. He almost collapsed in tears when I said that. We arranged to talk more, as I wanted to know what was going on, but he never came at the time we set. I flew home. He remained to give a workshop, then all of them flew home. The police were waiting for him. Yes, he is in jail. Not sure where or for how long. The woman he married and the daughter she already had, the one he is accused of water-boarding, have a long list of "problems." The truth of this whole affair remains a huge puzzle. . . for all of us.

I will not write a memoir, at least not of my early years. I promised my sister I would not and I will keep that promise. She is afraid others would be hurt if I did, and she may be right. I have and I will continue to write about bits and pieces of my life, and of my later years, when it is appropriate to do so. Suffice it to say, I had five fathers and two mothers, wound up raising myself in many ways - in the sense that I was extremely curious and simply could not be stopped asking questions and "looking around" and finding out things for myself. I did my first double-blind study with a control group at the age of five, testing out mud pies and why some had a certain color and texture and others did not. First grade was a horrible nightmare for me. I was the only kid in school who could see music, hear numbers, and smell color. Got me in trouble again and again. There was so much death then - Pearl Harbor - and I was sooooooooo sensitive. I picked up everything. Played with nature spirits as a child, and did many other things. My biological mother finally married the right man, a police officer. He was a godsend, even though it took me three years to accept him. Wound up spending inordinate lengths of time in the local police station, mostly waiting for Dad to have a coffee break so I could have a ride home. I saw and learned a lot! It wasn't until after I died in 1977, through all the tests I was given, that it was discovered I had been born with dyslexia and synesthesia (multiple sensing). This explained much of my childhood. I became a "normal" human being in high school because I determined to. This worked until I had a mild nervous breakdown at 29.

What saved me was reading a book about Edgar Cayce and having an Edgar Cayce study group invite me to a meeting. Found my home. Bingo! My life finally made sense. I tackled everything after that: became everything - because that was the only way I could understand anything: take it, test it, find out all the variables, test again, try it out, examine. I started Idaho's first non-profit metaphysical corporation called Inner Forum, and through the format of Inner Forum opened up thousands of people, not only in Idaho but throughout the Northwest. I never did anything small. Why, I don't know. Then I died, three times in three months in 1977. I call it the "heavenly sledge hammer effect." Aptly put. The Voice in my third experience directed me into research. Said it was my job. And, I've been doing "my job" ever since. If I told my whole story, no one would ever believe it.

Future Memory is the only book I have written that is a real labyrinth. Every sentence, every paragraph, every page, is part of the math I used to create the labyrinth format. You read through the book as you would walk through a site labyrinth. The book's purpose is to bring your consciousness up to the next highest level possible for you. The book is alive in the sense that it is a brain changer. I was told how to do this by The Voice that spoke to me during my third near-death experience.

Glad you've found much help in the many books I have written. All contain my findings and the stories to back them up. My only departure thus far is Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience. This book features the collective, speaking through their own voice, about the collective experience. It is the people, the millions of experiencers who will never write a book or speak on stage. This is their book - bold, direct, what experiencers say. All I did was sum the voice of the many. Hear them - child and adult. It's their turn to talk. Blessings, PMH

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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Life Plans for Good or Evil?

"I'd like to know if you think that a soul can somehow choose to incarnate as a bad person and cause a lot of suffering, in order to help people grow spiritually. You see, I understand perfectly that good and bad are human concepts and that even the most terrible things we can experience on this earth can serve our personal evolution, and lose pretty much all of their dramatic nature when viewed from the perspective of the higher realms. But still, I fail to understand how a soul (assuming it's a loving soul) could choose such a life plan for itself, even for the sake of human evolution. In my view, hurting other people is something we do out of ignorance. The soul of Hitler had planned all the atrocities we know for a good cause?" ......Stephane

You are asking questions which cannot be answered.
What I can share is from my research and my own personal experiences. Souls tend to incarnate in groups, like soul families. I go into this in-depth in my book We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death. By coming in groups, they are able to spar with each other, take on differing positions and beliefs, with the knowledge that their friend and/or adversary is really their "soulmate" in the sense of being from the same soul family. You often see this kind of tie within tight-knit families like the Kennedy clan, and with those who seem equal, deeply respect each other, but soundly disagree with.
If you consider the theory of reincarnation to have validity, then you often see such tit-for-tat interplay, or some kind of "agreement" or "need" where one soul takes on a particular role for the good of the other. In my own case, for instance, I was born out of wedlock to a woman who could not or would not love me. As a child, I knew for certain I was her mother, not her daughter, and refused to accept her guidance. As I grew, the whys between us became clearer and clearer, until I could see that I had once bore her out of wedlock in France, provided for her, but could not love her. The tables turned in this life. There were many "clues" that showed me this memory was accurate. When I had children of my own I could finally look back and forgive my mother, forgive myself, and love us both. My mother was a woman of great courage who bore me at a time in our history when having a child out of wedlock was a "crime" and women who did this were treated accordingly. What my mother went through was horrific, what I went through was confusing and angry and hateful  -  until one day I woke up. The difference for me was an interceding couple, a Norwegian couple, who raised me from two months of age until six when I started school. Without them, I would never have made it in this lifetime. They were my angels. Later in my life I became a professional hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regressions. These agreements or tiffs between souls play out again and again, globally, for all of us, on some level, sooner or later.
In my research of near-death states, repeatedly, you hear experiencers afterward saying that they learned why we have wars, why we brutalize each other, once on the Other Side. And what they learned filled them with ease and gratitude. Yet they are unable to remember what they learned, only that they did discover "there were reasons" for everything. For myself, I wrote the little book I Died Three Times in 1977  -  The Complete Story, not only to tell my story but to give what I actually witnessed when I believe I was at the actual core of creation and consciousness. I called what I witnessed "revelations." They were not revelations; what I shared is what I actually saw.
Please, please, please get my latest book Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience. That will be a must for you as it is the only book that features the collective, speaking as a collective, about the collective experience. It is the experiencers themselves speaking as themselves about what they saw, what they heard, what they came to know. This book is a game changer  -  because it is direct, bold, to the point. You get the real thing. In this book is a particular story about two teen-age girls about to graduate from high school, who were killed a few days before the big event. Why they lived and why they died was revealed to their mothers a year later, same night, when each of the mothers was visited by their dead daughter. It is a stunning case, one that invites all of us to reconsider the idea of "mission," what our jobs are, why we take on a body and come to earth.
Obviously I could go on and on. How we each handle the "possibilities," the "whys" of life depends entirely on our ability to look past what our eyes and ears reveal, to connect with our hearts and dwell there for a while, taking in and listening to our heart's wisdom."
Blessings, PMH

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Friday, July 03, 2015

"Heaven for Real," "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven," and meeting God or Goddess?


The movie “Heaven is for Real” is so wonderful yet I hear the Christian community is against it.  Why?”. . . Anonymous


The answer is complicated.  And it involves two boys who had near-death experiences, a book about what happened written by their respective fathers.

Todd Burpo, a Methodist Minister, wrote the book Heaven is for Real about his son’s near-death experience that occurred when his son almost died during surgery.  Colton Burpo was four, and during the days and weeks that followed, he began to talk about angels and Jesus and his grandfather “Pops” (a grandfather long since deceased), and his mother’s previous miscarriage (he met that “older sister” while he was in heaven).  Since there was no way he could have known what the long deceased grandfather could have looked like, much less having heard the affectionate nickname of “Pops;” nor could he have ever known about his mother’s miscarriage, these were taken to be verifiable proof that little Colton indeed had a near-death experience.  He also saw the doctors working on him “from above” during surgery and described where his parents were and what they were doing while they waited to hear news about him (both were in different places doing different things). Again, Colton was right on - every detail.  The major motion picture made from the book Rev. Burpo wrote leaned heavily on what the child actually saw and did, not the father’s version of it.  For that reason, I can stand behind the film as being genuine - except that in this case - the family and parishioners in his father’s church eventually came to embrace and believe Colton.  In most families, the opposite occurs, leaving the child to deal with not only the event but the aftereffects alone, unaided, and often not believed.  Both the book and the movie were best sellers.

The other boy was Alex Malarkey; his dad Kevin Malarkey wrote The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.  Alex lay in a coma after a car accident (when he was six years old).  The coma lasted two months, his injuries leaving him with lifelong paralysis.  The book brought in millions of dollars, all the while Alex and his mother rejected what the father had written.  The mother kept saying that what her son had described “was not biblical”- therefore it could not be real.  This dissention continued for several years.

This spring, Alex publicly announced he made the whole thing up.  An investigator was called in and found irregularities with the book’s contract, giving all the money to the boy’s father, none to Alex, and that the book’s publisher, Tyndale House, knew almost two years ago that there may be a problem with the story itself yet they refused to pull it off store shelves because, according to the investigator, “it was making so much money.”   Alex’s parents are now divorced.  There is reason to wonder about all of this, in the sense that maybe, because Alex was told his experience wasn’t real because it wasn’t biblical, he later decided it must have always been just his imagination.  This ending is far more typical of what happens with child experiencers, than the Burpo case.

Now, today, Christian publishers have decided that “heaven tourism” will no longer be published.  Those denominations considering themselves Fundamental Christian Churches, have publicly announced that near-death experiences from both  adults and children are not real, and that if anyone wants to know about heaven they should read their Bible.  Yup, we are witnessing the narrowing of the religious mind!!!


“Hello, I’m curious to know if there ever have been NDE accounts with Wiccans.
Do they encounter a Goddess, or other Pagan deities?  And what about NDE’s for Satanists?  Are there any?  I understand that Satanists are more colorful atheists, but I imagine all the demonic themes they surround themselves with would have some influence on their NDE’s.”....Shawn


I find it very interesting that your question occurred at this time with the narrowing of the religious mind.  If you’ve been reading the news or watching television, that return to a more fundamental viewpoint is not just with Christians.  You find it worldwide, in and through religion itself.  

Back to your question.  Within nature-based religions - pagan, Wicca, Native American, Aborigine, etc. - all encounter the same basic components identified with near-death scenarios and deal with the same pattern of physiological and psychological aftereffects.  Any idea that a Christian always meets Jesus, a Muslim Father Abraham, or a Wiccan the Great Goddess does not hold up with broad-based research, either in this country or abroad.  Where you tend to find “matches” with previous beliefs is via language constraints, how an individual chooses to describe what happened and what that might mean.  Cultural constraints also occur.  For instance, in those countries that are “we” centered (tribal/collective/nature-based), you seldom find life reviews.  Life reviews are more common in those cultures that recognize and encourage “I,” the individual.

Of the nearly 4,000 child and adult experiencers I have had sessions with or talked at length with, not one, regardless of age, was ever met by a Goddess figure.  Please read Dying to Know You:  Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience for more details about this.  Please note the God one finds in death is not necessarily the God of Holy Writ - rather larger, bigger, more powerful than that, a God without gender, a power of unspeakable voltage, range, and strength.  Yes, there are demonic-types of hellish experiences, yet these too do not match what you might think.  I discuss these also in the book.

As a brief note, there was an elderly Catholic priest who recently made the news, claiming that when he nearly died he was greeted by “Mother God.”  He now believes God is female, not male.  I do not know the details of his life or his beliefs.  I only know he is deeply touched by the caring and love he received from this God-figure.  

Many blessings, PMH

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