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Why do immortal beings need a mortal experience? -and- Can I trust the Bible?


"I clicked on 'Do you have a question,' and yes indeed I do. One thing which has been weighing heavily on my mind lately is that I wonder why an immortal being would need to have a mortal experience at all?

"If we were indeed eternal beings, who would never know death, then how or why would we have even conceived of the idea of living in a mortal, physical body? And not only that, but a life where we would have no memory of who we really were and where we actually came from.

"This just really puzzles me."....Leslie


All I can offer you is what I learned during my own near-death experiences. And that is, here in manifest reality, we have the opportunity to go through the curriculum set up for us on The Other Side. As we (each of our souls), mature into co-creatorship with the Creator, we must fully experience and understand what co-creatorship entails. Only via a descent into matter or some type of form can we accomplish this, can we grow through the various "grades" and "recesses" we all take in that curriculum, learn what we need to learn, and advance in our awareness of who and what we are. Who or what sets up the curriculum? You could say Deity/God/Allah, but I rather suspect it is the soul itself who lays out and adjusts "the plan," in its desire to return to Source. There is no question here of lives, or of time and space, as such matters have a different meaning to a soul than they do to us (our personality selves).

You can certainly argue this point (what I witnessed during my near-death states), but not with me. I saw my soul, other's souls, as well as how "the system" operates, and am at peace with what I witnessed. Should you want more information about what I learned about this, you might read the books I wrote called "We Live Forever" and "Future Memory."

"Future Memory," by the way, is my favorite of the various books I have written. It goes much more in-depth about these types of issues - yet - because of it's unusual layout, the reader is able to experience the text as he or she reads it. The layout? It's in the form of a labyrinth. Yes, the book is a real labyrinth - every sentence, every paragraph, every page, is part of the math I used to create the labyrinth layout. The secret, then, to reading the book is "stay on the path." Don't skip around or you will wonder why I ever wrote such a dumb book - the text won't hold together and make any sense unless you read it straight through (as you would walk through a labyrinth). It will enfold on you again and again, until you finish. Give it several weeks for full impact, as the book is a brain changer.

The question you asked is a "heavy one" no one can really answer. My goal here was to at least give you something to think about, something I experienced for myself when I died. PMH


"After eight months of researching NDEs, I have come to the conclusion that The Bible is not all of God's Word. A lot of the Bible was discarded and things added. Can I trust the Bible? If so, what parts are true? I now respect all religions because I now see that not just one religion has the whole truth, but there is a bit of truth in all religions. I was always attracted to Buddhism. Once when I was in my twenties I picked up a pair of chop sticks and began using them, like I had been using them all my life, whereas I never learned how before. It makes me wonder who I used to be. I was forbidden to study Buddhism on account of my Christian background. I now feel free to study any religion I want, without fear of displeasing God. I am not sure what to think of the Bible anymore. But I would like to go over the sayings of Jesus again, now that I have changed. Studying NDEs has changed me forever and for good. It is as if I have had an NDE myself. I have noticed that I have always had the characteristics of an NDEr all my life. I am becoming stronger now; I don't let the world walk all over me like I used to. I also want to look into a Unity Church. I feel that my new journey will take me places. It is very exciting. People even tell me that I look different. I used to drink too much. Now I can't stand to have one drink. Yuck! I hope it stays this way."....Love, Qricket.


You have had an awakening, Qricket. And, indeed, life will be different from now on. Once we awaken to greater truths, there's no going back. There is great good is all religions, though none hold all the truth. I love the Bible and read it often - the translation I use was done by Lamsa and is called the Lamsa Bible. Lamsa was trained by missionaries to speak English and eventually immigrated to the United States (from the Holy Lands). He was named Lamsa. To comply with customs as he stood in the immigration line, he made up the rest the name he came to use: "George M" (George M. Lamsa).

Actually the Bible is fascinating. One of his students, Dr. Rocco Errico, went on after Lamsa passed to teach biblical idioms (what the Bible is filled with) and translate other works. If you can get Errico's audio set of tapes on "The Language of the Bible," you will find it more than outstanding and it will explain to you why we misunderstand what the Bible says and how it was written. Please google the Noohra Foundation in Smyrna, Georgia, and perhaps Errico's name as well. This is the center not only of Errico's work but of the original translations of the Bible done by Lamsa. I know of no one who has the ability to explain the real meaning of biblical passages better than these people.

Enjoy your new self. Wonderful worlds will open up for you. But don't forget discernment on your new path. Be discerning. It is easy to be swallowed up by what sounds good but may not be. ~PMH


If you missed the IANDS conference on near-death experiences last week in San Diego, you missed an incredible treat. I want to thank the host group, Friends of IANDS San Diego. They did an incredible job putting together the entire event, held at the Mission Valley Resort - and at reasonable prices (and I do mean reasonable). With an emphasis on enhanced abilities after a near-death experience and the type of transformations that can occur, we had an opportunity to explore near-death states from yet another angle. There is a chance that next year might be in Colorado, and 2011 in Amsterdam. I truly hope this works out. Save whatever dollars you can. A conference in Amsterdam, particularly, would be an amazing thing. I know the people there who facilitate this, and they are wonderful!

Don't forget, you can now get "The Door to the Secret City," a child's book about the near-death experience and written by NDE experiencer Kathy Forti, absolutely FREE!!!!!!!!!! All of Kathy's books for children are now free, not just "The Door to the Secret City." You can download them from Follow the directions. Thanks, Kathy!!!!

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