Monday, March 06, 2017

Something New

I almost always answer questions in my blog.  Sometimes I deviate and cover something else that I feel is important to know.  This is one of those times.

Cassie DiMento, mother of six and an NDE experiencer, really wants to focus on aftereffects.  Her episode occurred at the moment her heart stopped beating due to complications associated with childbirth.  Her life changed forever because of it.  She is planning on writing a story about all that God revealed to her, and about how she found strength from her husband and children.  Her journey to heaven and back from death she also conveyed in this poem.  Thank you Cassie for giving me permission to print it. ~PMH

     by Cassie DiMeno   

I begged, I pleaded,       
I cried out.  So much fight!      
So determined, so hopeful,      
Closing my eyes to the light. 

But I pleaded, I begged,
I gave it my all.
Please let me go back?
I started to fall.

Not wanting to be tempted      
By what I might see               
I could hear His voice,       
He was talking to me!

From out of the darkness
and away from the light
A glorious meadow appeared.
I regained my sight.

Blind in the darkness       
Explosive visions appear      
My entire life revealed      
Year after year.        

The colors were vivid,
In the most amazing way,
Bales of hay formed a cross
On which my body did lay.

Times does not pass       
In heaven as on earth       
A lifetime of memories       
Played out since birth       

Warmed by peace,
Overwhelmed with love
The light engulfed me
in heaven above.

In what seemed like a second     
As quick as a flash       
Knowledge imparted             
In my mind with a crash.      

I returned to my body
Completely aware and awake,
Undeniably real,
The experience I take.

innately aware        
I entered the souls       
Of the 5 children I share.      

I know now what awaits me
At the true end of the day.
Heaven is filled with love
In the most glorious way.

No words could do justice      
The things that I saw       
The love in their hearts,      
The crosses they bore.       

But I begged, I pleaded,
I cried out.  So much fight
To go back to my family
And to hold each of you tight.

I had full understanding      
Of the present and past      
The effect on their future      
My absence and presence might cast.    

I thank God each day
for giving me my life,
For one more I love you
As your mother and wife.

I also saw clearly        
Through other’s eyes       
My actions and words,       
How I affected their lives.      

My faith in God
Gave me the glasses to see
The path He has mapped
Especially for me.

God did not judge       
He left that to me.       
Then He forgave my sins       
And set my soul free.       

My love for my family,
My family alone
Gave me the strength
And brought me home.

It was then that I felt
The most beautiful light.
It warmed me all over

Pure love shone bright!

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