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Seeing "Black Angels"

QUESTION (this is both a question and a later comment after my answer)

Has anyone you know of ever experienced an event where dark seemingly cut out silhouettes have appeared to them? I used to see them, and they scared me until with love I tried to hug them. After that, I've never seen them again. One time one of them (a woman; I think based on the hair and breast) walked over to me and kissed me. Then about 12 years later, I had an amazing conversion experience where I was consumed by light and had a conversation that I wasn't allowed to speak of, but before and after, I felt love/happiness that I've only felt later as I did as the spirit within me whispered to me. I love God. Would you pray/meditate on what these experiences and vision/dreams mean? Or what I should do at this crossroad in my life?

Thank You, Raven Keign


Raven, as far as I am concerned, black beings, black angels, and black light are just as much a part of death and dying, and near-death experiences, as tales of great light and glory.  Please refer to The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences.  I speak of this phenomenon many times in that book and carry a drawing of a black light (like a healing cloud) that was part of one man’s episode and subsequent miracle of healing.  Children see black angels as well as white and colored angels (those who have varied skintones).  There are reports about black silhouettes or “shadow” beings who appear at deathside or sometimes during an illness or times of stress and heartbreak.  

Fear of the unknown, especially things dark, prevent many from reporting or even admitting something “dark” could have been part of their experience of “light.”  

The most remarkable healings in my research of near-death states came from dark experiences, not light, and the biggest jumps in intelligence for children who died and then came back, involved dark or black light - sometimes said to have purple “edges” or “blotches” in it.  Should something like a black silhouette bother you, send forth love and blessings, and know, positively know, you are protected by God, the Highest of the High, and nothing and no one can ever interfere in your life without your permission.  Sounds to me like you did the right thing at the right time.  PMH


“As a child, the adult-sized shadows were either indifferent or, as in the case of the woman, friendly.  However, I have seen smaller ones that seemed to have larger heads than normal for their three-foot size and small horns.

“The little ones scared me very much, and each time I would reopen my eyes to see if the little devils were gone.  They would slowly come closer and closer.  With my eyes closed they wouldn’t move; only when I would watch them would they come closer.  Eventually, I would either pass out with fear or the sun would come up.  Once I learned that love would drive them away, I was no longer scared by them and they would leave me alone.

“Now, as an adult, the spirit has guided me many times and saved my life several times.  I’ve felt the inspiration to lay my hands on people, and have healed people’s spirits and bodies.  I believe that it isn’t me, but God, and that I am just a conduit for Him and His Power.  Recently, I gave an old friend of my wife a ‘Blessing,’ and I saw a man calling for her to come to him and sit on his lap to be held, and that the man loved her very much.  The image I saw of the man turned out to be her father.  He used to call her to sit on his lap when she needed comfort.  It was an awesome experience, and she felt comforted and loved, and knew that her father was waiting on the other side to hug/love her.

I don’t normally talk about these sorts of things as people think I’m crazy or evil, but I hope  you understand.  I’m not about worldly fame or material things, and we are pretty poor in wealth, but blessed with love and 27 years of marriage - and more in love now than ever.  Thank you for listening without judging!  ....Raven


Raven’s story is so typical of the thousands of comments I hear, that I wanted you to be aware of how often this occurs.  Some people are born with this sensitivity or become that way because of stress or illness or being pushed  beyond the boundaries they are used to.  This regularly happens with adults and children who have had near-death experiences or have gone through a spiritual or mystical breakthrough.  It’s part of the aftereffects and involves an expansion of faculties normal to us.  That’s all “psychic” abilities are, by the way, a sign of expanded boundaries.  

Keep in mind that humans can only access and participate in about 10% of the electromagnetic spectrum.  The rest is still there, but either ultra or infra to our faculties of perception.  Breakthroughs in and/or transformations of consciousness open up wider vistas of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Suddenly, we can see more, hear and taste more, feel and know more; yet because of societal prejudice/pressure, we are constrained to hide what happened to us, deny it, repress or hide one of the most exciting and wonderful of miracles.  Blinders are at last gone and we see the world more honestly and clearly.  There is so much fear about this, especially in religious settings, that both adults and children, who “differ” from “acceptable”norm, are punished or ignored.  This will end only when society finally recognizes that increased and enhanced awarenesses are really okay, more to be refined and trained, than to be used as a proverbial “whip” to punish those who are “different.”  I can’t imagine my life without these “extras.”  Enhanced faculties are more a sign of good health and happiness than they are of anything occult or terrifying.  PMH

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