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The Life Review and Experiencing One's Effect on Others


"Hey, I notice your website has over a million visitors. Good. I have been a fan of your work and have a lot of respect for it. So, I thought you might be one of the few people who would know the answer to this possibly-obscure question.

"I know that in the life review, we often experience the effect we've had on others, by 'being' them for a time. So, if we harm others, we feel it. I imagine this would go for animals, too.

"But what about if you kill an insect? In the past when we've had too many cockroaches, in a moment of stress, I would throw some hot water on them and they would die suddenly. But I'm sure it's not nice. H-m-m-m, in fact, I feel guilty even now. But, sometimes you might have to kill a spider. Is there any evidence/are there any reports that people experience what they do to insects during a near-death experience?

"I believe insects do have consciousness, even if primitive. But, putting aside morality, what is the evidence/reports in this area?

"Most appreciate any guidance. Perhaps this might make an interesting sidebar in your books sometime."....Tim


In my first book, "Coming Back to Life" (republished in 2008 thanks to Transpersonal Publishers), I carried a story about a near-death experiencer who could no longer kill even an ant after her episode. She was one of those who became keenly aware of insects, bugs, animals, and that sort, afterward.

Certainly in various Eastern religions, especially Buddhism, there are traditions - most of them called "The Royal Road" - whereby one does not kill anything, ever, not one bug or critter or crawler, even if it means the individual must forefeit his or her life in exchange.

So, how does one handle this type of sensitivity after an experience like a near-death episode? Many experiencers continue to kill insects afterward out of concern for others, or the safety factor with their families. But they do so with a "different" frame of mind. The majority are like Vernon Sylvest (his story is in my book "Beyond the Light"). He learned to communicate with the angel or deva of that particular species first, and discuss with that force/source what his wishes/needs were, and then ask that the members of that particular species in his area honor his request. Vernon is a physician; I've known him for years. And his method works. He tunes into the "group consciousness" of that species, states his request/need and reasoning, seeks a mutual solution that helps both him and them, then - bingo - he gets what he requested, without killing or harming anything or anyone.

I pretty much do the same thing, except I have an understanding with the various insect devas in my area, that should any of their number invade our house or cause problems with our property, they are subject to being killed. That understanding is a strong one. Should I kill a bug, I do so saying, knowing, feeling, that I am returning the critter to Divine Substance, back to whence it came. I honor that being and I wish it well. I am convinced that because I have this understanding, very few bugs ever enter our house - and we live in a three-story townhouse near a small forest: which means lots of critters everywhere - except where they agreed not to be.

Talk to life, regardless of the form it takes, and honor that life. Mutual benefit comes from mutual respect. PMH


"I had a near-death experience at a very young age (approximately
two years old). I had on cloth diapers which were wet. The floor I was on
was marble that had metal dividers in it for decorative purposes.
Apparently I found a paperclip and put it into an electric socket.

"What follows is one of the most vivid experiences I have ever had
(I am now 50). I left my body, and, as I ascended, I remember feeling upset
that I had just started my life and did not want to go. I kept thinking
that as the walls disintegrated and the horizons looked as though they went
on for eternity. There were rings of clouds from the base of the horizon.
They became increasingly smaller the higher they went. I started to move up
towards a small, beautiful, loving light at the top of this formation. The
whole time I felt this to be very natural, however, did not want to keep
going because I knew there was work to be done back on earth and did not
want to give up. The acceleration towards the light stopped, and then I
found myself back in my body. My father found me and was able to revive me.

"This is my earliest memory and, to this day, one of my most vivid.

"I want you to know that your books and your life have always been
an inspiration to me. (I have always been a voracious reader on the subject
of near-death experiences.) I have ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), and I am
making a loving transition this year. Your messages provide great beauty
and solace. Thank you for what you do."....Chris

ADDENDUM: I don't know if you are still "wearing" your body, Chris. But I
do know your life and what you have shared touched millions. Blessings
always, PMH


Time-sensitive - May 8 thru May 11 the International
Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) will again
be hosting a spiritual retreat for experiencers of
near-death states. This unique experience will be
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NDE Research Index - For anyone who has gone searching for
solid information about the phenomenon, you know how
difficult it can be to find what you want. IANDS has
prepared an NDE Research Index that covers all papers
and English-language articles on the subject between
1877 and 2005. That's 128 years of information! For
information on how to use and the cost of doing so,

Large Buddhist Conference held last December in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, covered "Closer to Reality: Understanding
Death and Beyond." They had several sessions on near-
death and out-of-body experiences, and on children's
spontaneous past-life recall. This was a scholarly
event. To learn more, access

German NDE Network - At the January 2009 meeting of IANDS-
Munich, 110 people attended of which 40% were near-
death experiencers. Speakers were Pim van Lommel, M.D.
and Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino. This group is growing
in numbers. If you are interested in attending their
meetings or want to know more about them, contact Alois
Serwaty at or
Thomas Angerpointner at For
what is going on in other countries, contact IANDS at

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