Sunday, July 06, 2014

Infrasound and the Paranormal


"Science now has a plausible explanation for ghost-sightings, hauntings, and the ghoulish work of the evil spirits - a phenomenon called infrasound. Infrasound is made up of sound waves so low that our human ears cannot detect them, according to science columnist Torah Kachur - as told on CBC Radio West. Torah Kachur noted: 'But our bodies still interpret it, and it makes that bone-chilling, hair-stand-on-end kind of feeling.'

"Kachur pointed out that infrasound has been found to cause physiological effects such as heart palpitations and respiratory change, and can distort the eyeballs to such a degree that 'apparitions' can be observed. She explained how infrasound was discovered, what scientists have learned about it since, and how being able to detect infrasound may be a biological adaptation to avoid natural disasters. Also, how it might explain paranormal phenomena.

"None of this explains NDEs. Most NDEs happen when people are unconscious; therefore, I don't think this explanation can defend the NDE theory. Since I've started reading your e-book, Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story, friends of mine sometimes ask how the book is going. I tell them that there are some very convincing stories that would lead us to believe that there are different levels of consciousness.

"All I've witnessed were the two silhouettes at the end of the wood pile, and I believe that once we die, the energy we once had transforms into a different form. Each time I think of my own mortality, my mind always goes back to the silhouettes. It's an experience that I won't ever forget. Family members saw the same thing I did, and now that both have passed, they choose to deny these stories. It's ridiculous! I've never had any other paranormal experience other than this one.

"Each of the contributors in your book have no fear of death either, and it would be fascinating to learn what they've been told about the future of our world. I believe they've asked that their NDE experience remain confidential. From what the information the experiencers have provided, has any of it turned out to be true yet? It would be interesting to find out.

"One day, while on a city bus, I met a woman whose son was killed by a drunk driver. It turns out that this woman is a retired palliative care nurse. Since the death of her son, she has difficulty accepting the way he died. She told me that his 'killer' died at 47 years of age from a massive heart attack. She feels that real justice prevailed and isn't surprised that the justice system failed her and many others who have lost friends and family from irresponsible drivers.

"I asked the palliative care nurse if she believed in 'near-death experiences' and she said, we've all witnessed this phenomenon over and over again at work. Doctors have also seen it and just don't admit it, but they know it exists. No one will be able to convince Eben Alexander that NDEs don't exist. She feels that when her pets go wild for no reason in the house - her son has come by for a visit. Her theory is that animals are way more sensory than we are as humans. She also mentioned something about a 'window' where people usually experience the NDE before the actual physical death happens. The medical staff knows when the patient has experienced the NDE - because they've accepted their death and that people they know are waiting for them on the 'other side.'"........Lynda


Lynda, elephants and many other animals communicate through infrasound. Elephants, for instance, can communicate with each other when over ten miles away - low notes, lower than what humans can hear. Yet, humans do respond. They see and feel and sense, and sometimes hear, russellings, movements, swishes, temperature and pressure changes, time distortions, and altered states of consciousness. You're right, infrasound does not explain near-death experiences, but it does go a long way to helping us understand ghosts, disincarnates, and the alteration of space and time as dimensions shift.

I'm glad you're reading my book. The cases are indeed compelling, but so is the evidence that suggests how our physical bodies are set up for these types of experiences. We are made for this, for moving through dimensional existences to experience our true self and gain a greater understanding of life and our place in it.

Doctors and nurses experience far more than they dare to say, lest it compromise their professional status. When we had our big conference at the huge cancer center in Houston, Texas, a number of years back, we had an 'open mike' session for professionals. The stories these doctors told (often while crying) were almost more amazing than the near-death stories their patients told. The medical community absolutely knows all about the phenomenon, and have since the time of Plato. We have a new openness today. Hopefully, that openness will spread into the mainstream, and the day will come when it is common knowledge about soul, God, other dimensions, and the truth about our very being.

Many blessings, PMH

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