Thursday, March 08, 2018

Giving Back Your Life


“I have read so much about Near-Death Experiences and was overwhelmed by your book. Thank you so much for that! There is only one question, which is torturing me: You said in your book, that we all have to give back our life on earth, our relationships and commitments. I am so afraid that I will not see again my family and my beloved girlfriend when I am dead. When love is the binding element between this and the other world, so why can’t we stay together forever after the end of our life here on earth? Maybe you have an answer for that. I am so thankful for any comment and I know that it takes time to write an email. I appreciate that.” …..Fabian


Well, first of all, which book? I have written over 16, so it would be helpful for me to know which one affected you so deeply. For questions about any I have written, my newest will put everything into place. It is  A Manual for Developing Humans
Please read it - and use it.

To tackle your question, giving back our life when we die will make sense to you once you are at that place in your life. Please know your life is your own to do with as you please, or as you feel led to. That means that loved ones, people you dislike, friends, favorite pets, family, foes, your least favorite among them - everyone that goes in and out of your life, those that stay and those that leave - nurture you in one way or another. Deep love survives death to continue on with the will of your soul. How that works and how long we remain connected, cannot be fully known. Some say forever. Some say for as long as needed. I cannot say for certain one way or another. I can say, though, that love lasts.

The three times I died really “opened my eyes” to the difference between soul and personality. What means so much to us as humans, is not necessarily what really matters once we leave our bodies and move on. In the Manual, we come to know what being human really is and how blessed we are to wear bodies on the earthplane and do all the things we do, fall down and get up again, be smart and be a fool. It’s amazing, this process of humanhood. Like “wow.” I used to think angels were the greatest. Nope. Humans are. Just look at our choices and what comes from them, our ability to learn and grow and change. Like “double wow.” Angels hold our fancy when it should be humanity and the richness we can experience that should amaze us and fill us with awe.

We need to know this. All of us do. We need to know who we really are - gods in the making. We need to affirm what every religion and spiritual teaching has taught. In ancient times the sound of God was “Hu.” Hu-Man meant God-Man. We are gods in the making - - LITERALLY! Yes, it is time for all of us to say these words and know what they mean. We, all of us, really matter.

I love my husband more than I ever thought I could love. Yes, I love my kids and grandkids and great-grandkids, my family, my friends, and my work - just the challenge of each day is a privilege. But love, deep and forever love, well, that’s my Terry. He and I are twin souls. We are total opposites, yet one in the same - matter and antimatter - together. No astrologer, not one, ever thought we could even remain together. That was nearly 38 years ago, and the love we have for each other gets deeper and more wondrous every single day. He is my angel. And, we are one with God. Who could ask for more? And the day when I leave my body, whenever that is, die and stay dead, I will be ready for the next step beyond bodies, beyond earth, beyond breath and bone, mind and miracles. Beyond anything any of us can imagine. And it’s okay. And it’s good.

Don’t worry, friend. You’re alright and so are all your loved ones. Love does not end, it just changes form from time to time.

Blessings, PMH

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