Friday, July 01, 2005

A Political Question

QUESTION: "I recently got a hold of one of your IANDS cassette tapes from your talk about "Revelations" at the 2004 IANDS conference in Illinois. I have been experiencing a lot of synchronicity lately about the coming earth changes, the next evolutionary step for humanity, and the year 2012. Hopefully, I will have enough free time to examine these things further. Someone asked me a question about 2012, which I thought would be a good question to ask you. With the elections over and the current danger of our Republican government turning our society into a Taliban society where women's and gays' rights are suppressed and valuable stem-cell research possibly becoming a 'tool of Satan' by the far-right wingnuts, I am beginning to wonder if America is in fact losing its way. I voted for Bush because I am a fiscal conservative and military hawk, but now I am afraid that the radicals might try to take control of the Republican Party and impose their own interpretation of morality on people. I am glad the divisive election is over. I am not certain whether the bitter resentments from both sides are a healthy thing for our democracy." -- Kendall

PMH ATWATER'S REPLY: Goodness, what a question! Although it may seem to be more of a political musing about the future of our country and our democracy, I rather suspect there is more behind this question of yours than the issue of liberals versus conservatives.

In August/September this year, my newest book comes out. It is "Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of The Fifth World" (Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT). Advance orders for the book are now being accepted.

Yes, the book focuses on children born since 1982 and how different they are from any other generation of record. Yet the main message of the book is far more expansive, explaining the concept of root races (the gene pool of humankind), and the comings and goings of the Great Ages - tracing back millions of years and covering the Mayan Calendar (which ends in 2012) and other native calendars equally as amazing. And it especially talks about what is happening now - the Great Shifting which has begun, the ascension or acceleration of energy and how that affects us. The cycle of major earth changes began in 2004 and will continue for several decades, if not longer. There's no denying any more that times are different and becoming wilder and more uncertain every passing week. What grounds us and gives us hope and courage in these changing times is our faith, our spiritual beliefs, and the reality of Transcendent Love or God (depending on what you wish to call this "Force" or "Presence").

We all know about the earthquakes in Sumatra (and they are still occurring!) and the overwhelming damage done by the tsunami wave in the Indian Ocean. Here's a sample of what we're not hearing about:

- - - New and dangerous viruses and bacteria are growing in our warming oceans. The percentage of people using marine beaches who have developed ear infections, sore throats and eyes, respiratory or gastrointestinal disease has risen sharply. The same holds true with ocean life.

- - - The earth's magnetic field is disappearing near the poles. If it reaches zero, a magnetic reversal will occur. These happen periodically. The last one was 700,000 years ago. A magnetic pole reversal establishes a new polarity on earth, while exposing the planet to a fuller impact of
charged solar particles.

- - - Satellites in low-earth orbit over Southern Africa are already finding evidence of radiation damage there, suffered as a result of the earth's
magnetic field having weakened.

- - - Birds are disappearing suddenly and by the hundreds of thousands. Migratory birds in North America are not returning to their nesting grounds; neither are salmon seeking the spawning grounds of their past. Sea mammals are losing their way or beaching in unprecedented numbers. The near collapse of the earth's magnetic field is the suspected reason.

- - - Solar flares and plasma outbursts on the sun are greater today than in the last 1,000 years, and are increasing. Earth's temperature has risen dramatically in the last 30 years, while solar brightness has dimmed somewhat. The last period of warmth similar to what we are now experiencing occurred during the time of the Vikings (Middle Ages, 1100 to 1250).

- - - Overall volcanic activity on earth increased 500% since 1975; natural disasters up 410% since 1963. Just from 1997 the structure of earth has shifted from being slightly egg-shaped (elongated at the poles) to being pumpkin-shaped (flattened at the poles). Gas is forming in earth's upper atmosphere that wasn't there before, and is not related to global warming or fluorocarbon emissions.

If you have felt anxious or depressed or unnerved for no apparent reason of late, and have experienced heart or lung problems that seem unrelated to your life and good health - as if they should be happening to someone else - chances are your body is responding to our rapidly changing world. The unprecedented occurrence of children's learning disorders and autism spectrum throughout the general population is part of the Great Shifting that is occurring, as well. Along with this is the flowering of genius and inner knowing like nothing in recorded history, along with the rise of creative problem solving that more than matches the problems that need to be solved. We are on track. There is a "plan" and we are part of that "plan."

Every near-death experiencer, adult or child, comes back aware on some level of a greater plan to the life we live. Many speak of the larger changes occurring now and do so with excitement, noting how transformed our earth and we with it are becoming, and very much for the better. There is a rhythm, a flow, a rise and fall of cycles in league with a timing that is unimaginably accurate over unimaginable time spans.

If nothing else, the near-death experience teaches us that we are more than our bodies, more than our personalities, more than the lives we lead. We are divine beings having a human experience, and we have a job to do. And that job is, to the best of our ability, help this world to be a better place because we are here. In that sense, we are to serve the greater good of that which enhances and uplifts our fellows and our earth. The task has never changed. We are!

Many blessings,

P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.

ANNOUNCEMENT: September is almost here. Look for my newest book, "Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World" (Inner Traditions). You can order the book now from the publisher or Amazon (see the links provided below). What would really help, though, is if you went to your favorite local bookstore and ordered it there. If enough people do that, it builds demand. This is what is needed for bookstores to carry the book. The book is a powerful treatise on the new children, their characteristics - positive/negative, generational markers; but more importantly it puts their appearance on the earthplane in perspective to the advance of root races (our gene pool as humans), the great shifting, and the great ages. Should your group want me as a speaker on this subject, refer to my website for details then contact me directly via I am thrilled to say that Tim Razzaq of "Learn 365" is sponsoring my appearance October 9th in the inner city of Trenton New Jersey at the Latino Community Land Trust (details on my website). I hope there will be many more such invitations. Thank you, PMH

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