Tuesday, October 08, 2013

You Are Normal!


"Ever since my NDE, I seem to have a lot of visitations of all sorts, and they are increasing as time goes on. I'm having trouble trying to figure out what it's all about, or what exactly is the purpose of these visitations, and how to handle them. Some of the souls I feel like are just dropping by or passing through, and I'm simply picking up on them. What has been difficult, though, is that recently I've been getting visitations from souls who are having trouble passing over, especially people who have committed suicide. These visitations have caused me to become frightened sometimes, because they can be intrusive and wake me up in the middle of the night. The more souls that I'm able to help pass over, the more seem to show up. Passing them over has also increased my intuition and past-life recall at such a rapid pace that I'm becoming very overwhelmed, and having a hard time distinguishing this from that. I've been working on grounding and protection, but I still need a lot more help with what to do. Do you know of any books that relate specifically to these issues? Or, is there a direction that you can point me in? I appreciate any guidance that you'll be able to offer."....Greta


Goodness, goodness, dear, you are sooooooooooooo normal! Just like the millions of others folks like us.

For starters, let's admit something. After a near-death experience (or an impactful transformation of consciousness no matter how caused), your spread of the electromagnetic spectrum opens wider than before. The average person is aware and interacts with about 10% of that spectrum. The rest is either infra or ultra to our faculties of perception. It's all there. Always has been. We just didn't recognize or respond to the rest of what's there. So, fact number one, you are now recognizing and responding to an increased amount of stimuli. Hah, come to my house. I often see thoughtforms and disincarnates and critters and creatures of interesting form and hidden life and mass mind and all kinds of levels to air, soil, plants, animals, and……… This simply means my world is lively.

Fact number two....you control this. Right now, stand up, square your shoulders, suck in your gut, and with all the gusto you have, say outloud, and with power: I AM A CHILD OF GOD AND I HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO A GOOD LIFE, MY LIFE, AND NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN INTERFERE IN MY LIFE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Stop the intrusions. You're only getting a lot of them because you let them come in. It takes power to stop this. Your power. Forget "nice." And it takes knowing, absolutely knowing, that nothing and no one can interfere in your life without your permission. Are you listening????????

Fact number three...know your strength, be in your strength, by learning how to pray and how to meditate. Nothing better. Prayer is where you talk to God. Meditation is where God takes to you. Two sides of the same coin. There are many ways to do this. Try as many different methods as you feel led to. What I did after I died is enroll in "Science of Mind I" - that's the name of the first year class taught then by the Church of Religious Science (based on the text, Science of Mind, written by Ernest Holmes). These churches are now called United Centers For Spiritual Living (www.UnitedCentersForSpiritualLiving.org). These folks teach what they call "Spiritual Mind Treatments," which is just another name for Affirmative Prayer - only they have a five-step formula that is sooooooooooo simple yet sooooooooooo effective. I also had the good fortune to take a number of meditation classes from Lawrence LeShan. Great stuff. He has a number of books out (google for info). Another great meditation teacher, now deceased, is Eknath Easwaren. He also wrote a number of books. I have his LP recording, a real treasure. I actually learned best from his recording. Keep taking classes for a while. Learning different methods is helpful. Every morning is meditation/prayer time for me, plus some spiritual reading. I subscribe to the "Science of Mind Magazine."

Fact number four…enlist in some psychic development classes. You have the abilities. Now, learn how to use them in practical, dependable ways. There is no getting around the importance of good psychic development classes. Whatever you now have, you can refine. Also, look up both the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and the Monroe Institute. You can find out more information about them by accessing my website at www.pmhatwater.com and then scrolling over to the Marketplace. Look under Services in the Marketplace. Both have their own section. Be sure to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter. Issues go out at irregular times. There is an archive.

Fact number five...get out in nature more and take up gardening. Grounds you. You might try some aspects of service, too, and/or working with gifted children. Make certain you're eating good proteins and good grounded vegetables. Salads are great, but not as your only main dish. When you're as sensitive as you are and having "visitations," you must have some form of meat, even on occasion red meat if it's organically raised. Same with chicken and turkey. Fish is ideal. Salads make you lighter. Meat and veggies ground you.

And don't forget to love yourself. If you do, you won't let anyone or anything mess around with you. You can live in a crazy world - that is still gentle and fun. You can also work as a Prayer Chaplin (I do) sharing your love and your ability to call in healing forces for the uplift and betterment of others.

Enjoy the increased vistas of your world, the richness and texture they bring is invaluable. 
Blessings, PMH