Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Earth's Heartbeat and NDE Aftereffects


"I gave you the age of the first NDE, age 47. The second NDE is 50. I'm now 64 and painted the orb painting at age 62 when I had time to start painting full time.

"I can't wait to read Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.

"I'm dealing with shaking the aftereffects of where I go each night when I get up in the morning. Transitioning back to my body is a real challenge! I would love to just go to sleep and not remember anything like most people. But, at least I do understand the reasons for my different moods when I wake up, by remembering what I did during the night.

"There is a closed Facebook NDE group that I was invited to join. We are such great support to each other. We have all been challenged by missing chunks of time during our waking state. Another common issue is that we feel like we are going to fall asleep and enter an alpha state (or deeper), while watching our beta [wide awake] activities. The two issues do not occur at the same time, not that we are aware of anyway. Can you speak to this?"....Jan


I suspect two main things are happening to you, all of you.

Number One - the earth's magnetics are now at their lowest ebb in thousands of years, at the same time that the earth's heartbeat (i.e., the vibrational frequency of the earth's inner cavity) has more than doubled. This is causing much of our stress and feelings of being lost or confused or out-of-sync with the world around us. Remember, we are now in the time of The Great Shifting - happens once every 25,920 years. That means energy, frequency domains, weather, climate change, water resources, human interrelationships, children, travel, the ability to concentrate and remember. . . are all being seriously challenged. There is no longer the buffer time once allowed for us to think things through, find meaning, respond. It's as if everything happens at once (not literally, but almost). Near-death experiencers and those like them are super-sensitive. We pick up any type of changes right away, and can zone out if there's too much to process too quickly. We're like the canaries in the coal mine. We pick up changes before the larger portion of society does.

Number Two - experiencers seldom think about or feel any need to understand how they have changes, or try to refine and train their new sensitivities. We ignore what we should pay attention to. I'd love to see every experiencer, especially children, take a psychic self-defense course or something like it. We toodle along in our lives, relating here, acting out there, without the slightest notion that we are an "innocent ball of light" waiting to be stomped on. We've forgotten basic cautions or simply ignore them. We all must have a sound diet, that means grounded foods, not just salads; and that also means either meat or some way to create all 8 amino acids that make a full protein (if you don't want to eat meat). The smart know how to create a full protein from the vegetable kingdom. The rest of us would be wise to learn how. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. That means fresh air, doing chores, gardening, mending, walking, joining groups that have lively discussions, going out on field trips or nature walks, have service projects to help others, take advantage of spiritual retreats and mindfulness/meditation opportunities whenever you can. Check your hormones. If you still get regular zone-outs, have a checkup with your favorite energy practitioner. I have such a session every month with Jeanne Greening (contact her info on my website at, in the Marketplace, under Healing or Service). She is incredible and works non-local. You don't have to travel to see her. If not with Jeanne, someone else like her who is a qualified, trained energy worker.

I hope this helps. I am currently writing a manual with this type of material in it. May take a while to finish the job - hopefully by Christmas. We'll see. Blessings, PMH

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