Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is personality stored in celluar DNA?


"I recently read about heart transplant recipients aquiring some personality traits of the organ donor. Do you have insight as to whether the personality is somehow stored in the cellular DNA, or if the spirit of the donor is connected to the heart regaining life as it is 'resuscitated" after implantation - as similar to an NDE when the spirit is returned to the body after resuscitation? Would the donor spirit be bound to the recipient during the physical lifetime of the recipient? Any thoughts? God bless you for the sharing of your story and research. You have helped change my life. Thank you." .....Terry


Science has known for many years that memory is stored throughout the body. Every cell, every molecule, of our being carries within it a component of our essence, what makes us who we are. We also know that every cell, every molecule, is intelligent of itself. Many near-death experiencers speak of this when they return to life - that everything is intelligent and has memory. Modern science can confirm this, at least to a point.

The question of personality, the extent to which our cells, our very DNA, is embued with our personality, is one that riles some and fascinates others. Organ donation, though, has brought the debate to the field of medical science and we now have some credible evidence, the type that cannot be ignored, that some part of our personality does indeed permeate our vital organs and goes with that organ into the body of another - in the case of organ transplants. Read the book, The Heart's Code, by Paul Pearsall. A careful and detailed researcher, Dr. Pearsall has come up with stunning evidence that reveals a direct correlation with new memories and traits suddenly popping up in organ recipients that are unlike anything they would know or do, that are typical of the donor. Some of these links are so strong, they are undeniable. With skin, bone, lens, and tissue transplants, linkage doesn't seem to be that strong - although there have been reports of some former personality memories being picked up by recipients. This research is still in the pioneering stage - yet other professionals besides Pearsall are now involved in the same study, and coming up with the same results.

The one organ transplant where most of the reports of personality transference come from is the heart. Medically, we now know that 60 to 65% of all heart cells are neural cells - the same as in the brain. Today, the heart is considered the fifth brain structure (along with reptilian, limbic, neocortex, and pre-frontal lobes). The heart creates an electromagnetic field around it that is identical to that of Earth. The heart, then, is not just a pump. It is a brain, an emotional one. I talk a lot about this in my book, Beyond the Indigo Children.

The idea that our soul might be bound to any part of our physical body in death, is refuted by the millions of testimonies received from near-death experiencers around the world and in every culture, not to mention from other sources of afterlife material. We are not our body. Our body is something we "wear" or inhabit during our earthly sojourn. When we die, we leave our bodies behind and take on a spirit body that goes on to other realms, other dimensions, or "hangs" around this one until released or in some manner let's go of what holds it back. That any and every part of our body might be imprinted with our essense, is a reasonable assumption and one that seems to be holding up in the medical research concerning this issue that is now ongoing. PMH


A new website for Bereaved Moms and Dads is now up and running. It is a tribute to Carrie Ann Smith, who died last year at the age of 27. Carrie is the daughter of Natalie Smith-Blakeslee, a fellow near-death experiencer, who has become a gifted psychic, medium, and minister who works online to help those dealing with grief. You can find out more about Natalie Smith-Blakeslee on my website ( in The Marketplace section - that part of my website that exists as a community service to promote the services and products of near-death experiencers and/or those of a similar mindset.

To learn more about the new website for Bereaved Moms and Dads, contact Rev. Natalie at Rev. Natalie now has a new television show called "Messages from the Light" - reference Carrie's memorial site is

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Who 'sends' us our dreams?


"God gave me a little bit of comfort about 10 days before Stephen died in the way of a very vivid dream. (I usually don't remember any of my dreams, but this one I could vividly see and remember all of the details.)

"In my dream I could so vividly see my beautiful son (as his adorable 5-year-old self) in a beautifully wooded spot with golden light streaming in. He was laying in complete happiness and peace on a bed of soft moss. The sweet smile and expression of utter contentment stays with me. Without words he gently let me know he really wanted to stay there. 'Please, Momma, can I stay?' I felt that night was approaching and I thought about the dangers, but I could not resist his smile and complete happiness and beautiful contentment. I let him stay, and I had to leave.

"Second part of my dream - The Sun is streaming into the house in the morning. A half-grown bird half-flies-half-hops into the room. A young bird, he has lots of down and some small feathers. Thinking he needs help, I try to pick him up, but he falteringly flies to a lower branch in a tree outside. Beneath the tree are two full grown cats, patient and predatory, circling and looking up at the bird. I know that the little bird will die.

"I told that dream to one of Stephen's three sisters, Raya (thankfully), and asked her 'What do you think this could mean?' Then I forgot about my dream, until Raya related it to another sister, Sara, after Stephen's memorial service. It came flooding back to me. What stood out was Stephen's perfect contentment.

"Do you think that dream was given to me by God or by Stephen? Thank you for sharing your time with me.".....Deborah


Our dreams are our own, for us to interpret and ponder as we are guided to do so. More important in a dream is the feeling you have when waking up from it. That feeling will enable you to interpret your dream in a way that is the most meaningful to you.

Since you asked me how I would respond to this dream (who sent it), I would offer my sense that it was Stephen. I say that because both dreams are preparatory. And, most often, our loved ones do indeed try to prepare us for their coming demise via dreams and visions, or sometimes by the appearance of "signs" in the environment, like a favorite clock suddenly stopping or the loved one's framed photo suddenly and without cause crashing to the ground and breaking in a thousand pieces. Seldom is there just one sign - usually a series of them - all indicating the same thing. I have found in my own research that it is rare when a loved one doesn't give some type of advance notice of impending death. Especially children, and especially in their drawings.

I truly believe that your son was preparing you by showing you that his death was okay. You can say your dreams were a gift from God, because they are - via your son.

Please read my book, We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death (A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA, 2004). Chapter Three is entitled "We Know When We're Going to Die," and deals with research I conducted in the fifties and sixties related to people who died in accidents or plane crashes. Since I am a policeman's daughter and grew up in a police station, and was once married to a crop-duster pilot, I have often been privy to horrible tragedies. What puzzled me then was a pattern I kept discovering......that the one about to die always knew what was coming and conveyed that knowledge to friends and family in a definable, recognizable pattern of behavior cues. In addition to hundreds of personal interviews I participated in, I also studied several thousand accident reports - and found this unusual advance knowingness present in most of them. The work I have done since has convinced me this is true: that we know when we are going to die.

Let me be clear here: just because we might think death awaits, or we have a dream or two that heralds our death, does not necessarily constitute a "sign" that we are about to leave. Many death dreams do not mean death at all; rather, they usually convey the idea of change or transformation or a turn-around in one's life. What I discovered during my early research is a pattern of behavior cues that occurs over time. I suggest you read at least that chapter in my book. I think you will find it most helpful in understanding how we can know such a thing and how that knowledge is most often expressed. This pattern of behavior cues was present in the pending death of our granddaughter Myriam, a healthy two-year-old who suddenly sickened and died. The book We Live Forever is dedicated to her and to her great-grandmother.

Many blessings, PMH


I am one of the contributors to the new book, Forbidden Religion, edited by Doug Kenyon, the man who puts out the magazine, "Atlantis Rising" (an incredible publication). This book is now available, and through Bear & Co. (Inner Traditions), Rochester, VT, 2006. The title of my chapter is "Understanding the Near-Death Experience: Why Hasn't Science Gotten It Right?"

Doug arranged this chapter from an article I had previously written for "Atlantis Rising," and then notified me of its inclusion in the book. Truly, I am honored to be part of any of his ventures, as he is a man of integrity and vision.

In the July/August issue of "Atlantis Rising," he is using another of my articles. This one entitled "Is Humanity Experiencing A Quantum Leap In Evolution?" If you haven't discovered this magazine yet, give it a try. Contact: Atlantis Rising, P. O. Box 441, Livingston, MT 59047; phone 1-800-228-8381; e-mail; website It is dedicated to exploring ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science.