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"I'm Brad and I'm curious as to whether what I have experienced can be called 'Future Memory.' Please help me understand.

"Here's what happened: I was at school and I walked outside to go to my next class and suddenly felt dizzy. I stopped where I was and this image/emotion/memory flooded my head. In this (memory), I was much older, and I could (remember) standing outside my future home with my hands in my pockets, smiling, and watching my children play in the grass. I had a wife. I could (remember) everything so clearly. I had different emotions and thoughts streaming through my head. It was so vivid and real. I actually felt like I was there. I am only 16 years old currently, with no children.

"This was the most peaceful experience I've felt. Please help me to understand what this could have been."...Brad


This may be a future memory episode or it could be precognition - knowing the future in advance. I really recommend that you read the book FUTURE MEMORY. In there I take various forms of accessing the future and explore them so people can tell the difference between the various types. We may be "splitting hairs" here, though, as your episode takes place so far in advance that you may forget the whole thing before it ever occurs, if it does.

What I suggest is that you write the whole thing down, every single detail, date it, and put the material away in a safe place. Keep it. Ten, twenty years from now, pull out that paper and read it. Then you will know.

Another thing, by writing it down and keeping it, you are in essence telling your deepest self that you are open to this type of thing. Once that gets through, you will probably have more of them. Always write them down and date them. Check back from time to time to see if any came true, and the extent to which they came true.

One of the things I have consistently seen with the phenomenon of future memory, is that invariably it concerns mundane activities, usually not that far in advance - as if giving us time to get prepared ahead of time - and - enabling our brain to train itself to access input from various sources. These "rehearsals" are very helpful, and very detailed. What most people miss in trying to understand this phenomenon is the brain development angle. I see future memory as part of the process of whole brain development, whereby the right hemisphere is strengthened along with the left hemisphere. I hope this helps. PMH


"In your near-death experience, when your whole life's review was done before you, did you ever experience what the result of our food choices is in this very life?

"For example, is killing animals and eating flesh any different from eating vegetables? Any food choice recommendations based on your NDE?"...Chandra


For me, my life review was a reliving, not a viewing. As per life results from eating certain foods, no, that did not come up. However, during my second near-death experience, I did see how everything, positively everything, has intelligence, can sense and intuit, and makes choices of its own - and that goes for food. When I came back, I could not distinguish between a carrot and a heifer as to which was more intelligent or more important. They both have volition on the spirit level and make choices of their own based on their needs in their own evolutionary spiral. I came to realize that what is available for us to eat came from intelligences chosing to be available; and, that it's not so much a question of what we eat as how we eat and whether or not we honor the life-form before us. Eating is more a question of honor and sacredness than it is of calories or kinds of species. And how we touch food - that touch permeates what we touch with all of our attitudes, feelings, emotions. Just a touch!

We are all part of this same "soup melting pot" we call earthly inhabitance, and we are in relation to each kingdom, each mind, each form, each soul, each being. When I prepare a meal, I ask the food what it wants to do, and we both have fun. That seems like a fair way to do things to me.

Many blessings, PMH


* Treat yourself and go see the movie "The Blind Side." Really exceptional. Take the whole family.

* Don't forget, if you are a child experiencer, there is a researcher focusing just on you. Contact Jenny Moores, MA at or call her at (559) 801-2381. You must be 18 years or older to participate, but your experience must have occurred younger than that.

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* I send you all glad tidings for Christmas and New Years. I know times are tough, but I also know how thankful we can all be just to wake up each morning, breathe, and appreciate a roof over our heads and food to eat. Forget presents "under the tree." What matters most is the love we can give each other.