Monday, April 03, 2017

Is Imagination Real?


“I’ve been a ‘fan’ of yours for years. I recently completed “Future Memory,” and need to take a break before I start properly doing the exercises you mention in the book to develop one’s skill with future memory.

“I am curious about something, though. You write that imagination is real. I have a very powerful imagination in that I can imagine myself in the most beautiful situations, with such detail, and such intensity of positive emotion, I find it brings me such joy, fullness, and appreciation for my life. However, I cannot help but to wonder if this is also ‘folly,’ as it is neither reflective of life ‘as it is,’ nor does it seem to be ‘rubbing off’ into a new reality.

“I am not sure where mere daydreaming ends versus the beautiful and sacred experiences I create within. I am not saying that I have forgotten my sense of reality or gone off into ‘never never land,’ but your book touched me and I simply do not know if I am creating a purely selfish experience, or if I am building a muscle through my creative imaginings. Frankly, both feel true at times.

“Do you have any existing writings that discuss how our imagination is real, especially in a practical way?”....Mark


Well, Mark, the instructions in the book for how to have future memory episodes comes from a man, an engineer, who was determined to find a way to do this himself. Of course his instructions are long and specific. Typical of an engineer. But they work, and that’s what matters. I followed them myself just to see what would happen, and was pleased with the results. Good basic training, actually, in the many ways of using your mind. (A Manual for Developing Humans tackles this and more.)

The ability to envision, to project, to recognize, to detail, to create, to innovate - all are good skills to have and marvelously helpful. When my oldest daughter goes in to have a knee replacement soon, I’ll be there with her - via energetic conscious awareness. Done it before. Works every time. What I do is put myself in a deep meditative mood. I affirm protection and call on God’s Truth and the Truth of Healing. I do this with a knowing that it is true. Then I lay down on a bed, and go there by allowing my mind to simply “go.” Wherever it goes, I’m there. I see what’s there and who’s there and what is going on. I do this by allowing. . . not creating. . . allowing. And I rest in what I see and feel and sense. Always affirming God’s Presence and the presence of God’s Great Healing Angels. I hold to that truth. Then I affirm and know that she has the best surgeons and nurses, people who know what they’re doing, and I bless them and the operating room and all tools and equipment and furniture. I fill the place with blessings, and with the joy that this surgery is being done for her highest good and the highest good of all concerned. In that “mind” I simply rest and look and allow.

Usually, at least in the past, she will rise up from the operating table (leave her body) and we both will be together for a while, watching the surgery together. When it's time for her to go back to her body, she will, and I'll leave too. When I return to my body lying in bed, my body revives and I sit up. I go then to my altar and offer prayers of gratitude. My day continues as it would. I'll phone her later on and ask if she saw me or picked up on anything, how she feels. Maybe we'll talk about this a few days later as well.

I trust whatever comes when I pray and allow my prayers to do whatever is best for the highest good of all concerned. As a human being in this lifetime, I recognize that I am an energetic projection of layered responses, needs, desires, hopes, and wishes. I live my life with joy because God is joy and so am I.

Many blessings, PMH