Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Leave Drugs Alone!


"I'm not so sure if what I experienced as an NDE. I did quite a bit of reading on your website and many others, but I just can't quite piece it all together. So to explain exactly what happened.............I was smoking a legal drug at the time of the incident called Spice. I'm sure you have heard of it. After about three hits and inhales I lost control of my body and was unable to move. I was laughing hysterically and couldn't stop, and tears were pouring from my eyes. That was the last thing I remember in the 'real world' until about 8 minutes later, according to my fiance.

"During those 8 minutes I experienced more terror than anyone could possibly imagine. At the beginning, I saw a yellowish color, almost square shaped, and I saw everything I have ever known spiraling and crashing down on top of me, but it was all very blurry. Everything was extremely slow and with every single heart beat I heard O M G. Every beat was a different letter, in the background were screams so loud that it rattled my very soul. . . and I mean my very soul. After the square collapsed, I saw nothing but white with two humanoid figures standing to my left, but I couldn't make them out. Shortly afterwards I saw what looked like a tag (something you would find on a piece of clothing in a store) leaving my body. It had a title on it that said Son of God. It moved towards this sun-like object with a dark core and bright exterior, when I approached, the core said Son of Sin, and the exterior said Son of God. About every second or so it would beat, or swallow and all the tiny pieces that made the core (each reading Son of Sin) would spiral outwards to the exterior and disappear. During that moment I felt numb all over my body. I felt no pain, no terror, no joy, nothing. I then came too, with my fiance rubbing my shoulder saying, 'You are freaking out really bad.' When I came to I was still laughing hysterically and my face was soaked with tears. I quickly calmed down, and the first thing I said to my fiance was 'Holy shit, I just saw the face of God.' My fiance said during that time (which was about 8 minutes), I didn't do anything. I didn't move. I was still breathing, but I was just staring blankly as if I wasn't there.

"So, I don't know what this was, if it was an NDE, a vision, or just God telling me I need to change some things in my life. I was hoping you could enlighten me a bit. From my research, you seem to be the most knowledgeable in your field, so that's why I have contacted you. Please help me understand this if you can."....Christian


Christian, what you experienced was not a near-death experience by any term or evidence I know of. But it was an important event, so, hear me out.

Evidence points to drug-effects gone bad. Your descriptions are classical in that regard. You went too far, maybe once too often. and the drug "bit back." Still, look at the deeper message, for there is one. It's like your mind, all that is you, your soul, did it's very best to make a point - the kind that would get your attention - and that message is leave drugs alone! Did you get it? You are a Son of God. No kidding. That's really true. Let me say that again, just like you said it to yourself: Son of God. That's you. But where was your mind and the force of the experience taking you? To a place of Sons of Sin. You saw yourself that as long as you continued along the path you were following, you would be a Son of Sin, made to look like a Son of God. Two-faced, really - one side of you more spiritual, the other side of you careless and destructive.

Congratulations, you have a very loud Soul, and that Soul of yours was trying to catch your attention and make a point. Stop what you're doing. Drugs are not good for you and are slowing but surely eroding your ability to think straight and make beneficial decisions. They are also eroding your health and the very essence of your being. The fact that you are questioning what happened to you, tells me you want to know more. It tells me you want to grow, to change, to turn your life around for the better.

First of all, get rid of sugars in your diet, except for just a little bit of honey or some natural sweetner, once in a while. Get rid or soft drinks, carbonation, alcoholic beverages, any form of tobacco. Eat many more vegetables and grains, salads, good protein sources and these can include animal, fish, fowl - but sparingly. Really look around and study what type of diet might work best for you. Experiment. Fresh air and exercise, which could mean a lot of walking around outdoors or running around a sports field. Some type of creative endeavor, a project you can really wrap your mind around. Learn meditation and/or mindfulness, and the power or prayer. Start pursuing the inner journey, that wellspring of wisdom at the heart of you; switch to sacred or nature's best in the way of music. The wisest of the wise said, "Physician, know thyself." No , you're not a physician, but the same admonition applies: Know Yourself. Make that a goal. As you dig deeper into yourself, you will begin to realize that the phrase "Son of God" is real - for you and for others. We are all Children of God. But we live as if we forgot that basic truth.

It's never too late to turn things around. This is the perfect time for you to rise higher. You have a tremendous life ahead of you. Now, start your rise. . . so you can meet who you are as you travel. 

Blessings, PMH