Sunday, December 09, 2012

It's the Little Things that Matter the Most


 "Let me ask you a question, please. From your experience as a researcher, does the Loving Light 'God' care about small details in our life such as study or career? I am interested in knowing how far He is involved in our lives as humans."....Richard


Let me put it to you this way: every jot and tittle of our lives tend to show up in the life reviews many experiencers of the near-death phenomenon have. Not every single experience one has is faced, necessarily, but a goodly number of them. Experiencers say, as if with one voice - it's the little things that matter most. Some have the radical life review. That one includes and covers every thought you ever thought, every word you ever spoke, every deed you ever did, plus the effect of all of that on others, on the land, air, water, plants, animals. This illustrates that even breathing one breath, being born, living here, our choices - all matter - and they make a difference.

So, what about careers? They are covered too, not in the sense of what career we picked, but rather in what we did about that career, where did it lead us, how honest were we, did we do our job well, what did we accomplish, who did we help, how did we serve, what was the result of our choice?

The emphasis always seems to be on results, aftermath, where did our choices lead us and what did we do about them. Who did we become because of our choices and how did that affect others? The question most asked of the experiencer while on the "Other Side" is: who did you love, whom did you serve? ...PMH


"Many claim that our soul is eternal. Then I read that there are old souls and new souls. Could it be that people are calling themselves new souls - because they are new to being on earth?"...Qricket


No one knows for certain what the soul is or how it operates. What may help you is to read the "Revelations" chapter of my little book, I Died Three Times in 1977 - The Complete Story (available at on Kindle or in softcover). That chapter contains what I witnessed while dead. Souls, at least as near as I can tell, emerge from Source in waves. They are critical to Creation's Story and the formation of matter and substance. Some choose to incarnate in what becomes flesh bodies. Others choose to inhabit the bits and pieces of our Universe and in what holds Creation together. Some of those who chose flesh bodies, enjoyed the experience - and do it again and again to learn all they can while in that form. Others are more cautious, or at least more thoughtful in whatever incarnation they experience.

Generally speaking in metaphysical terms, "old souls" refers to a soul mass that has incarnated many times. "Young souls" refers to a soul mass that lacks much experience in the way of incarnations. A "new soul" supposedly just emerged from a wave and has no experience at all in human form or any other type of form. Seldom does "old" or "young" have anything to do with the actual age of a soul or how long it has existed. Some say we were all created "in the beginning." Others say the creation of a soul is a continuous process without end or beginning. "New souls," then, may not actually refer to a brand-new creation, but, rather, a soul new to flesh incarnations. There are many ways to view this. Consider them all. Just remember, nobody really knows for certain. ...PMH

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