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NDE's and Astrological Charts


"Within the past three years I have learned that I had two life events one may call near-death experiences. The second NDE was probably the one that should have ended everything but that was in 1988 and here I am today.

"Does one's astrological chart change when they come back to life? This thought has really bothered me and I am hoping that you can clear it up. My concrete thinking suggest that the person now has a new horoscope, since they have returned back to life different: day, hour, and location. Maybe you can sort this one out. And with this idea, then the person's numerology report  -  does it also change?

"I had one of those NDE experiences without the bright lights, tunnel of light, did not meet anyone on the other side, and basically came back to earth in a very tired state. I was quite depressed after the NDE in 1988, and that was the only time I thought about suicide. Life has changed so much since then. I would really appreciate some clarity about what I asked you. Hopefully it will put the nagging question to an end.". . . Diana


I have done no research about redrawing one's astrological chart after a near-death experience. So, I cannot give any kind of answer that carries weight. I can say that some experiencers are absolutely convinced that their chart changed, and they now use a new chart drawn up afterward. Since I had three such experiences in three months, I toyed with this myself. Here's what I found in my case, using my third near-death experience as the main date to focus on:

  • 1. Preparing a chart of the near-death experience itself and comparing it to my birth chart did help me to understand what was going on, possibly why, and what I could learn from the whole episode. This gave me a better sense of newness in light of understanding what could very well be the purpose of that newness.
  • 2. My original birth chart still remained the underlying current of energy running throughout my life, and it continued to prove helpful to me as the main roadmap I should use. The chart of my last NDE functioned more as a nodal access to the change that happened, rather than becoming a new birth chart.

Since the vast majority of near-death experiencers have no concept of the actual moment of death or shift, nor is there any reason why they should, drawing up a new birth chart is riff with problems and difficulties. You could easily wind up kidding yourself, even if a psychic helped you or a channeler gave you the information. Doing this bothers me.

A new chart I did prepare did not replace my original. After I looked at the new one, I threw it away. Doing charts of the actual episodes (estimating times), and then comparing that with my original birth cart proved to be extremely useful, enlightening, and very helpful. The impact of each event, along with the sum of the three, was quite clear.

It's the same basic logic with numerology. Your birth name remains your main roadmap, no matter how long you live or how many times your name changes. Any change sets up a new pattern that shows how you are using what you came in with now, but it doesn't change what's original. That imprint is forever your main patterning.

Take the movie star John Wayne. We knew him as John Wayne and that name was helpful to him, made a huge difference in how he was seen, yet his birth name remained his overseeing guide and event planner. All of his marriages, loves, children, excesses, health problems, and eventual death  -  ALL SHOW UP QUITE PLAINLY IN THE PATTERN OF HIS ORIGINAL NAME, NOT HIS CHANGED NAME. John Wayne was a persona he took on, the part he played, but Marion Robert Morrison was the man himself, how he lived, and how he died. In any religious tradition, once you go through a transformation of consciousness or reach a certain age, you get a new name. That sets up a new pattern for you  -  of how you can alter what you came in with. The original name, though, holds the original pattern, and that remains valid. I can't help but feel that one's date of birth (the birth chart) is similar to the naming process in the sense of patterning and what we can learn from changes to that pattern.

I'm certain there are many who will argue with me about this, but I stand on experience and the patterns I have noticed throughout decades of research and living. 

Blessings, PMH

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