Friday, April 12, 2019

Individuality and the Near-Death Experience


 “My name is Edward.  I’ve been checking out some of your work on NDEs, and I found it fascinating!  I know you do say that we retain individuality in the afterlife.  However, from the hundreds of accounts I have been reading, it seems to me that individuality might function as a temporary vehicle of consciousness before totally merging into the Whole.  Based on your experience, would you be able to still argue that we will retain an individual form (yet fully connected to the Whole) in the afterlife?  Many eastern traditions argue about the loss of individuality, and to me it seems kind of depressing to think that I might somehow “disappear.”  What do you think?”....Edward


 The idea of “choice” changes once you’ve been absorbed into a space reality beyond humanness.  So does the concept of good and evil.  In fact, most of our history as human beings on the earthplane “takes a back set” to how creation really works, and, in fact, what creation really is.  The idea that everything is an illusion takes on a certain credibility.  Still, how that illusion works and what it is defies definitions we have been given, even from Holy Writ.  Our minds simply cannot/do not wrap around such Truths - the “bigness” of them.  My mind today is almost totally abstract.  I am in and out of varied dimensions daily.  I could not do the work I do if I had more of a staid form of definitive mind.

 You might enjoy this.  My oldest daughter is a genius.  Really.  And she has more of a scientific/logical mind.  Very left-brained.  She and her family came to visit us last Thanksgiving.  I overheard her explaining to her daughter:  “Mom has little people and animals and fairyfolk in every room of this house.  They’re everywhere.  Because that is what Mom sees.  She lives in that kind of world and it’s okay.  Her mind is different from ours.”

 Don’t you love it?

 Don’t be disturbed about choice and identity.  Cherish who you are and what you are.  You will always matter - regardless of what form you wear or where you are.  Do read my book, “Future Memory.”  That book will help you understand the what’s and why’s of otherworldly realities and any difference you may encounter “elsewhere.”  Life is too wonderful to be missed - not a single second of it.  You are you, and you will always be you in some form, somewhere.  

 Blessings, PMH