Friday, December 03, 2010

NDE'ers "Get What They Need"


“I was referred to you by David Turrel, author of “Science vs. Religion,” and also indirectly by reading Pim van Lommel’s article on his research in this same area on TowardtheLight website. Through these men and people like you, I have regained a faith in God that I had lost a few months ago.

“But I do have one question of you. Your writings and those of others like you seem to say that there is life after death for all of us, yet all of the studies done show that only 15-25% of those experiencing clinical death actually recall an NDE. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas you may have that would explain this” .....Jack


No one can explain why some people have near-death experiences and others do not, under the same or similar conditions. By the way, the current stats are: 4 to 5% of the general population worldwide, and 12 to 21% in clinical or emergency settings. This involves hundreds of millions of people, adults and children. Thus, the near-death phenomenon is no small thing.

What I noticed in my work is that only those people who really needed such an impactful episode got it. I base that on thousands of comments afterwards, when experiencers say: “I got what I needed.” The idea of a need factor, then, must be factored in and I do so in my book, “The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences,” and in various of my other books.

Who or what determines “need”? You can do profiles of the experiencers’ lives up to that point (and I have), and recognize patterns that might indicate why. These patterns are also discussed in the book I mentioned. Yet, what really decides? I suspect it is our soul. The majority of experiencers talk about the soul and become more in relationship with soul afterwards, coming to realize that one’s soul is indeed the higher part of our nature - more in tune with the God of Our Being.

The deeper you search for answers in near-death studies, the more you come to understand that this phenomenon is really a spiritual experience that addresses not only life on the earthplane, but that in higher, finer levels to worlds beyond. ~PMH

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