Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walk-Ins and A Special Sharing


This is from Lance. “My Mother told me that on the day of my Dad’s passing she was in the bathroom washing her face when, suddenly, she heard footsteps of someone coming in the door. She thought it was I who had walked in, though I was across town at that moment. Mom was more than surprised to see Dad standing there, smiling at her. She says she couldn’t believe how he could have just walked in as he was quite ill in the nursing home. She told him that she was going to dry her face to greet him, and says he stared at her for a moment with his usual smile, and then his face suddenly started to turn serious. After that, he walked off and she could not find him. She called his name several times but he was gone. She was a bit shaken when I came back, and she told me about this incident, of that I’ll never forget. Later that evening the doctor called our home to tell us that Dad had passed away.”


“Have you written much about walk-ins? How do they remember the lives of the persons they are now? I don’t know if I dare to ask this: are you a walk-in? Is that why you don’t use your given name, but initials?”....Erna


Yes, I have written quite a bit about walk-ins. Please refer to my book, Beyond the Light. The current claim is that most walk-ins enter during a near-death experience. This claim does not stand up to scrutiny. In fact the whole theory is subject to challenge.

There is in esoteric literature dating back hundreds of years mention of real “walk-ins,” those beings who physically walk in to our dimension, stay as long as needed or desired, and then walk back through a portal of some kind or simply disappear when they leave. I have seen these and so has my son and a good friend. This is the more commonplace walk-in. What Ruth Montgomery called a “walk-in,” esoteric literature calls an “exchange” - where one soul exchanges places in a given body with another soul. Why she changed the terms I do not know. Most of the people claiming to be walk-ins under Montgomery’s definition went through the same years of integration that near-death experiencers go through (7 to 10 years), and do not in any way display anything that might validate taking a short-cut back into life for a mission. They might have just been born and have grown up in the regular way. Coming in, in mass, through the aegis of near-death experiences is not a short cut - no matter what anyone claims.

Of the many people I have met who said they were walk-ins, only three seemed to me as if they were the genuine article. The rest, no. Bear in mind that the typical near-death experiencer ( and we’re talking about millions of people worldwide) come back a different person - not because they are a walk-in, but because of the aftereffects of the near-death state - which is physiological as well as psychological. These people are “more” than they were before, expanded and accelerated beyond former capabilities. You can show that in research, how our faculties, brain, and body systems expand and alter because of near-death states. You cannot do this with the so-called “walk-ins.” I refer you here to two more of my books, The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences and Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story.

I am not a walk-in. I bear all of the characteristics and traits of a typical near-death experiencer and have gone through the same phases of integration. There is nothing about me that is exceptional in that regard, except that, during my third near-death experience, I was told to do the research I have spent 33 years doing. So far, I am the only experiencer to do this for the reason I have, and to initiate my work before ever having heard of Raymond Moody or his now famous book, Life After Life. My name is as it is because of a very powerful vision I had just before I was to be married. I went to Court and “made it so.” My legal and only name is PMH or P. M. H. Atwater (written either way). The full story of how I got my name appears in an article in the Article Section of my website at .

Thank you for your questions, Erna. Many blessings, PMH

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