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Deathbed NDEs and NDE Mathmatics

QUESTION ONE: "I've been obsessed with NDEs over the past few years now, and something interesting struck me while I was thinking about them today. I've noticed that people who've been close to death/died multiple times either always seem to have an NDE, or they never do. I have yet to come across an NDEr who's died multiple times, who hasn't had an NDE during his or her deaths. I know that you've had three NDEs yourself. I find this interesting; my guess regarding this thought is that perhaps some people are born with some prodigy ability to induce at least an out-of-body experience (even if they're not aware of it), just as certain people are prodigies in other areas, such as music, cooking, sports, etc."...Ronnie

ANSWER: Well, maybe. There's no way we can really prove your idea one way or another. I have run across people who died multiple times and did not have an NDE in either one of them, and felt cheated that they didn't. I have run across people who had multiple near-death experiences, then went through other death events and did not have any more near-death states. I have run across people who seemed to alternate in the sense that through one death event they had such an experience, the next they did not, then they did again, then they did not. The one with the most near-death experiences in my research was a man who had 23 of them. He was in his early forties when I met him. He was not expected to live at birth, had serious complications and difficulties, that continued throughout his life. At each crisis, he had another NDE, without fail. I asked him why, and he said something to the affect that each one gave him the energy and the courage to keep living ...they were like "vitamin pills" for him, or "life-shocks." So, if you just look at this case, your theorgy falls apart. He wasn't "born" to have near-death experiences. That they happened, kept him alive. PMH

QUESTION TWO: "I had a near-death experience in 1983 at the age of 30, during severe complications in the delivery of twins. I believe my NDE was a combination of the first and fourth (the last one) in your classification of experiences, as outlined in 'The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences'.

"My question is this: in all of your research (nearly 4,000 personal sessions with people), have you learned of anyone whose experience included mathematics or mathematical equations/theories as their review of history and prediction of future world events? I understand that Anne Strieber, wife of Whitley Strieber, had a similar experience, but do not know the details of it, and have not heard or read of any other similar experiences.

"I was particularly astounded that God chose this method to reveal these events to me, as I have always been one who did not understand math, cannot see how the letter 'a' or 'b' could possibly equal ANY NUMBER, and actually have a phobia about math in general. However, during my NDE, I understood every equation perfectly and completely, as well as how they represented world events, both past and future.

"I would appreciate any information or help you can give to me.".... Cindy.

ANSWER: Tom Sawyer was like this. Several books have been written about him. I knew Tom personally and saw his notebooks that he wrote immediately after his experience. Page after page of theories, mathematical equations, names, theorems, etc. Now, Tom was a macho cyclist, a sports-jock who knew nothing about anything like this and wasn't the least bit interested either, before he died. For the rest of his life (he passed away last year), he continued to amaze audiences with his unexplainable understanding of advanced physics and how the universe worked, and of large events to come that would affect the world.

Many near-death experiencers have been shown all of history from beginning to end - people like Ricky Bradshaw (who is mentioned in the book you listed, and also in "Beyond the Light"). Many of us confronted astounding revelations about creation, consciousness, and how things work, God, souls. It is commonplace, actually, for near-death experiencers to "suddenly" understand physics and be led to taking classes or attending talks about the subject. I am one of them. You might read my book "Future Memory" to get an idea of some of what I witnessed in death and how I managed to better understand what was happening not only to me, but to most of us. By the way, "Future Memory" is the only book I have written that was mathematically designed on the format of a labyrinth. Yes, the book is a real labyrinth (not a book per se). That means in reading it, you cannot skip around. You have to read it straight through in order to get the labyrinth effect (brings one's consciousness up to the next highest level possible for you). Yup, I too have links to math. You see this a lot with child experiencers of near-death states, too. (Please refer to my book "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences.")

Some experiencers are drawn to the numbers themselves and understand how to use them in a new way. Cindy, I would say you are rather typical in many ways, yet I would also say that each person's experience in unique. So is yours. There are repeating patterns, a certain commonality that unites us, still each person experienced a different slant to the same picture. In that sense, no two near-death experiences are exactly alike. It takes all of us to really glimpse the big picture as it truly exists. That's why the real power of near-death experiences and what they reveal to us lies in the sum of the many. PMH

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