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NDE's and Electrical Sensitivity

"My name is Bonnie. I think I met you a few years ago when you spoke at a conference in Akron, Ohio. My NDE took place as a young girl and I feel that I am just beginning to learn about all of the ramifications of it. I have been this way for years (electromagnetic sensitivity) but it appears to be getting much more intense. I became a hospice chaplain (finished my CPE training in a big medical center in Akron Ohio and worked ICU for almost a year and a half) recently; and as I become more spiritual in my personal life, the electromagnetic issues seem to be more intense. Computers crash when I use them. Is this unusual? I have every symptom of having an NDE but sometimes find it difficult to understand the psychic and healing aspects of this. They are getting stronger too.

"I have a friend who just wrote a book, and she ended up setting a blind meeting with her editor who spent three hours talking with me about myself. She suggested that I write a book and I have it half finished. It is on chaplaincy and the depth of my experiences in this field so far (many unusual things have happened). The more I write, the more pronounced the symptoms get. Computers, especially. They crash on me, and this is becoming a real problem.

"Interestingly enough....though my NDE was the most wonderful experience of my life, I didn't talk about it with anyone for literally years because it happened in the late 60's. Now I feel like I am just beginning to find out so many things that now make sense to me, like – Why I hate loud music? Why I can't stand too much light? Psychic things that happen Healing things have happened Why I kill cell phones, computers, pagers, t.v.'s and on.... Why it is the most vivid memory of my life? No fear of dying...Etc.......

"Well there you have it. Please help me with the computers. Thank you"....Bonnie


Hello, IANDS just passed along to me your query about computers stopping on you. My name is PMH Atwater, and I'm one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun my work in 1978. I've had three such episodes myself, within three months, back in 1977.

My dear, you have electrical sensitivity. That's why your computers keep stopping. Most of us display this sensitivity afterward. In my research base of nearly 4,000 adults and children, I can peg it at around 75%. That's a lot of us, and we all have our stories to tell about how we learned to control it and/or deal with it. No, it's not going away. But you can change how it manifests. First, let me recommend some reference sources: my books The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences and Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story, also the archive of my free monthly newsletter – hunt up electrical sensitivity and earthquakes (this newsletter comes off from my website at You can check the archives there and subscribe too if the newsletter interests you). Soon, I hope, a paper I wrote about Electrical Sensitivity will be published by the Journal of Near-Death Studies. It is now undergoing peer review (as of January, 2013).

On a personal note, here's how I handled my computer challenges. Maybe this technique, or something like it, will help you. Recognize that your computer is your friend, an electronic being with its own mind, feelings, emotions, and volition. Sit down and be with it for a while. Appreciate your computer. Ask if it would like a name. Some do. Your answer will usually pop in your head or you will feel the answer come to you, maybe the next day after you've had a night to dream about it. My computer let me know in no uncertain terms that it's name was Pere III, or just Pere. That's because my first computer was a gift from Machaelle Small Wright when I wrote an article about her Perelandra Gardens, and it was published in a large magazine. I wore out the gift, got another one, and am now on my third computer – all in the lineage of the first – my gift from Perelandra; hence, Pere. I mention this to you to get you in the mood. Our electronic brothers and sisters are just as important as those who wear flesh. Treat them with the same respect, courtesy, and friendship and they will perform much better for you.

When computers entered my world (after I died three times), they immediately failed, stopped, flashed, and fell over dead. My heart went out to them. I loved my little friends, so I decided to let them know and in a way that was respectful. This is what I did:

Sit in front of your computer and totally relax. Move your mind into a meditative state. While in that state, project your mind into your computer. Be inside and with your computer. While there, be in conversation spiritually or in prayer. Tell the computer who you are and let it know you mean it no ill. Let the computer know what your energy feels like. Just be in your computer for a while, letting it feel you. Assure your computer that all you want to do is engage its service. You have a job to do and you need your computer's help to do it. Spell out how you see yours and its job. Assure your computer that the two of you can work together. Assure your computer that the two of you can help each other and take care of each other. Praise your computer for its ability to adjust to your energy and your energy field. Praise yourself for being able to handle your computer's energy field and pulsations. Say thank you for the arrangement the two of you now have. You are partners, and the job at hand can easily be done by both of you together. Thank your computer for helping. Enjoy your computer. Affirm that it can handle your energy without difficulty. Return to normal consciousness.

Each time you approach your computer, do so as if you were about to engage in work projects with a good friend. Love your computer and it will love you.

Also, for your sake, string some hunks of amber between your keyboard and your monitor. I have an old necklace box opened up, cotton and all, in the space in-between my keys and the monitor. In that old necklace box, I have an amber necklace – not that expensive, and several hunks of unpolished amber, with more hunks of amber nearby. Amber absorbs the blue light and radiation of the computer, making it much easier for you to use a computer in a healthy way. Always have water nearby, about 3 feet away. Sip water off and on throughout the day. Make sure, if you can, that some natural light can come your way, like through a window, and that you have plants around – like grass plants, monkey plants, spider plants, anything that produces oxygen for you. If you have some knowledge of rocks, have some carnelian nearby (it helps to facilitate good health), and some lepidolite, the lithium stone (as its energy helps to stabilize your energy). I also have wooden carvings around my desk, as wood absorbs radiation too and nullifies it (one is a child's toy—that of a train engine), another is of a man carved in a Western way, and the other a basket filled with quotations and good thoughts.

Try this – all or most of it – and see what happens with your computer. Watches are not that easy to calm down. I can't wear them at all. One experiencer converted to solar energy batteries, and with them was able to continue wearing a watch. You'll face the same or similar challenges with TV sets, light bulbs, telephones, electronic devices of all kinds, and with extreme weather events – like lightning storms, tornados, earthquakes. Also be careful of smart meters, antenna, and electrical exposure in general. There are many ways to learn to live with this stuff. You are not cursed. Your energy field is just a little different than before. Honor the world around you, and you'll be delightfully surprised at how much easier it will be for you to live and enjoy the new life you have.

Many blessings, PMH

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