Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Synesthesia and NDEs


“Some time ago I spoke with you by phone, and you most graciously were able to point out important aspects of my NDE which provided clarity and understanding.  Many years later, and after several reviews at various times, of Beyond the Light - which has been tremendously helpful and beneficial in my journey of coming back - I find I am currently having a spiritual crisis.  I find that I have extreme tonal sensitivities, and I am so open to energies around the globe, it is painful to be in the world.  Also, I realize for 18 years I have kept this NDE experience to myself, other than indicating I had an NDE - as I feel most people would not understand sitting in the light for two weeks and then the experience of traveling through the tunnel at the speed of light to reconnect to my physical presence.  I have a successful life.  I do very powerful Soul Sessions and Past Life Regressions while bringing forth this light in the sessions.  However, I find working with people is becoming so taxing as everyone wants the connection immediately, without having done any work on themselves.  I am finding it painful to be in this world.  I am an energy expert in this life; and my ability to be in the light is effortless for myself; however, I have not had anyone cross my path who can address this.  I do work with Ascended Masters energy, St. Germain, Sananda, Buddha, and more; and the pure light of God consciousness.  Any suggestions you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.  Much appreciation for all you have gifted to the world and much light”.....Amaranth


First of all, know that you have synesthesia (I suspect that by your letter).  Most of us do (NDErs), as that is one of the aftereffects to a near-death experience.  Just having synesthesia makes you unusually sensitive to energy, what’s happening in the world, and to how your body responds.

Second, know that we are “caught,” all of us, in the cross-over between The Age of Pisces and The Age of Aquarius.  Cross-overs double energy displays or more, and their impact.  Cross-overs literally mean a span of time when BOTH Ages are on top of each other.  Cross-overs can last around 500 years, but who is to say, really.  This span could be shorter or longer.  I do not think that the real Age of Aquarius will even begin until around 2132/2133 with the 33rd passage of Halley’s Comet.  Until then, we deal with each change the best we can and learn in so doing different and better survival skills.

Third, our country is headed toward a Pluto Return.  In the astrological chart of our country, that Pluto Return is slated for 2022.  People do not have Pluto Returns, but countries can (the orbit is too long for human standards).  Pluto means, quite simply, death of the old, birth of the new.  It is a time of extremes.  There is no “middle” to be had except what you can provide and open up for yourself.  Because of the power of a Pluto Return (transiting Pluto back to the same position it was at birth), I tell everyone to be prepared for 2020 through 2024 for how this unique energy may affect our country and our citizens, and each person individually.  Trump is taking us right into this energy with his own unique style - which will either crush or remodel or remake virtually everything.  And right on time with Universal turns during this, the turning of the Great Cosmic Year.  We are exactly where we need to be at this moment.  How this will change us only time will tell.  For you, dealing with your clients and how you are able to feel and perform, will change dramatically.

Fourth, my third book that I was told to write during my third near-death experience is done and now available.  It has many answers and suggestions.  A Manual for Developing Humans takes us where most people hardly notice, but where the real power is.  It was written in partnership with The Voice Like None Other, which spoke to me during my third NDE.

Fifth, there are a number of IANDS support groups in your area, and throughout your state.  These groups will be a touchstone for you, to openly talk about your own experience, and be around others who went through and are still going through similar experiences - and have the feedback and support that could make a tremendous difference for you.  Many times, people attending will know someone or have a referral that could help you deal better with your growing sensitivities.  I do not have names and addresses but you can obtain some by e-mailing  Proceed from there.  I know you and anyone else can obtain the help you need.  Also, in your area, are various Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Religious Science or Science of Mind Churches), and Unity Churches.  These are incredible places to be in or around, be in community with the like-minded, and learn about alternative healers and other similar folk who might be just the checker for you.  

I sincerely hope that at least some of this material will make a difference for you.  You may wind up changing your diet and making some other changes as well.  I believe in the Article Section of my website at, is an article about Natural Lithium.  I highly recommend that you read this article and then take some steps to bring more natural lithium into your life.  Most of this information is also in the Resource Section at the back of my book Beyond the Light.  With your description, I suspect that you are low on some vitamins and minerals - which are easy to replace.  You cannot handle the workload you do with beings from other dimensions without enough natural lithium in your system (not the pharmaceutical kind).

Do some door knocking, some reading, and move your feet.  There is a new world aborning and we all must learn how to ride the waves.  Many blessings, PMH

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