Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Clues of the Future from the Past

Because of the unusual nature of the October Newsletter, as concerns NDErs who predicted coming changes to our climate, I’ve decided to share some ideas in this post from Roger Payne, a subscriber living in London.

    Most interesting how significant will it be that we are at a moment not only of an ever lower sunspot count, sun hibernation end of cycle 24, but also at the end point of another much longer sun cycle of somewhere around 206 to 220 or 230 years.  The last such cycle ended when the French, American, Industrial revolutions and a huge push of science took place. The French Revolution saw the Goddess Reason ceremonially installed in Notre Dame Cathedral; and not long afterwards, Napoleon crowned himself emperor of a planned-for European empire, which was defeated at Trafalgar and at Waterloo.  A New World of America, independent of Europe, Scientific rationalism and Reason took over, leading to the modern world. Today, at the end of that cycle and start of a new one approximately, general chaos of ideologies, science, projection of supposed human cause onto natural climate changes and shifts as we emerged around 1860, slowly from the Little Ice Age, into a warmer one, of “end of world” catastrophe hysteria.  Is “climate change” really human climate change?
    Titanic, an endlessly fascinating and terrible disaster.  The name was hubristic: the Titan were primeval power, earth forces, they challenged emerging gods and where themselves defeated.  The ship was launched claiming God could not sink it, reason and technology had supposedly triumphed. It hit nature’s mighty force, carrying down with it a cross section of the poor and the privileged, and all the hubristic confidence in technology and world politics.  Around the same time the arts world in huge change. Stravinsky unleashed on the world in 1912 his Rite of Spring, an astonishing release by a huge orchestra of mighty primeval earth forces and primitive ritual, which came to him in a kind of vision, and profoundly shocked the music world.  Freud’s sexual and instinctive theories of hard nature, ID, became established, followed by Jung, who took a much deeper view of humanity’s eternal link to deep instinctive forces of Spirit and Archetype. As though such art foreshadowed it, the chthonic earth forces of primeval destruction of world was, 1914 shattered a supposedly stable confident world, soon after with World War II and the reversion by the Nazis with their new “green” ideology and Hitler youth, to primitive barbaric sacrifice to create a new “noble Aryan” race.  All synchronistic? And so where are we now in a chaotic world, a UK challenge to the new EU would-be-empire, to your President upsetting all establishment norms, the clash of cultures and religions in a globalised world?
    Just a few thoughts about our changing times.  Roger

Note from PMH:  First of all, thank you Roger for sharing.  Secondly, clues for the future are now popping up from the Past.  Roger set the stage: Notre Dame, the Great Lady, burned earlier this year.  (Read again what he said about her from previous cycles.) England wants out of the European Union.  Our next election cycle, 2020 through 2024, exactly dovetails the return of Pluto (planet/dwarf ) in our Nation’s birth chart - a fateful time for our nation of extreme choices and extreme results.  In the October Issue of my free monthly newsletter, a number of pieces to note: “Predictions from NDErs - virtually ignored,” and what happened in Indonesia and is now happening again that presages Climate Change and our “call for action.”  Carefully consider what you’re screaming about. The “enemy” may not be who or what you think. Thank you, PMH