Sunday, December 09, 2018

The Coming Times


The Great American Eclipse last August which divided the country (and families!) for the first time since 1777, from Oregon to West Carolina, I thought meant coming natural disasters in America. Of course, we know now it meant political division in this country and political disaster. I also know of NDE prophecies which describe riots breaking out throughout the U.S. especially when natural disasters hit America.  Perhaps also from political division.

      “Anyway, I have reason to believe Trump is what Christians refer to as the "Anti-Christ" for a long number of reasons which you can Google.  And the Catholic Church's pedophile problem will be the "Fall of Babylon" predicted in the Book of Revelation which will destroy the Roman Catholic Church. The current pope, Pope Francis, is the fulfillment of St. Malachy's prophecy of "Peter the Roman" because of his Roman heritage. You can see where I'm going with this.

      “I believe we are living close to the times when great physical and emotional catastrophe is about to occur. It is the great catastrophe which will occur before the great Golden Age appears. And these will be disasters which will come about to force people to (once again) "get back to nature" and to (once again) force people to actually rely on they neighbor for survival and love.

      “Some ideas come to my mind concerning what is about to happen. It comes from a number of sources including my thorough education in fundamentalist Bible prophecy, along with my understanding of the occult and indigninous prophecies, mixed in with Edgar Cayce prophecies, and combined with a great big healthy dose of NDE prophecies.  What I see is the Earth shedding the impurities that are killing her. Perhaps with the help of an asteroid. But before that happens, I can see Trump, as the archetypal "Anti-Christ," starting a war with Iran, Syria and Russia against Israel -- starting World War III -- Armageddon.

      “As for the so-called "second coming" of Jesus (It is not his second), I interpret the Cayce readings to mean Jesus has already reincarnated and is alive on earth right now. That person will defeat Trump. Whether it is politically, literally, archetypally, or whatever, I don't know. Perhaps Oprah Winfrey is the second coming of Jesus I don't know. Wouldn't that be great!  Anyway, I was wondering what your thoughts are about my ideas (make them as brief as you want). But also, I am interested in what your current opinion is about the coming earth changesI am not going to put on a robe and go to a mountain top. And I am not afraid of death.  Talking about "end time" things is slightly more important than talking about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But the topic has always fascinated me throughout my entire life nonetheless, and I am about to turn 60 !!!!  Anyway, whatever your response, I am wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season.  I love this time of year. I am already listening to Christmas music.”…..Kevin


       Please realize your questions are atypical to this blog.  Interestingly enough, though, this type of material about “the coming times” happens with some frequency with near-death experiencers – both child and adult.  For that reason I am going to offer several ways of looking at this. . . bearing in mind that I too am an experiencer and can see and sense much like the others. Know in advance that I do not go by anyone’s prophecy.  I go by cycles and those cycles are based on birthing records, financial swings, earth changes, astrology, earth speak, and the rhythms and energies I feel and see around me. I shared some of this in my book, A Manual for Developing Humans.

      The earth changes cycle (the big one) began October/November 2004.  We’re deeply into that cycle and will continue to be there for a very long time.  As this massive cycle builds, you will see the earth heat up, more and more fires, allergies, less potable water, and a global rise in ocean levels.  You need only to pick up today’s newspaper to see the proof of this. 

Trump really is the right man for the right job at the right time.  No matter whether you like the man or not, or if you think he’s the Anti-Christ.  None of that matters.  He is where he is because he is needed there.  Our country was on an edge unlike what we have seen before when he won.  No, I don’t like the man – not at all – but because of him and his ideas, we now have a way to look again at what we previously took for granted.  We needed to become more pragmatic  and get back to the basics.  Look at how people are reacting to him and his ideas.  THAT’S THE GIFT.  People are finally starting to realize they are the country, they are the constitution, they are the laws and regulations.  It’s up to the average person, all of us, to stand up and speak up.   Because Trump is unlike anyone we’ve ever seen before, uses tweets for major messages, reverses himself often, and has his own idea of what truth is, the people themselves are finally getting the real message. 

      Now is the time to get back to the job of teaching civics in all schools – all of us learning about government and what a republic really is, even running for office ourselves.

      In 2022 our Nation will undergo a Pluto return.  Actually, that spread of time will be from 2020 to 2024.  People don’t have Pluto returns in their astrological charts, but countries can and we will.  Pluto means extremes, both good and not so good.  There is no middle ground under the influence of Pluto.  The biggest challenge all of have with Pluto energy is to learn how to forgive.  Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio.  Forgiveness is a big thing for such people.   Things will tend to be either very good or very not so good.  The entire term of our next Presidency will see our nation engulfed in Plutonian energy.  We must decide who we are and who we want to be during that timeframe.  We can fail and lose our republic, or we can succeed and become the nation we were always meant to be. 

      At the end of the Pluto return, we get another eclipse.  The last one, believe it or not, was very mild and wonderful and fun.  Don’t know why you consider it a disaster full of doom and gloom.  People loved that eclipse and had a lot of fun with it.  The next one will not be fun.  It will be vertical, instead of horizontal, and will track over the Eastern and Central states, passing over large atomic energy power stations and major earthquake tracks and fissures in the area, including the New Madrid fault.  It will hit the place where Edgar Cayce was born, perhaps elevating his legend (maybe there will finally be a movie about him).  Interestingly, that eclipse will pass over Prince William’s Sun Sign in his own astrological chart.  Look for something very important to happen to him or affect him around that time (ascending the throne?). 

      According to birthing records and the research done by William Strauss and Neil Howe (the book Generations:  The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, a very revealing and masterful book), they claim from their studies that our country will go through a Crisis Era 2004 – 2025; an Awakening Era 2047 – 2069.  The most fateful time will be 2013 to 2029,  The next awaking of consciousness, 2050.  They name 2020 a major turning point for the U.S.  None of this has anything to do with astrology.  Yet what they claim fits not only astrology, but all the other major cycles we are aware of. Right now, astrologically, Neptune is dissolving patterns begun during the Civil War – hence the type of unrest all of us are seeing, especially about Civil War statues, conflicts in religions, fanatical people, prejudice raising its ugly “head.”  A shift in the global mind is said to occur in 2024, after the eclipse. You don’t have to use astrology at all to recognize the cycles now upon us.

But know this about Pluto:  for decades it was thought to be this dwarf, odd little body on the outskirts of our solar system.  Thanks to NASA’s New Horizon Spacecraft, we now know PLUTO IS REALLY A GATEWAY TO AN ENTIRE REGION OF NEW WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      What is happening today is both exciting and horrific – at the same time.  Every time our world has faced such pressures, we’ve blamed it on the coming of the Anti-Christ. Or a comet, or a prediction, or a saint, or a sinner.  Always we blame scary things as God’s impatience with us, God’s will.  Yes, things are going to get rough, much more than now, even catastrophic.  Our world and everyone and everything in it will change.  Not because we’re cursed, but because the “cosmic clock” continues its turning.  This time, changes will be greater than what we’ve seen before.  We’re in our second homogenocene:  new genetics, new bodies, possibly designer babies.  This is covered in my book Children of the Fifth World.  Read it.  We have an incredibly beautiful future on this planet.  Yet in order to function well, we have to change – similar to what happens with near-death experiencers.  They come back different, better able to handle the kind of changes happening now.  Read Future Memory to understand this.

       I have been presenting this larger story in all my books, because in order to understand the near-death phenomenon, we must all come to recognize and grapple with its aftereffects.  Therein lies the clue for all of us – the recognition that we are co-creators with the Creator.  It is now time for us to stand up and be who we are.  You want Bible quotes?  Well, here’s one:  “We are gods in the making.”  As NDErs change, so must all of us. They give us the pattern.  They are humanity’s new “fore-runners.” 

Blessings, PMH