Monday, May 11, 2020

Apparitions and Walk-Ins


“Hi PMH, I was wondering what your thoughts are on Marian apparitions.  I personally think they are connected with extraterrestrials.  They have always puzzled me with their Catholic dogma messages.  Hope to hear from you.”....Frank in Australia


My name is not “Pam.”  It is PMH.  No, those are not initials, although they seem like they are.  That really is my name.  Should you want to find out more, refer to “How I Got My Name” on my website.

Marian apparitions have occurred throughout history and around the world - not only as religious visions connected with Catholic faith, but also within the miracles and passages of Elder Lore - handed down from one generational tradition to another - so old that any real dating is difficult.  Near-death experiencers sometimes witness similar type visions as part of their aftereffects - reported by both children and adults.  Yet people of every stripe can suddenly face such awe-inspiring spiritual uplifts from such events, that just witnessing it can change their life.

To connect Marian apparitions or visions like them with “aliens” is a real stretch.  Actually it’s a “slap in the face” to the spiritual process of enlightenment/transformation.  Yes, undoubtedly “aliens” have had some influence in the history of our world and of humankind.  But not to the extent and manner as claimed.

We are forgetting that when we watch television or attend a lecture or class, we often miss that deep sense of being in the world, being part of what comes to us from the Elder Races in Times Beyond Time.  I suspect minions from these Elders still track us, watch from the “sidelines,” as we humans still struggle to mature.

Don’t jump to conclusions.  There are deeper voices in this world of ours than you have considered in your thinking.


“Thank you for your interview on “Coast-to-Coast” radio with George Noory.  As a child-walk-in myself (during an illness and very high fever), I recognize that I have experienced what your NDE research subjects have in their lives.  A walk-in during an NDE could explain many aspects of the experiences you described, so I thought that might be something you would want to seriously consider and investigate further.”....Jane


Thanks for the idea, but I’m way ahead of you on this one, as I have been researching “walk-ins” since the late sixties, and wrote an article about my findings which can be found in the Article Section of my website.
Most of the people who claim to be walk-ins exhibit the typical aftereffects of the near-death experience.  With NDEs, you become more of what you were before.  You’re not another soul, but a bigger more powerful version of what you were before.  Perhaps more “wide-awake.”

In all my years of doing this type of research, I’ve only met about six people or so who could qualify as walk-ins according to popular stories of today.  If you look again, though, and study the original ideas in older stories and myths, as to what constitutes a “walk-in,” you quickly realize that the label “walk-in” referred to someone who literally “walked” into this dimension from another -  then left the same way.  I’ve seen one of these.  So has my son and several friends of mine.  “Exchange” was the original term used to describe souls changing places in a given body - for whatever reason.  All modern descriptions of “walk-ins” match almost exactly the typical aftereffects of child and adult experiencers of near-death states. Considering that millions and millions of these people now exist worldwide, it is long past any point of common sense to even consider that NDErs are automatically walk-ins.

Sorry, friend, but I disagree with your ideas.  Believe what you will about yourself, but well-established facts show otherwise for the greater number.  Many blessings and thank you for this provocative question.  ~PMH

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