Thursday, October 08, 2020

Hell-Like Near-Death Experience


    “Atwater said that God/Light is never angry and thousands of NDE’s prove that, but that guides and greeters can be more negative and strict.  She explained in this video:  Well, that is similar to my own experience.  I was filled with such hate and anger in my heart that I came across a spirit, guide, greeter who got angry with me and cursed me.  It was not a fun experience, and my heart has felt hurt, empty, and in constant pain.  I can’t love anymore.  I can’t feel emotions anymore that would make me human.  And I’m afraid for my soul.  Not mad at God/Light since this isn’t him, it’s one of the guides, greeters who cursed me saying I would receive nothing including no abundance or love.”...James


    Sounds like you had an unpleasant, frightening, or hell-like experience.  One out of seven in my research base of adult near-death experiencers had something like this.  In my research I found a connection between how some individuals had lived their life, what they felt about their life, or in some way what they feared or dreaded and what they experienced in their near-death episode.  Notice I said “some.”  This was not true of everyone, but many.  Nancy bush, in her research of frightening or hellish cases, and she had one herself, found a way to understand this that is quite extraordinary.  Her book, Dancing Past the Dark:  Distressing Near-Death Experiences, is well worth getting.  Read it.  I believe she has written another one and has a running correspondence, perhaps in a chat room, that would be most healing for you.

    Hundreds of thousands of cases have been studied now, and going into the millions.  My own research base is nearly 5,000 adults and children.  So I can say this to you with full strength as a researcher, and with enormous strength as an experiencer (I died three times in three months in 1977 and each time had an NDE), there is no such thing as a lost soul.  No matter what you think or feel, no matter what you experienced in your near-death state, it’s all about healing and learning and broadening your concept of yourself and what you think life is.  I’ve noticed that all NDEs on some level, no matter what, are learning experiences.  We, the experiencer, have an opportunity, if we choose to take it, to start all over again with who we think we are, our life as we have lived it, and what we think life is. . . to choose again.

    You are not damned.  You are not shunned.  You are not cursed.

    No matter what beings on the “other side” said to you, you have an opportunity to take those words, look at them, think about what they mean and who said them, then use that information to look again.  Is there something about the way you speak and what you say that could be worked on, changed, done differently?  Is there something about you, yourself, that you would like to turn around, alter, or do differently?

    No matter how beautiful or threatening a near-death experience is - it is still a “learning experience,” an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and this incredible world we live in - including in the heaven worlds beyond earth.  Confronting the “dark side” of our nature is deeply healing.  That’s what those beings were trying to get you to do, I bet.  No one knows for certain, yet I still feel there’s something about all those curses and foul language and stages of darkness and feeling lost, that are offering you an opportunity to stand up for yourself and find out who you really are.  Really, take heart.  Read what Nancy Bush wronte, maybe e-mail her, certainly consider what she has to say, and I know you will find not only healing but a different way to consider all those unkind and awful voices.  Stages of darkness are important for all of us.  That’s how we grow.  That’s how we learn.

    Do not despair.  You are special.  Soon enough, you will find a way to reconsider what happened to you, and in a new light.  

Blessings, PMH

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