Friday, April 12, 2013

"Who did you love? Who did you serve?"


"You have often talked in your books, interviews, and blog, etc., of love and growth being important. Would you say that the greatest message from the light to those of us currently having an existence on earth is to continually work towards improving our ability to show unconditional love and to continually work towards our own (and others) spiritual growth?

"In many NDEs, experiencers report other entities, religious figures, or spirit guides, etc., who are helping us out. Do you think that when life or our own fears and problems feel almost beyond our ability to cope, that "asking" for help is important? If so, do we pray or just ask in our minds or is it better to look within for insight, perhaps using meditation?"...Jon


Jon, you're very perceptive. I can say without hesitation that near-death experiences are spiritual experiences, and they are part of that larger genre called "Transformations of Consciousness" or "Threshold Experiences." I delve deeply into this and what it may mean in my book, NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: THE REST OF THE STORY.

The majority of near-death experiencers said they were asked "Who did you love? Who did you serve?" Some were asked questions similar to these two, or, at least came away from their episode with that sense, that feeling, that love and forgiveness and helping another were the most important things we could do in the world. Achievements, intellect, possessions, and power mattered not at all. Nada. What we accomplish in life certainly makes a difference, sometimes a big difference, but look at accomplishments in the sense of "What did you learn" and "Who did you help" and "What were the ripples?" Native Americans say "Plan for the Seventh Generation." In other words, do what you do in accord with the lasting effect of your actions. Short term doesn't cut it. We must think long-term. It's not profits that matter most; rather, what is the long-term impact of those profits on the education and upliftment of those concerned?

Always long term. Always love and forgiveness. Always the upliftment and education of others. Always healing and helping. Always investment in the future. (Think infrastructure. Think sustainability. Think your neighbor as yourself.) Profit is okay, as long as one remembers to tithe, to give back, to honor The God of Your Being.

When in doubt, always use your MAP: "M" - meditation, "A" - affirmations, "P" - prayer. These three are the most powerful, effective ways you can use to plug into Source, to bring more spirituality into your life, to keep you on course with your life's mission (and you don't have to know what that mission is - you'll be guided along the way to be where you need to be doing what is right for you). Yes, you can ask for help. No one knows all the answers, because no one knows all the questions. Turn to that which inspires you, whether a good book, a YouTube video, an article, meeting, workshop, nature walk, religious ritual, religious or spiritual service, spiritual retreat, sacred pilgrimage, volunteerism, or being one in the silence of the deeper, fuller self. I'm not a great supporter of channeling and mediumship, although both can be helpful and beneficial. To me, there is no surer way to Source than by developing the depths of self, taking the Inner Journey to the wisdom walk within. We are born knowing what is true. Anything can deflect us, and does. The trick is to bring balance back into your life: moderation in all things. That's what experiences like near-death episodes do - they enable us to rebalance. They enable us to regain the clarity and the honesty we lost. They bring us back to center. . . the sacredness of our being.

Blessings, PMH

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