Tuesday, August 07, 2018

In Being Different, We Are One


“I am reading one of your books with great interest.  I have a question which I have become more and more desperate to answer.  In 2006 I had an awakening of consciousness through exposure mainly to Eastern teachings.  It changed my sense of identity and brought immense peace and timelessness and insights into the mind.  However, in the time since then, I have read a lot about NDE and have become more devoted or drawn to a conception of God as the ultimate force and Creator.  I am torn between the idea that we are “souls” or divine sparks of consciousness that God created, and the Eastern idea of simple “oneness” in which everything is simply “consciousness” without any Deity.  May I ask you to just briefly describe how you understand this based on your own experience and research? I would be so grateful!”. . . Michael


    Well dear Michael, how do I begin?

    Both concepts are true - and equally so.

    The idea that we exist as Holy Souls of God, here to learn and grow and expand into the Godhead through human experience - outpictures itself in the majority of near-death experiences, child and adult, throughout the world.  I hope you are reading Dying to Know You:  Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.  That one book will explain many things to you.  I call it “the people’s book” as the entire book is a summary of the words or nearly 4,000 adult and child experiencers (actually more than that) - their truth, their wisdom, their experience.  Yes, there is some research in it and a few cases, but that’s it. The rest is from the experiencers themselves. In this book you clearly see both themes playing out - we are separate souls, yet we are one.  God exists yet God is bigger and larger and greater than any of us can imagine, that in many ways we are all God - at least in the sense of being reflections of that One Source, that Creative Intelligence that knows no bounds.  To get a bigger picture of how that can be so, read Future Memory.  It tells the whats and whys of existence.

    To bring it all home to a livable, lovable life, the how of life, read and use A Manual for Developing Humans.  The Manual is based on the ancient knowing that “Hu” is the sound/tone of God, that “Hu-Man” refers to “God-Man” - what we all are.  To be fully human, to develop the allness of ourselves, the Manual is filled with the basics of how to do that - how to be what we already are - “gods in the making.”  You can check that out in the Bible, if you wish, or in any spiritual or religious text/understanding.

    Being at peace with all of this, or at least being open to it, brings us to the One Great Paradox (in the Manual), that opposites exist at the same time in the same space and are equal to each other and equally true.  Creation itself could not and would not exist if this One Great Paradox were not true. Being at peace with ambiguity is one of the aftereffects of near-death states. Many of us (those who have died and come back) slipped through the conundrum, experienced how perfect and necessary and wonderfilled it is to have opposites be the same thing.  Most are at peace with that.

    Does this make any sense to you?  It will as you open up your mind to what exists beyond what seems to be limits.  When you have time, go to my website at www.pmhatwater.com, then scroll over to the Article Section, and read the article “Important Surprises from Science.”  Our brain, how we use it, the very universe we thought we knew, has now been turned upside down. Welcome to your life, our life.  Enjoy every sniff of air and every beat of your heart. It’s all one. In being different, we are one.

    Blessings, PMH