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Hellish NDEs and Herbal vs.Pharmaceutical Drugs


"I am taking a break from my research to write you. I fell into an area of my research that is confusing me. I wonder if I took a wrong turn. There is a group of NDErs who are claiming that hell is eternal and there is no way out. Now, I have been doing research for about four years. This is not the norm from what I have been reading. But I do know this, I have read that no more spirits will be allowed to reincarnate out of hell. Could it be that the spirits that have not grown to the light will have to wait for a later time in order to reincarnate? The 1,000 years the Bible speaks of? One person said that when she got to heaven she said to the spirit - 'But what about my sins?' Thus the spirit said there is no sin. This is very confusing to me. For the first time after my NDE I feel afraid again like I did before my NDE and research. Please help and thank you."....Qricket


Whoa! You are allowing yourself to be swayed by a few cases. The strength of what can be learned from near-death states lies with the strength of the many. When you've investigated thousands of them as I have, you recognize a larger pattern than individual interpretations. When you look at the larger view, here is a capsule of what can be seen:

1. Hellish cases are just as real as heavenly ones.

2. There appears to be multiple layers (levels) on The Other Side, like a layer-cake of energy folds separated by vibratory degrees of resonance (frequency).

3. When you die, you move to wherever you fit within these folds - what moves you is resonance.

4. There is no evidence to suggest that you stay wherever it is that you wind up, as there appears to be no top or bottom. It is an open-ended system.

5. Open-ended systems are driven by choice. This indicates that through choice, through change, through desire and effort, one can grow. There is no such thing as rotting in hell forever, or playing a harp in heaven forever. With no top or bottom, the system is far more dynamic and fair and wondrous than what anyone might imagine. . . showing, at least to me, that forgiveness is real.

Please, if you're going to talk about near-death states, study the field better than you have. God/Allah/The Divine is far bigger and better than we assign credit to. Allow your mind to open up more and to spread. Blessings, PMH


"I read two of your novels in the past week, and I am eager to read your entire collection. It gives me so much pleasure and comfort reading your novels. Two questions for you. Firstly, why do you think so many NDErs return and reject medicine? That is, why do they often choose herbal over regular prescribed pharmaceutical medicine? It's on my mind as I have Lyme's disease and have been on antibiotics for almost four years. I'm weighing up going herbal myself. secondly, do you have any plans to visit Australia one day? I'd love to attend one of your seminars. Take care.".....Bridey


Bridey, I have never written a novel in my life, so I'm not quite certain what you are referring to. I am a researcher, a field-worker in real time, thus all my observations and analysis are based on the findings I have made and confirmed or what I can reference from the work of others. You read my books to find out what is, not what could be.

Having said that, I can comment on pharmaceuticals. The pattern of aftereffects for near-death experiencers is both physiological and psychological. That means your body is changed as well as your mind. Physiologically, most of the changes have to do with the brain/mind assembly (which includes brain structure and function), and with the nervous and digestive systems, and skin sensitivity. Generally speaking, it takes less of something for full effects. Most of us, then, either use children's doses of pharmaceuticals, or switch to more natural means - like homeopathy, vitamins/minerals, herbs, various other therapies, and work with osteopaths or naturopaths, rather than standard allopathic doctors (the M.D.'s you are used to). For instance, my primary physician is now an osteopath, who is well-trained in homeopathy. Good combination. Sometimes pharmaceuticals and surgery are necessary. Just work with your physician (see my website and the Home Page, or refer to either of my books The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences and/or Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story. Lyme's disease is very tricky. Very few doctors know how to treat it. There are certain drugs that are effective Do your homework and look around. Check success rates from what is offered. You may want to do this quickly - as Lyme's can result in lifelong health problems if it's not treated in a way that makes a difference. Again, investigate this and then decide. Work on the prayer level too. Call on God for guidance. That guidance, that strength, is always available to you.

When am I coming to Australia? When any group or individuals sponsor me, and get me there. I really want to come. Was ready to sign a contrast to that effect several years ago. Looked as if I was finally going to Australia when all of a sudden the man "disappeared." If you know of any groups or people who would be interested in what I have to offer, have them get together and bring me over. Have passport, will travel. 

Blessings, PMH

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