Friday, October 01, 2004

Alzheimer's and the Afterlife?

QUESTION: Hello again. This time I have a question and for me a puzzlement. Perhaps you will share your thoughts. Watching and listening to Reagan's demise due to Alzheimer's, I heard two things that glued me. Not that they hadn't been in my mind before, and they have nothing to do with personalities.

(1) At a point early in his illness it is reported that someone showed Reagan a picture of the White House, and he said that he recognized it and knew it was important in his life but he didn't know how or why. And, of course, in the running of the illness, he eventually lost all touch with this realm from all appearances.

(2) Just before making the transition, he looked into the eyes of Nancy in apparent full recognition. She reportedly made the remark that it was the best gift he could have given her. I don't doubt any of this.

When one has lost all apparent contact with this reality, is it because that essence is gone partly away and is no longer close enough to stimulate the physical brain? And would there be a final coming close enough of essence just before final departure to stimulate the brain to allow it to transmit a message, verbal or other, to those nearby? Thanks for your thoughts --

PMH Atwater's reply: Gerry, no one knows for certain how this works, but here is what I have seen and sensed. During the dying process, the soul of the individual goes in and out. I have yet to be around someone whose essence, as you called it, stayed intact within the body the whole time. The soul is very busy getting ready. As time progresses, the soul stays away from the body for longer and longer periods of time, as if to get the body used to the change of frequency (energy vibration) this causes. Haven't you noticed this yourself when around someone who is dying? There are days when you absolutely know the soul is there. The individual's skin is a healthy color, he or she responds and interacts, and you sense a "fire" inside. That fire is life! We are Divine Sparks from the mind of the Creator. That spark of divine fire that we are is what animates us, gives us that creative "juice," that drive, that will to participate in and respond to life, that special energy that accomplishes things. When that fire is gone, even when it is absent for a while, you know right away. No one has to tell you. You can look into the individual's eyes and you can see it for yourself - no one is home, no one's there, the body is vacant, still alive but uncreative. Any response during those times would be wooden, habitual, organic - nothing more. When the soul is back inside the body, the creative fire is back and the individual is lively to the degree possible at that time - but still lively, responsive.

The same pattern happens with pregnancy. Sometimes the soul is present within the forming fetus and sometimes it is not. It goes in and out, preparing. The idea that the soul enters the body at first breath after birth is false. It can enter the fetus body at any time, even at conception. Again, I have yet to be around a pregnant mother (or with my own pregnancies) where the soul remained "in residence" once it entered the body form. The soul goes in and out. My research with child experiencers of near-death states suggests, though, that the soul often makes residence around the beginning of the third trimester. That's the big reason, as far as I am concerned, to discourage and avoid third-trimester abortions. In all probability, it's not just a body form being removed, but a living responsive soul who can think, intuit, remember, and has all faculties in operation, even with its eyes closed. Read my book, The New Children and Near-Death Experiences, and prepare yourself to be surprised. Once you read this book, it will forever change how you regard abortions. (Before you have one, check with the soul of your baby. It has a say, too, which may be cooperative with you and agree to leave, or it may not.)

As we prepare to enter a body and as we prepare to leave a body, the same basic pattern holds true, and principally the same basic process.

As for the clarity just before death, this is natural and to be expected with most people (not everyone, but the majority). Most people, either a few days before death occurs or in some cases a few hours before death occurs, are suddenly perky, wide-awake, responsive to the degree that they can be, and often possess full memory - EVEN IF THEY ARE ALZHEIMER PATIENTS! It's as if, just before final passage, we are energized enough that we can say goodbye or at least have a last look around. I have seen this happen with so many adults and children, that I have come to expect it. My sister is a nurse, one of those cracker-jack "experts" who usually knows more than the doctor in charge at any given time, and she agrees with me. And, during this wake-up time, the one about to die shines. There's something about the face and head. Not only do they seem to wake-up, they light-up. When this happens, the light is usually strong enough to light up the room as well, or at least a few feet around them. I regard this as a sign of sacredness, the soul's way of bringing comfort to loved ones and affirming that all is well, it's okay to leave, the soul is on its path - no accidents here - what is happening is right on with what is supposed to happen - even if the dying person is a child or someone injured in an accident.

I invite the readership and people everywhere to reconsider what they think they know about death. In order to really get a handle on all the many disparities and puzzles, what seems so unfair or difficult about death, we must consider the soul and the soul's will. You cannot even get a grasp on death and the purpose it serves without opening yourself to the existence of the soul.

You, me, everyone - we are not our body. We are a soul, a divine being. We are neither male nor female, black or white, old or young. We are a soul, a divine being, who came to earth, took on a body, developed a personality and lifestyle through the process of meeting opportunities both negative and positive, learned and grew in that learning, tackled a "mission" or had a job, contributed to life's many processes, enhanced the energy of the earth plane or decreased it, joined with others in a myriad of relationships and for many purposes, and then left through death's doorway. We are each far more than the face we see in the mirror. We are more than that, stronger than that, more powerful than that, and the life we have chosen to lead at this point in time matters. We matter, each of us. I urge you to read We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death at your earliest convenience. It is the smallest book I have ever written, the friendliest, and the most intimate. I call it a "love" book - love of life, real life, what we really are.

Thank you all for your kindness. I'll see you next time.

Many blessings,
P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D.

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REQUEST FOR PARTICIPANTS: Request for NDE participants in astrological research. I am a mature student at Kepler College in Seattle, Washington, studying Astrological Studies for my BA. I have had a certificate in Astrology since 1990, but am not presently taking clients as a professional astrologer due to my workload as a student. As part of my astrological research, I am looking for those who have had genuine NDEs and who are agreeable to giving me their birth date (time, date, place) so that I can study the charts. I am looking for common significators in the charts. I plan on researching this material and collating the information from which I expect to write an expository paper. In order to give anonymity, I shall not use the names of anyone who is involved, unless they expressly state that they do not mind. Research should take me about a year, ending in the summer of 2005, depending on participant response. Anyone interested, please e-mail me at I have studied 'life after life' subjects for about twenty-plus years, and researched belief systems in some of the main world religions. I believe that NDErs are a special category and deserve more recognition and understanding. Hoping to hear from you. Best regards, Carolyn Matthews.

Okay, folks, let's flood Carolyn with volunteers. I submitted my data to her. Now, we need yours. PMH