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What Will We Know, Once We're Gone?


"I wonder if you can explain something to me: I have come to believe that reincarnation makes sense as the soul - or our consciousness - needs to grow in some way toward the acceptance of unity. My problem with the Catholic/Christian religion has to do with life being your one shot. After that, it's all over, you either go to heaven or hell. For many reasons I can't go with this, I don't accept it. Anyway, the soul does it's learning through many experiences in the world of 'duality' as an individual. When I read of people's NDEs, I often find them meeting up with people from their family's past. How does the concept of heaven - i.e., where your relatives might go and you will see them when you arrive - fit in? I mean, if you reincarnate within a certain time frame, then, wouldn't you no longer remain in the afterlife for an arriving soul to meet up with? Let's say a grandmother, who died 30 years ago, why would she be still in your particular afterlife? Wouldn't she be gone already into a new life on earth? Can both be true? A permanent afterlife and reincarnation?".....Rick


Rick, you've asked a big question with no answer anyone can prove one way or another. So, instead of attempting the impossible, let's just consider some basic points:

  • There is no way of determining where one may go after death (for certain).
  • There is no way of affixing "time" or how long it may take a soul to move on once it leaves any given life.
  • Most NDErs at crossover are met by people they once knew in this life - probably as a matter of comfort.
  • NDE scenarios focus heavily on the life just lived, to enable learning and experience assessments.
  • Some NDEs broach past-lives to the extent of seeing people and events "way back when."
  • Those that do have past-life elements in their scenario, seldom are these beneficial or helpful, except to elicit "interest."
  • The main emphasis in NDEs is the continuance and importance of life, no matter how lived.
  • Aftereffects are geared toward improvement, expansion, and acceleration - on every level of being. 
  • About ⅓ accept reincarnation as true after their near-death experience.
  • This percentage tends to increase overtime, although not everyone accepts the concept.
  • Clearly, the soul has a will of its own and makes choices in line with its own trajectories.
  • Trying to compare soul knowledge and choices with those of the personality gets you no where.

The questions you asked are all based on linear concepts and logical thinking. Since the soul does not correspond nor relate to such brain activity, understanding "movement" and "time" requires a shift in how you respond to the world you think you see and live in. Remember, about the most any of us can access of the electromagnetic spectrum we inhabit is between 8 to 10%; all the rest of that spectrum is either infra or ultra to our faculties of perception. Everything is present. Really. There are no secrets and nothing is hidden.

We struggle to respond to what seems "invisible" because we are using the faculties we have in ways they were never designed to be used. If you want a "secret," then it is this: enhance/expand/accelerate the "equipment" you already have (i.e., your faculties of perception) to take in more of the electromagnetic spectrum. Meditation does this for you, so does prayer, religious rituals, spirituality, special music, natural musical instruments, drumming, dancing, developing your intuitive/psychic abilities, learning how to include and project. Near-death experiencers and the entire genre of threshold experiences (intense transformations of consciousness) really do all of this - big time - that's why so many people have difficulty handling them plus the aftereffects. We suddenly expand, improve, accelerate in ways we are not prepared for, and maybe even do not want. Two of my books will help you with this. They are: We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death and Future Memory. Blessings, PMH


"I hear a lot about reincarnation and also that there are many other dimensions and life in this universe. But when people talk about incarnation they seem to say we keep coming back to this earth. I thought there were more advanced domains. . . the thought of coming back here is the equivalent of hell."......Linda


No one can define reincarnation or how it really works, not even the experts, be they hypnotherapists, psychics, mediums, and so forth. Paul Von Ward is the only one I know who is truly trying to find a way to understand and define it. I have recommended his books before, and will again. Just google Paul Von Ward on the Internet. You will be astounded at how much work he has put into this subject and the conclusions he has reached.

In my work with child experiencers of near-death states, a fairly significant number identified with being scalar waves, parts of asteroids, bits and pieces of the universe - that agreed to answer the earth's call for help during "the changes" - this meant they had to learn how to "wear" a human body and take on incarnations. . . a new concept for them. I discuss one of the more famous of these cases in my book, The New Children and Near-Death Experiences (Flavio and his brother live in South America with their parents---both are well educated professional psychologists who were forced to reconsider the makeup of the universe and the workings of the human mind in dealing with their two unusual sons).

It is true that many of us can recall lives in other areas of the globe and at other times. It is also true that many of us can remember or at least suspect we began as sparks in the mind of God, and spread out in waves, with each wave being what later was called "a soul group" or "soul family." Some cultures have a tradition whereby the dead come back to their own families, again and again, or enter lineages either in or close to their hometown. If you read my book, We Life Forever: The Real Truth About Death (which discusses all of this), you will remember my saying that my granddaughter Myriam was my former mother-in-law (come back as her own grandchild). No doubt exists in my mind about the truth of this. Clues were numerous. There are also schools of thought where incarnations can be simultaneous and include other forms beside human. Some believe they go in and out of worlds, dimensions, realms, planetary systems.

Who's right? We may never really know until we are once again dead to the body and can choose again, or, at least look around. . . and remember. Blessings, PMH

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