Tuesday, July 03, 2018

God is Bigger Than any Religion

    You have guided me from rigid fundamentalism to embracing all humanity and nature, and realizing it’s not about getting to heaven but bringing heaven to earth.  I have read most your books and I love your spirit.
“I am alarmed by the type of information that is channeled and information gained by hypnosis and the way people give their power to psychics and ‘spirit guides.’  I no longer believe the Bible is reliable, but known provable historical facts about Nostradamus and Jesus contradict Dolores Cannon and Edgar Cayce. Prescriptions and predictions made by Edgar Cayce and Dolores Cannon have proven fallacious.  Information achieved through hypnosis is as notoriously unreliable as channeled information.
“The New Age is rife with contradictions and unsubstantiated claims as much as religion is.  In the abundant riches of knowledge, truth seems so hard to find. Thank God for near-death reports.  It’s the main thing that gives me any hope.”....Joseph

    Dear friend, please know that truth can be found anywhere.  Edgar Cayce gave us a rich backdrop of information about how to regard ourselves and the world we live in in a new and more expansive and healthier way.  Yes, some of his “predictions” and sayings were wrong. But very few. He was remarkably right and to a very large degree - much higher than the current crop of channelers and mediums working today.  That’s way both my husband and I are Lifetime members of the A.R.E. It’s not so much about predictions (right or wrong), but rather how he taught us to live, pray, take care of each other - his kindness and caring.  That makes his work stand out. Dolores I enjoyed very much as a friend, but I never read a thing she wrote. Never had a feeling to do so. No judgment here. I liked her and I admired her spunk and driving spirit to help others, and I liked being around her.  She invited me once to be a speaker at one of her conferences. I felt lucky to be asked and enjoyed the adventure. She made a video of my two talks. They are long since “out-of-print.”
    The Bible has a lot of good in it.  So does other holy books. Don’t ever believe all that is said in any of them.  They were written for another time when other ways of living were needed.  Take what is good from them, and there is much that is beneficial. You might get more out of the Bible if you read metaphysical interpretations of it.  There are a number out. Unity Church published one. Can’t remember the author. Perhaps it was Charles Fillmore, the co-founder of the Unity Movement. Carol Parrish-Harra did one.  She was once the guiding light of Sancta Sophia Seminary in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. You might google them both and see if such books are still available. Carol has long since retired as a minister, yet remains an incredible “light.”  (More information about Sancta Sophia Seminary is under “Services,” in the Marketplace located on my website at www.pmhatwater.com.)  Look around.  You may find a number of authors who have written better and more understandable ways to read holy text and especially the Bible.  It is true that the history of Christianity is not what we were taught. Not at all! Yet there is much good in the Christian viewpoint, as well as in what the different denominations teach.  Again, look for the message of “the way,” not strict details. You also see this same trait, again and again, with near-death experiencers. The God they find in death is much bigger, grander, more powerful, huge, than the God any religion portrays or speaks of (refer to my book Dying to Know You:  Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience).  Most come back following a spiritual path, rather than religious.  There is so much of benefit in all of this. Look for that, rather than judgments that deny the freedom we all have in becoming the best we can be.

    Rather than judge, widen your scope.  Have a broader view. Experience God, don’t just read about such a Force.  Find God in washing floors, cooking dinner, making your bed, balancing your checkbook.  Each deed is holy, each is purposeful, each is a joy. I refuse to use a dishwasher. Yup, I still wash my dishes in the sink, then put them on a rack to dry.  All those bubbles in warm dishwater. I have fun with them and in having sparkling dishes when I’m done. I still keep a ledger. Balance our financial records as in the “old days.”  To put that information on a computer, digitize it - that’s nuts to me. No way. I’ll do it myself, thank you. I enjoy my husband so much - touch him - rub his back - play with him - work with him - flower his days with love and joy.  Make him cookies for his lunch. He’s my angel.

    Open up, Joseph.  Smile more. Laugh more.  Look for the good. It’s there, everywhere.  But don’t be a fool. Always investigate, ask questions, seek for what works and why.  I live my life by the Russian proverb: “Trust, but verify.” You bet I ask questions, I investigate, I turn over rocks and files and records.  I am very curious. No is a complete sentence. So is yes.

    Say, get my latest, A Manual for Developing Humans.  It will help you more than any other single source.  Then pass the news on. Tell others about the Manual.  Be a full human being, what and who you were always meant to be - be all of you.

    Many blessings, PMH