Monday, September 10, 2018


“Hey, I’m not sure if I want to describe my experience before I know someone will read it but I can if you wish.  What I have for you is a question. Knowing you have researched many cases and have knowledge about other researchers’ work, you may be able to help me.  I did not have an NDE but an experience when I was taken out of my body in sleep when I was maybe 4 or 5, or 6. I cannot pinpoint specific time because at the time after waking up and wanting to tell my brother all about it, from the joy I felt instantly, I understood importance of each soul’s journey and that I should never mention that to him unless he asks me to.  Experience I had was amazing. It is 20 years later, and I recollected parts of my memories and more than that, I understand exactly why this has happened. I will describe all of my experience if you wish but for now I want to ask you one simple, question, and I can describe it before you answer. I have seen hundreds of videos about NDEs and I have deep understanding of what people are describing.  I have also seen interviews with people who have been visited by beings of light, etc. What I have never found and seems to be quite unique to my experience is the part that struck me the most.

“I was asked if I wanted to know who I am.  I said of course I want to know who I am. Why are you making it sound so scary.  I am not ashamed of my mistakes. More about the story later. I am not sure if anybody reads this.  I was rushed, like through the universe, starting from where I was through great light. I won’t describe this light because you’ve heard where I was through great light.  What I can say most people realize is, when I was rushed through this light, it was like you can imagine most beautiful glorious light goldish white with colours that I can see on earth, most beautiful for me were kinds of violets.  I could be overwhelmed but in the light I started recognizing myself, in one little tiny photon, and I see red in this photon. It turned red from white and I can see more in it, and I realize that in every photon I can see the white light.  I am overwhelmed within each and every one photon is reality, and I see all these lives and realizing, remembering, screaming inside of me--”I remember. I remember. It is me. It is me.” I was so happy seeing all this beautiful love, not lives on this planet earth.  What I was struck with what was beauty of women in these experiences. I was 5 years old, every single person on this planet earth - their DNA is garbage compared to people I saw in other lifetimes. Our prettiest stars look worse than junkies compared to women I saw. And all the love, all the sex I had in all the lives I relived instantly, in one moment.  You cannot imagine.
“Finally being done with overwhelming joy, I say to myself, okay, I am here for a reason.  Okay, let’s go and see some more earthy lives. I can see some but these are not mine. Okay, I see I was living it, but I want to see some life here on earth that I was someone who has some kind of power of some sort.  I see a life, not entire life, but most glorious moment in this life. I don’t know if it was Roman Empire or Greek Empire, but some of that sort. I already have gone too far, not knowing if it will reach its final destination.  I hope you understand my search, even I haven’t clearly stated the question. Thank you for all that you do.”....Lukasz in Poland.

    Hello.  Thank you for sharing.
    Please know it is normal for children around the ages you gave to have out-of-body experiences.  Little ones, too. It is also normal for anyone of any age to experience their soul leaving their body if they are ill, running a high fever, drunk, or taking certain types of medication/drugs.
    People who keep this quiet, never tell their stories, do a disservice to society.  They keep such episodes “secret,” assuming such things are rare or a product of their imagination or a sign of insanity.  None of this is true. If you could ever read my book, Future Memory, you would have a better understanding of this, especially when I compare what happens to children up to the age of five, with what happens to experiencers of transformative or life-changing states.  In fact, that entire book will explain a lot to you.
    What we’re hearing more of now than we did before is children, and many times adult experiencers, talking about other planes of existence beyond the electromagnetic spectrum, beyond form, as part of the universe itself.  I talked about a few of those in my book, The New Children and Near-Death Experiences.  Still, for the most part, such imagery and language is new.  I truly feel the reason for this is because all of us, throughout the world, hear about scientific terminology, see movies and videos, that extend a person’s world beyond that of human.  So we see ourselves as protons and quarks and in any manner of form - knowing what is going on and why we exist. Sometimes these revelations are quite detailed and totally moving. You come away from one absolutely knowing what just happened to you, what you came to know, is totally, truly real.  And it probably was just that. Researchers have no way to know the “truth” of such episodes. We just know they are happening more frequently, and anywhere in the world. And that they are affecting people very deeply.
    Out-of-body experiences, the ability to do that, can be taught.  The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia, runs various types of classes in how to do this.  There are teachers everywhere now who can train people. I used to do that myself, decades ago.  What you can learn from going out-of-body, see and feel and touch, is quite tremendous. However, having just said that, I want also to remind you that out-of-body experiences are more vivid and real if part of a near-death experience.  There’s something about the energy involved in death that strengthens OBEs and makes them far more vivid and powerful that the regular, natural kind.
    I am so glad your experience as a child has remained helpful and wonderful, even magical to you throughout your life.  Maybe someday you can learn how to do this as an adult. If not, perhaps your meditation and prayer, certain visualization exercises, can recreate for you what happened when you were a child - make it more of your life now in a healthy way.
    Many blessings, PMH