Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Seeing Spirits


"I was reading your book, The New Children and Near-Death Experiences. The experiencer, Clara, mentioned seeing people in spirit-form at night. I have now read this numerous times from not only near-death experiencers but also from those who are starting to have psychic abilities. Do you have any theories why the spirit-forms can be seen more easily at night time?”....Laurie

“P.S. I have avoided the use of certain terminology and used the term people in spirit form for a reason, since my own son is passed away. Some terms that are very old-school tend to provoke fear and misperception (use of disincarnates, ghosts). I think it is rather odd to be afraid of the form we all will one day assume. And I don’t care what form my son is in. He is still my son. Just an aside.”

“P.P.S. from your book: Clara Lane, Belmont, Ohio. NDE at age ten, complications during surgery for acute appendicitis. ‘Many times I have awakened in the middle of the night to see people standing in my bedroom and in the hallway. They turn to look at me, then vanish. I do not feel afraid. Several times we have lived in houses that were haunted. I could sense things. Seeing people in my bedroom at night still happens to me thirty-eight years later. I believe they are watching over me all the time, but only at night do they become visible.’”


Laurie, seeing spirits, during the day or at night, is common for near-death experiencers of any age, for those who have undergone an intense spiritual transformation of any type, and for our new children (the present generation - detailed in Children of the Fifth World). Children, however, report this happening more often than do adults.

Why is a good question. From esoteric literature and legend, we are taught that children are more open, question less, and are exquisitely curious! Most of us tend to lose this particular openness as we age. Usually it is taught out of us by our schools and by our culture. At night “the veil thins” as the wise ones say: energy patterns and flow change: we have more negative ions in the air (a slower, finer, more indirect yet penetrating freshness/stillness. During the night our own bodymind rhythms alter as well, with the most discernible change occurring between 3:00 am and 4:00 am, for most people. Termed “The Hour of the Wolf” by medical people, it is a time when many die or have more problems with major illnesses and heart failure. Conversely, this same timeframe is also known as “The Hour of the Muse,” when creative people wake up and are the most inspired, a time of vision and fine spiritual connection, when angels and guides speak more openly and easily. Don’t forget, 4:00 am is the first prayer of the day for Muslims. Our bodies and our brains are made for this - a time when the spiritual reigns. . . either in upliftment or decline.

The intuitive, the spiritual, the creative, the innovative - all heighten after any type of intense transformational experience that engenders the pattern of physiological and psychological aftereffects I have described in all my books, including the one you read. Plus, the human species is changing, an evolutionary shift that is causing similar characteristics to “blossom” in children everywhere on the planet. Indeed, we are in a time of change - for everyone. It is the children, though, who are more upfront and honest about the world they see, which, to the upset of their adults, is not the same world the adult sees.

If you read Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience, you’ll have a more direct dialogue from experiencers themselves (the collective), as they open up and most directly, to what happened to them and what life is like for them now. You’ll sense your son in this, a soul very much alive, although not encased in the body form you are used to. As you said so perfectly, your son is your son, irrespective of form.

Many blessings, PMH

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