Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Forgiveness and NDE Aftereffects


“I have been very interested in NDE accounts for some time and read about and viewed many testimonies over several years. I am not an NDEr myself. My interest is in the topic of forgiveness. I have found it challenging to find NDE accounts that speak specifically to this topic in any particularly deep and thorough manner. I have searched on YouTube and the Internet as well as read many books by NDErs, but still no great success so far. I also just recently found your website and tried using a tag word search to find some NDE accounts on forgiveness, but it only turned up two. (Perhaps I am not searching correctly?) I am now in hopes that you may be able to point me towards accounts that focus on this topic. I think I can understand the no-doubt substantial demands on your time, so if you cannot respond to this request, I certainly understand. That said, if you can, thanks in advance. Either way, blessings to you and thanks for the good work you have been doing on the important topic of NDEs”.....Tom


Tom, I don’t recall very many near-death cases that centered around or focused on forgiveness as the main topic. Yet, the vast majority of all of them feature forgiveness in one way or another. Even though the trait as a “word” is not encountered that much within the experience, you find it central to all the afterwards/aftereffects. In that context, forgiveness can and often does “slam you in the face.” It’s as if all that happened, before/- during/after, centers around forgiveness and demands, literally demands, forgiveness. Especially with Life Reviews. Forgiveness powers the Life Review and is central to it.

True, you seldom hear the word “forgiveness” as its own topic, but you do hear love, unconditional love, the love of forgiveness and kindness.

I rather suspect you are thinking in strictly linear terms by searching for specifics termed “forgiveness.” If you read the renderings and then the stories about aftereffects, surely you would find “forgiveness” as a central topic. Not being “a child of the digital age,” searching for key words seems foreign to me. I can’t imagine doing that. Rather, I search for feelings, emotions, what people actually did and how that affected them and others. Forgiveness leads, no matter how it is termed. Don’t be so tied to “words.” Search instead for the healings that often come once aftereffects are faced and dealt with.

I invite you to change your “research tools.” What you want is there, just not in the word use you searched for. Blessings, PMH

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