Monday, October 08, 2018

Dream States, Inner States, and NDE Aftereffects

“I was wondering. . . I don’t believe I am a near-death experiencer.  However, I was wondering if you have come across anyone in your research who had a similar experience while sleeping.  It was about two years ago now that I had a dream so vivid, laying on a beach, I could feel the waves lapping at my feet.  I felt suddenly that I was moving upwards and the feeling was absolute bliss. I thought, I’m dying. I am totally okay with this.  A moment goes by and I think: No, wait a minute, I want to live still, and as soon as I thought it, I woke up. Those feelings of total and utter bliss, like your being is weightless and just. . . is, they carried on into my day.  I had another dream about 13 years ago now where I was suddenly in a tunnel shooting towards a light. The thing I distinctly recall, though, from this one, is the voices. It sounded like a choir of angels singing “ahhhhh” louder and louder as I got closer to the light.  I then woke up.
“My husband believes them to be past-life memories, which I can understand.  Last January, I suddenly started researching NDEs and became almost obsessed.  I believe I have watched almost every video out there and now I am searching for more, but can’t find anything new.  Ha-ha. This obsession soon took on a different form, though. It manifested in wonderful ways a desire to work in hospice, and my goals in life suddenly changed from egotistic to just wanting to help others.  I definitely think that it was    an aftereffect of watching and hearing other people’s stories.  I wish I could thank every single experiencer out there for it. I won’t keep you.  I just wanted to share my little stories and possibly get your feedback”.....Hilary

    Since you have researched countless NDEs and NDE research, I am surprised that you did not encounter any of mine.  Being one of the original researchers in the field, I have amassed a great deal of material. I recommend reading these five books:  Beyond the Light; The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences; Near-Death Experiences:  The Rest of the Story; The New Children and Near-Death Experiences; and Dying to Know You:  Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.  There are others, but for what you’re looking for, these would be your best bet.  
    Yes, I have encountered cases that occurred during the dream state at night.  However, each of these had a physical component to them that upon awakening required a doctor and some medical tests.
    The dream state can produce similar states of consciousness that affect the individual deeply and can engender real changes in the individual’s life.  I think what we are talking about here is either a near-death-like state or an intense transformation of consciousness. The latter can occur in kundalini breakthroughs, vision quests, baptism of the Holy Spirit, Mountain-Top experiences, and akin to extreme states of food and water denial.  I have discussed this in several of my books.
    We can be deeply affected by inner states.  Such occurrences are important to us and have been across time and culture.  Typical to one who was turned around by such an occurrence, you are indeed beginning to display some of the aftereffects.  Great. Welcome to the next stage of your life. I know it will be wondrous!
    Blessings.  PMH