Monday, September 09, 2013

Death and the Sensitive Child


"My daughter is 6 years old. My husband's family lives overseas. She has only seen them once or twice. My husband's mother passed away right after he was born, and my daughter is named after her. A few weeks ago, my husband's grandfather died, and my husband flew overseas to the funeral. I was very careful with my words around my daughter about when the funeral was. However, right at 2:00 am our time (when the funeral started overseas), my daughter got really sick. She started to throw up and looked like she was going to need to go to the hospital. Then, at 4:00 am (when the funeral would have ended), it just disappeared - she was back to her old self. She went back to bed and had no other signs of sickness. Now, only a month later, my husband's stepmother is dying of cancer and is having a doctor-assisted suicide on Monday morning, 3:00 am our time. However, my daughter is getting that same sickness as she did a month ago with my husband's grandfather. She is pale and throwing up, and it seems to have come out of nowhere. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she was worried about Oma (my husband's stepmother). I told her she didn't have to worry cuz she was really sick, and God was going to take her home very soon. My daughter replied with "I know," so I told her that it would be good when Oma went to heaven cuz then she would not hurt anymore. My daughter nodded, and now she is asleep. I can't find anything on the Internet about this sort of thing. Do you have any thoughts whatsoever?"....Sara


There is a very strong tie between your daughter and her grandparents. Many reasons could be offered as to why this could be, yet we cannot know exactly what is true. Maybe your daughter will finally learn the reason herself one day, perhaps in a dream that comes to her. If you find that she does this with other people who are not related or close to her in some way, then, something else may be going on. She could be an empath. Watch her and see how she responds to the illness of others, as she grows. If she seems to take on the illness or pain of others, that is your clue to her being an empath. As time goes on, though, if her only such link has been solely with grandparents, there could be a connection between her and them of another nature. Look to see if she is taking on their characteristics, seems somehow to be like them. They could, if you notice this, be "visiting" your daughter or channeling through her or enhancing her abilities with their own. What you need to watch for is. . . if she seems to BECOME them. If this occurs, it could be a case of possession. I doubt that anything like this would happen, but be alert nonetheless.

There is nothing here for you to be worried about, really. Just watch her. Reacting as she did is not that unusual, at least for a sensitive child, or for one who is linked on the soul level to another. We have no way to know the lengths and depths of any such link; that's why I say, just watch her. If she grows up pretty much as the lovely child she is, maybe takes after one or both grandparents, well, that's normal. But, if she continues to be unusually sensitive, if you're smart, you'll seek out some good trainers who can help her to be more balanced. There are some very grounded, practical, and ethical psychics and mystics who could train her or give classes she could attend on how to handle her abilities and not be a prisoner of them. Sensitive children are nothing to be worried about or afraid of. They just need understanding parents and freedom "with a fence around it" so they can explore their version of reality, and without fear.

Many blessings to you, and big hugs to your daughter. She is fine. On my website, I believe in the Chart section, are renderings of "What Death Is" and "What It Feels Like To Die." Download them and let your daughter read them when she is a little older. Kids are smart these days. She may fool you, and, she may actually know far more than you think she does. Get my book, Children of the Fifth World. Use it as a resource, not only to better understand your daughter, but also as a referral service to help you reach out for additional information. If your daughter is old enough, have her read it too. Blessings, PMH

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