Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Seeing Beyond the View


“Curiously, it would appear that those who walk in the light, often see and recognize the guardians who are watching over others. I am aware of those around me, but am quite often surprised when total strangers will approach and remark on who or what they see. Is this a common occurrence with you and others you have known? I cannot claim to have had an NDE, but I believe strongly that to those that much has been given, much is expected. We all are meant to make a difference in our own way. Just hoping we are getting it right.”.....Harold.


Beings can sometimes be seen around people/experiencers, indeed. And they do not have to be solely near-death experiencers. Some people simply draw this type of energy and the forms/beings that come with it. Others do not experience anything like this unless they have undergone some form of transformation of consciousness. We know that people who are devout, pray, and serve others are likely to be so transformed. We also know that near-death experiencers report this as well.

I truly feel it depends on you - each individual - and how open and ready each is to “see beyond the view.” Remember, we humans seldom see or respond to anything larger or greater than 10% of the electromagnetic spectrum. All the rest of “what’s out there” is either infra or ultra to our faculties of perception. Meditation, prayer states, transformative events, even the sincere desire to change oneself for the better - any and all of these automatically begin to expand our view and what we can access of the electromagnetic spectrum. How far depends on us and the conditions present. There are sideeffects (aftereffects) to such expansions. Please read my news blog “Special Information You Need to Know.” 

Hope this helps. PMH