Friday, January 13, 2017

ET’s and us


“Dr. Atwater, you have been an inspiration to all, and I am a great admirer of yours. Thank you for your contribution to the cosmos. Truly. If you have time, I have been reading and watching YouTubes of Dr. John E. Mack, and have come to the conclusion like Dr. Mack that there seems to be something worthy of study with regards to ET’s and us. I have watched many contactee and abductee YouTubes/Videos, and am somewhat confused by the ET agenda. According to numerous, perhaps tens of thousands of people, it appears a gray ET/human hybridization program is underway. And it seems, perhaps wrongly on my part, that there are two different agendas. One gray ET party seems to want to bring us to a higher level of consciousness, while the other is interested in global acquisition as Dr. David Jacobs states. I would like to believe and agree with Suzanne Hansen that these grays are beings of light here to enlighten, but why do we need to know how to fly ET craft? Perhaps to join the rest of the cosmic family, and soon? If you are not familiar with the afore mentioned names, they are all found on YouTube. Again, thank you for your work. It is changing the world.”....Frank


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I knew Dr. John Mack. We finally agreed to get together and talk about all this “stuff,” made a date to get when next I would be in Boston. He died before I could get there. I can share this much, at least for now. In The New Children and Near-Death Experiences, you can read the statistics of what I found with child and adult near-death experiencers and what percentages involve aliens and otherworldly links. In A Manual for Developing Humans (due out April 2017), I broach the topic later in the Manual when “immigrants” from another star system first began to come here. I have enough material to write a book, but will not until the timing is right - and that isn’t now. All I can say at present is be careful of all the claims. Some are true, most are not. Soon Mary Rodman from Australia will be out with her new book, The New Human. She is an excellent researcher, still, I am uncomfortable with how she interprets much of what she has found with children. Aliens? Yes. Otherworldly beings? Yes. Infra-dimensional beings? Yes. But we need to be careful how we regard all the stories. There’s truth here, but maybe not quite what it appears to be or how we may want to think about it. Just because something is popular does not mean it’s what we think. …PMH

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