Thursday, April 01, 2004

Do you believe that our higher selves offer guidance?

Question : "I sincerely believe that I am receiving advice from my higher self. I ask questions and receive answers, analogies, things that I could never come up with; if I could I wouldn't ask. I was, at a point, a totally atheistic material-oriented skeptic. After several after-death events when my parents died, I did thousands of hours of research into science, and found to my amazement that survival was supported by two Nobel prize winning physicists; and research done by Pribram, Aspect, Tiller, etc. confirmed much of this. I have a problem with an addiction to two substances. It's not important which ones. My higher self informs me repeatedly that until I conquer this, I am virtually "stuck." I cannot proceed to whatever other aspects of my life's lessons I am supposed to be learning.

" My questions are twofold. Do you believe that our higher selves offer guidance in this form, and do you believe that what I am being told is accurate?

" Every other bit of information on questions I have asked has been extremely logical, not always what I wanted to hear, but exactly correct nonetheless. There appears to be a strong sense of urgency to my facing this problem, as if time were running "short." Any input you can offer would be greatly appreciated." - David

Dr. Atwater's reply : "Information from such sources as Divine Guidance, Holy Spirit, our Higher Self, freely flows to one and all. I can't imagine anyone cut off from this flow, unless, because of his or her own foolishness or carelessness or belief in separation from God, the connection was severed. We are one with The One - always have been and always will be. Most near-death experiencers return from their "journey" convinced of this, even if their episode was brief and consisted only of a bright light or the living dark or an out-of-body experience or some other element of simple import. Near-death experiencers are not always lectured, or informed, or given great insight into revelation. For many, they simply return "knowing" and are satisfied in that knowing. It is enough.

" With the incredible popularity of the Neale Donald Walsh books (CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD), countless people worldwide are now conversing with what they believe to be God. I'm not at all certain this is true (yet who's to know, really?). What I suspect is happening here is that the masses have finally discovered their Higher Self, or what some call their "Soul."

" It used to be that one had to go through elaborate rituals, rigid denials and self-punishment, a lifetime of surrender and the seeking of forgiveness, before one was deemed worthy of receiving communication from some form of Divinity. Be it in trance, a "burning bush" incident, through prayer and meditation, in a dream, because of certain drugs taken in a certain manner, or a communication that is audibly heard and physically seen, all the traditions of all the world's cultures are filled with "otherworldly" contacts, events, accomplishments from a Higher Source for those who are "ready." This rich spiritual history is often lumped today with incidents of psychic phenomena, possession, or mental incompetence. We're talking of thousands of years of do's and don'ts that enabled one to obtain positive and uplifting clarity, insight, and guidance to improve life's living and open the "doors" of perception. To toss this history or name is "pseudo" is to deny the very breath that empowers us. We would be wise, instead, to study this history and learn how to apply what is appropriate or helpful in our lives.

" Can you contact your Higher Self, receive guidance, converse, dialogue, engage in projects of learning and growth? Of course you can. Anyone can. Millions do. Is the information received from this source accurate? Maybe yes and maybe no. And therein lies the rub.

" There are levels and dimensions and degrees to this flow of information. Anyone can contact the lower levels, and just about whenever wanted. Sometimes the information received will be accurate enough to pull us in, tempt us, interest us, intrigue us, hold us - and - eventually control us. There's nothing quite like the "quick and easy" to convince us we have found a "shortcut" to life's secrets. And ... to pump up our ego. That's what fuels the lower levels of otherworldly information - ego! It's a trap in the sense that attaining this level makes us feel important and special, like we got something for nothing; we're privy. The more we get the more we want the more we receive the more we return for even more. All too soon we become shells of our former self, having lost our innate creativity, spirit, and individuality - becoming a "slave" to forces we do not fully understand or recognize. It's like taking that first snuff of cocaine and enjoying the heightened senses and abilities it brings, convincing ourselves that we're the master and we can quit using it anytime we want to. Wrong. Ego ploys are always traps. They hook us and then lead us around and around in circles. What began innocent enough leads eventually to a prison of disappointment, illusion, and pain.

" If you want the real stuff, that which enhances and enriches and uplifts, and continues on and on, getting better with the passing of time, bringing with it great peace and joy, you have to "clean house." That "house" is yourself. Clean up your lifestyle, your language, your diet, your relationships, your laziness, your addictions. Yes, some people continue to receive what appears to be Divine Guidance while still smoking like a smokestack, boozing, popping pills, lying to self and others, stealing, and eating a diet of little more than "grease and doughnuts." Watch, though, what happens to these people over time. They age quickly, suffer from one disease after another, are often depressed or irritated, and in general experience a life that is far less than their former potential. There's nothing wrong with a good, healthy ego. We need our ego. But only in balance with our Higher Self, our Soul, our Spiritual Potential.

" If you want the best, you need to be the best - the best self you can possibly be - in balance with the fullness of your nature.

" It is obvious to me, David, that you do not want to give up your addictions, whatever they are. Yet that wellspring of wisdom within you (and within all of us) is telling you to do just that and soon. That sense of urgency could mean health problems are on the horizon, or some other interference, like a job loss or a crisis of some kind that is headed your way. Whatever the reason behind that sense of urgency, it is apparent to me that if you want to continue contacting this Source or proceeding any further along the spiritual path, you need to learn a little more about the "territory." There are wonderful books available now about the spiritual journey, how to take it, what to look out for, and remarkable teachers and classes. In the back of most of my books, I have lengthy Resource Sections for just that - names, addresses, phone numbers, suggestions, and ideas for taking that next step - beyond ego and into the real world of spirit. Near-death experiencers receive a glimpse of this Greater Reality and Higher Source, and they come back almost driven to learn more, express more, and serve more - changed by the power of truth, the truth of their beingness.

" I hope this brief exploration of your questions is helpful. You've begun what is referred to as "the inner journey." Learn more about it. You'll find this journey is well worth taking."

Blessings to all, P.M.H.Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D. (Hon.)