Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Soul's Existence


“So I know that you deal mainly with NDEs, but given your vast knowledge of what the soul experiences when detached from the body, I have a few questions regarding the soul.

1. What do you know about a soul’s contact with the human world? My mom and I are both fairly in touch with our psychic abilities by nature, though have not necessarily pursued these very deeply. My mom has told me that after her mom died, she came to her in a dream and told her I would be born and what my name would be (this is really just a side note to my actual question). My mom said that while talking to her mom, Pat, she seemed sick. Pat, while alive, had a heart condition, and Pat told my mom that it was at a cost and with great struggle that she returned to the earthplane to tell her this information - because whenever she returned, she was as ill as she was while alive. Is this true for other souls that return to our plane, or is this scenario specific to only a few souls?

2. What of contact do you know about souls that have passed on? My grandpa recently died, and we were very close. My mom and I experienced something at the same time a few hours before he passed: she felt like he was giving her a big hug, and I thought of him, and it felt like we were almost rising, and we felt very peaceful. It seems unusual that this would happen to us at the same time. Is this common of souls leaving the body to visit the living for a last goodbye or something?

3. Have you heard of astral projection? Or possibly you’ve heard of it by other names. From what I’ve read, it happens from a deep state of meditation where the soul consciously leaves the body, though the person is aware and in control of what happens. It’s kind of difficult to explain. I’m sure Google could do better on that. But it’s a meditation thing. Have you heard of this, or have you known this occurs or is possible? I’m very curious about this.

“Sorry about the barriage of questions. I’ve never found so much legitimate information regarding souls anywhere on the web, let along a chance to ask someone with such vast knowledge! Even just answering one of them would suffice. I’m sure you get a lot of e-mails, so I understand if you can’t.”.....Emily


Emily, I do not admit what all I have seen, felt, and heard throughout my life or in my work, nor will I - until the time is right, and that time is beginning to draw nigh. Remember, I am a researcher and I follow a strict protocol. My work must stand on its own merits; even if challenging, it must still be in the realm of what other researchers can check - if they are willing to follow a similar protocol or something else like it. The only time I have deviated into the realm of soul is in my book, We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death (A.R.E. Press). This book can still be ordered at any bookstore, on the web, or through my own online bookstore at . This particular book covers much of what you are questioning. I suggest that you read it. In my latest book, Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story, I finally admit that I can see energy. In doing so, I take the liberty to reveal what I never dared to before. Especially the second half should be quite a stretch. Nuff said about this.

Contrary to what psychics, mediums, and hypnotherapists claim, the soul seems to exist in numerous layers and forms within its own matrix. Thus, your grandmother’s claims about her own soul experiencing pain and discomfort in order to leave The Other Side and visit here makes sense in that that particular aspect of her soul might still be in need of refining and improvement. I encountered that sort of thing many times when I worked as a hypnotherapist - aspects of a soul still unfinished and in need of various types of incarnations in order to heal itself. Eventually, the soul matrix does congeal, bringing together all its many aspects for greater understanding of its own power and abilities. The soul, our soul, has a mind of its own and evolves according to the wave-stream of its own potential. The soul does not think like a person does, not your soul, not my soul. It evolves differently.

Souls that move on after leaving the body can be and are contacted on a fairly regular basis by those still embodied. All you need do is read the testimony of near-death experiencers, those on the deathbed, and from certain sessions with mediums, to find extensive evidence to this claim.

Astral traveling or astral projection is the “older” term most of us used for OBEs, or out-of-body experiences, “way back when.” Most children, especially if ill or in fever, and most adults, especially if exhausted, or ill, or drunk or on drugs, leave their bodies - sometimes accidently, sometimes on a fairly regular basis. Out-of-body experiences are not unusual. This has always been easy for me to do. I finally took some classes on refining the skill in the middle 1960s, and then taught others what I learned. I found the skill to be practical, reliable, usable while on the job, and a money-saver with transportation costs (as I did not have to bring my body along). I have many stories I can tell of how cost-effective and efficient this skill has been for me over the years. When I died in 1977, however, what I experienced then pales any other experience I ever had with astral traveling. That separation of my soul from my body was so intense, so totally and completely and utterly real and deeply involved, that I cannot compare it to regular astral traveling. You will note in many of my findings from near-death research, that I found this fact to be equally true with thousands of people, adults and children - almost negating my prior experiences with astral traveling before I died as something that would influence my research findings.

I hope this information is of help. Many blessings, PMH

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