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Post-NDE: Seeing Energy and a Future Memory

Instead of a regular Question/Answer format this time, I am carrying an update from Tannis Prouten of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Tannis was part of my original research base. Her case is in several of my books, one of them The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences. I think you will find what has been happening to her since very interesting. Her story may be a lot like yours, in fact, as many of us have gone through similar phases in our aftereffects journey. Happy Thanksgiving, PMH

Tannis Prouten

I feel a need to tell you what has been happening with me since I sent you my story many years ago. I tried to send a message a few weeks ago but I think I messed it up, and it did not get to you, so here it goes.

Since my NDE many years ago, I have had some very unusual experiences, some of which I don’t always know the meaning of....they are....

On a daily basis seeing living energy.....most often robin’s egg blue and on a couple of occasions violet and more rarely the gold/white light I call the God light. The energy can be as small as a piece of confetti or a spray of these pieces of energy and much larger. On one occasion, I saw it expanding. Not long after my consciousness becomes aware of it, it disappears. I was reading a book one day and it suddenly came alive with a wonderful golden light. I knew every word in the book was pure TRUTH. I read this book more rapidly than normally possible - in heightened consciousness.

Seeing very fine wisps of energy (almost like cigarette smoke but finer) coming up from my computer key board on two occasions. I thought maybe something was wrong with my keyboard but no! One day I was writing on a lap tray when I caught sight of a small cloud of this mist off to the left side of my tray. On another occasion, one day at work while writing, a large cloud of the same mist appeared all across my desk. It was extremely fine, grey mist. I don’t know the meaning of this.

I saw a living, vivid, emerald green energy circulating in the mid-section of a lady’s body. It turned out she had had a health issue in this part of her body but was on the mend.

Also, on a holiday in the U. S. years ago, we made a day trip across the border to Mexico. I didn’t want to eat or drink anything until we crossed back into the U. S. to San Ysedro. We went to Macdonalds there for a bit to eat. Upon entering the Macdonalds, I instantly felt an awful, heavy but frenetic, dark, cold foreboding feeling. I could not wait to get out of there! It turned out a massacre was to occur there within the next few months which made the news. Many were killed by a gunman and the Macdonalds was torn down. A memorial park was created there. I believe I was experiencing the fear of the massacre prior to it happening. I didn’t know at that time what was to take place in the future.

One day at a meeting, I looked up at a friend and instantly had the knowing that he was going to die, which he did not long after. At the time, he was not ill, and we never discussed his health.

I was in a group meeting where a lady was having trouble trying to express her distress over a matter. Within a blink of an eye (so rapid I almost missed it), I saw a laser-like beam of energy shoot from the mid-section of her body across to mine. This energy conveyed information from her to me. I instantly was able to feed back to her what she was trying to express to us. She gasped and said that was exactly what she was trying to say.

I have the experience of “merging” with someone who was talking to me in a class at night school. I was able to help him clarify what he was trying to tell me after this.

I had the experience of viewing the essence of a man at work as he stood before me. It was like this reality moved back and his essence came forward for me to read, then moved back, and his “normal” state came forward again. I then knew who this man really was - not what he presented.

On and on it goes. Why and what to do about it, if anything, are the questions I ask myself. I sometimes feel God presents these things on a need to know basis.

I am now reading Pim’s book, Consciousness Beyond Life. I totally agree with him on consciousness being located outside of the body. In my NDE I became aware of this dimension which appeared as an infinite, flowing, field of living, golden energy which contains all knowledge/wisdom and from which all things are created/manifested - through the imprint of thought and the power of intent. I call on this dimension for help in my daily life. It is available to everyone as God offers us free choice to manifest good/bad. It is ours to learn from, so be very careful!

I WISH IANDS WOULD HAVE A CONFERENCE IN VANCOUVER/SEATTLE AND HAVE PIM AS A GUEST SPEAKER. WE NEED TO AWAKEN MORE PEOPLE IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION, ETC., OUT WEST. My doctor does not seem to be receptive at all if I dare mention the words, “Near-Death Experience.” He probably thinks I am deluded! It is pretty lonely living “out of the box.”

Years after my NDE, I became conscious of no time or space. . . everything exists in the ETERNAL NOW. It seems things I learned/experienced in my NDE and may have forgotten when I returned to this world, filter out bit by bit over the years. I know so much more happened than I can remember. There are “shadow memories.” When I wrote my story for you (as you requested at the Salt Lake Conference), I only wrote about the things I CLEARLY remembered from my NDE, out of integrity, but like I just said, I know more happened. I think while there, I travelled to other places. I do remember moving rapidly through “space” to my right during my experience. This was a different experience from the initial experience of moving rapidly through space TO THE LIGHT.

Thank you for your time. It is wonderful to “talk” to someone who understands. PMH, you are God’s detective on earth.


A brief note to Tannis, that robin egg blue you were describing is the color of orgone energy - life energy. Wilhelm Reich did a great deal of work with orgone energy, including finding a way to “accumulate” it for healing. I was part of a group back in Idaho that experimented with making our own orgone accumulator following his instructions. We must of made a mistake, because the accumulator blew up in our faces. Rays of a silver blue shot out everywhere, like radiation.

Back in “those days” I was experimenting with all kind of things, including doing lab work.

I might add, while I’m at it, that emerald green is the color of healing. You mentioned the woman’s mid-section was that color, and that she had had health problems but was now healing. The color tells you that.

Most near-death experiencers come to be able to see and work with energy after their experience. It would behoove you to take some classes on this, read a few books, and experiment yourself. Having the experience, being introduced to the energy/spirit world is not enough. The next step is learning/training/being educated. We need that - to learn more. Knowing is fine, but there’s always more.................Many blessings, PMH

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