Monday, November 22, 2010

NDE - A New-Age Scam?


"Hello, I have become interested in NDEs. Before I start I would like to ask you if you can just come out straight to tell me that near-death experience is not some new-age making scam. The reason I ask is because it seems from my over six months of constant NDE research, I have seen most people selling a book out on the Internet.

"Now that I have that down, I would to tell you a little about myself. My name is Seth and I'm 23 years old (an Aquarius). I have never had an NDE, but have had an experience involving humbling of myself and trying to find a closer relationship with God.

"(A Note On Atheists) Now that I have studied NDEs, you can't help but find tons of atheists speaking their mind about unbelief. Let me tell you that 80% of them seem to be more angry with 'God' than anything. They always have had some sort of issues in their life that have lead them to being in the position that they take towards God.

"(My thoughts of those who talk and report/research Near-Death Experience) After all the research I have made, I think I might of watched about 100 video/clips of different people who have had NDEs and report on them.
  • It bothers me a great deal they can never recall the knowledge they gathered in the experience that they cannot bring back.
  • Most of them seem to offer tons of information but they never seem to reply to contact.
  • From most of the videos I have watched, most were posted in the past 2-10 years.
  • Near-death experience seems to shake people to the core so that when they return they are enlightened.
  • The research seems to be open to all but I NEVER see researchers bringing it to public interest unless the news media wishes to cover it.
"Now, with those few things off the top of my head, I have watched most of the videos that are posted with you speaking to different people. The one that made me want to contact you the most is when I seen you being interviewed by Rene Jorgensen. That guy seems like the average joe doing NDE research. The way you speak about your experience makes me think there is something amazing in it. I am aware that the older you get the less chemicals are produced to take away depression. But you seem to be extremely bright and cheerful.

"Now, from everything I have learned so far, it seems the AWARE study by Dr. Parnia is the only thing that comes to mind that's important in helping make the big decision to fortify all NDE research. In the event in that its conclusion shows good NDE research. What can you suggest for me? Thank you for your time." ~Seth


Get off the Internet for a while and read some books on the subject. Start with my "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences" because it updates the entire field, worldwide. It's the only book at this point that does. If you want medical science, get "Consciousness Beyond Life" by cardiologist Pim van Lommel.

Yes, the near-death phenomenon is quite real and has always been a part of human history (the first writings of it were by Plato). And, yes, it changes lives. Please note: NOT ONE SKEPTIC HAS EVER RESEARCHED THE ENTIRE PHENOMENON. Various skeptics comment on bits and pieces and expect their opinions to mean something, but they make no attempt to do what I call real research - on the experience, the full pattern of aftereffects, and the implications. Some published research is not as thorough as claimed, either, so be alert to that. We know now that the classical model isn't that classical, thus, newer work tends to be more thorough and complete. I tend to be a little scruffy on this point, as I have never been impressed with the reliance in the field on questionnaires and double-blind studies. Maybe that's because I'm a field worker who uses police investigative techniques in my work, and double-check what experiencers say with significant others whenever possible. I have just finished my 10th and last book on my near-death research. It will be out March, 2011 from Hampton Roads and is called, "Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story." I guarantee it will be controversial, so look for it if you want to be challenged.

Videos and YouTubes are great; they get the emotions and feelings out. But, it takes hard research to get real data. You cannot talk about the near-death experience without also talking about the pattern of physiological and psychological aftereffects. It's those aftereffects (the pattern) that verifies the experience, not the other way around. You will not find this depth of material in most articles on the Internet.

You encounter the full gamut with experiencers. Some are open; some who believe their experience is the only true one; some who take off on missions and help people; some who become very introverted and monk-like; some who become healers and ministers; some who make such incredible strides afterward that they really do help to change the world; some just get lost and are unable to adjust to the changes they face. We have many heros amongst experiencers and on every level. We also have some where it is very difficult for me to sit back and keep my mouth shut. All in all, the aftereffects are mostly positive, uplifting, transforming, expansive, and spiritual. This is not true for everyone, but for the majority. Realize that both children and adults have these experiencers, even babes being born. These little ones start talking about what happened to them when they are old enough to speak or draw or act it out.

Why can't all experiencers remember what was revealed to them? Few do. The theory is that to remember all of it would deny growth and learning - for them and for the rest of us. A little bit is better than the whole thing. That way we can search and question. Sometimes it may be better that we don't know. Experiencers do bring back enough information, though, that the whole world is either tantalized by it or threatened. Truth is not always comforting or easy to take.

By the way, very few near-death experiencers have ever made much money in either their appearances or with the books they write. Yes, a few have written best sellers and are much sought-after for talks and workshops. But that's only a few. The majority simply share - because it is in their heart to do so. ~PMH

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