Monday, October 10, 2016

We Are Not God's Puppets


“It bothers me about ‘accidents.’ Can there be accidents as per soul involvements, reincarnation, karma, and so forth?”. . . Trish


The answer is yes.

Oh, I know that the most popular of all sayings in the spiritual and metaphysical crowd is: “There are no accidents.” In a way, that is true. But in another way, it is not.

An individual coming in via birth can wind up with the wrong family. An individual can side-step needed commitment. Putting off a choice can throw us off our path, or vice versa. In other words, we are quite capable of “screwing things up.” And I have run across cases of this, again and again, especially during my early days back in Idaho when I worked as a hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regressions. What fascinates me is, even though we may have “missed the boat” or did something we were not supposed to do, sooner or later something will happen that nudges us back onto our path. We wind up where we need to be eventually, although some of us take longer to get there than others or live through different episodes than what we originally planned as a soul.

None of this implies that some “God” uses us as puppets or that our paths are fated.

We are not puppets. We have choice, even to screw up or mess up or take “forever” to grow and learn and experience and enjoy. Our paths are not pre-planned in the sense of every last detail and to the minute. Nuts to that. Not so. There is a general “script” most of us put together, although not everyone. And that script sketches out major junctures, decision points, deeds, and people on our docket list or “map.” We can deviate. Perhaps you have felt that feeling yourself, when you know you’re off base, like somehow you missed something or bypassed what you needed to do, or skipped past a turn-off you were meant to take. This may throw a monkey-wrench into anyone’s scheme of how, when, and why, and a course correction may need to be made. Still, somehow, we usually manage to flow in the direction best for us and so does everyone else. Again, this may take a while, and it may be painful, but, hey, “waking up” can be a wondrous surprise.

We are guaranteed choice by our very existence, by the God of Our Being. To keep yourself on track, slow down sometimes. Enjoy that special kind of silence you find in woods and mountains and deserts and streams. Pray or take a walk. Practice mindfulness. Such snippets of “time out” are more important than you think.

Blessings, PMH