Thursday, June 07, 2012

Doubting Christianity and Receiving a Miracle


"I have written to you a few times and have read your book BEYOND THE LIGHT. I also try to keep up with your Q&A site. A while back you discussed NDEs that professional hit men had. This astounded me, because this may mean that there truly is nothing that you do in human life that condemns you to an eternity in hell.

"This has led me to wonder about the validity of Christianity (or any other religion), which is my religion (kind-of), and of many of the things Jesus Christ is quoted as saying in the Bible. I am not by any means a strong Christian. My religious training has been pretty thin, but what little study I have done in adult life has put me in absolute awe of this man. "But, I don't know whether Christ was really born of a virgin, or performed all of the miracles reported in the Bible, or was resurrected from the dead. By definition, I think that means by Christian standards I am doomed, as Christ said, "I am the light and the truth and the way. No man comes to the Father except by me. Whosoever believes in me and follows me shall have life everlasting." Meaning all others will not (?). Now, whether he really said this cannot be known for sure, because among other things, the oldest manuscripts of the new testament weren't written until at least 100 years after his death, and in ancient foreign languages which have been translated and painstakingly copied by hand many times over. "I would like your thoughts on this and also if you know of any respected theologian who has addressed this topic?" ...Jack

You missed it, Jack. What this implies is, that we resonate with(go to) whatever level or scene or space or place that best suits the growth and expansion of our soul. Remember what Jesus said? None of us can know what is really going on with the other, so he challenged us to forgive and forgive and forgive. None of us know what is really happening with the soul in question, how many lives lived, how much wisdom gained or lost, where that soul is in its own evolution. The soul has its own will, Jack, and that will is not like that of our personality. The soul is more closely connected to and part of Source. As near as I can tell, the real purpose of prayer and meditation, being the very best individual we can be, living a life we can admit and celebrate, is so we can merge with our soul - become one with.

You hear testimony like this from near-death experiencers, from those who have had an intense spiritual transformation or matter how caused or when. You certainly get this sense from Oriental wisdoms and Lao Tsu, among others. We cannot judge what we see. We can only hold to the faith that consistently leads us to higher and more open and expansive wisdoms and truths.

Look again at what you just said. You are looking at this challenge one-dimensionally. That doesn't work. Nope. Our world is multi-dimensional. That means there is much more to our world than we realize. Consider the electromagnetic spectrum. We can only see less than 10%. The rest is still there, all of it, yet it is either ultra or infra to our faculties of perception. NDEs take us farther into the spectrum.Remember that before you give up on life. Whatever the soul needs for its development, it will receive. Give "judgments" back to God.

Blessings, PMH

PS - Books of mine which address the soul and a new Christology are: WE LIVE FOREVER and NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: THE REST OF THE STORY. The latter has references to books by theologians that might be helpful to you.


"My son overdosed. I came home and found him. I went through an incredible journey. No one thought he would live. He was declared brain dead. It is a long story but this is why I have e-mailed you. Kevin blazed through recovery and many miracles happened along the way. I am metaphysical in my beliefs. Jesus came and saved Kevin, and I was at the ceremony. I was taken in my bedroom, just as I was getting in bed. I was actually pushed down at the start. I saw many things, and was treated at the ceremony. I can describe the whole thing.

"The entire thing was telepathic. It was my grandparents and others who came back here and orchestrated the thing. I was living under God's wing for months, filled with joy, even when Kevin was in ICU at the beginning. I have attached my prayer which I wrote in the hospital chapel book while Kevin was in ICU after the treatment. The doctors were denying that God was in charge in Kevin's room - we never accepted this. The universe shook when I asked Kevin's doctor, "Are you a god?" She was telling me to give up on Kevin. I said, "This place needs a miracle." She felt sorry for me but that was a huge misunderstanding. This thing changed her as I was shown it would.

"I want to find out if anyone has heard of this before and how common it is. I didn't have to be involved in saving Kevin. They could have done this without me. I was blessed to be allowed to be part of the healing. It was so beautiful what happened. The nearest thing I can find are NDEs which are similar in many ways. Who could I talk to about my experience? Would anybody want to know of this? Kevin is still recovering and has complete memory. He has nerve damage still and hearing loss from the antibiotics... so they say... but the healing is not over."....Mark


Mark, I have heard of this before. Yes, yes, yes, it is fairly common. Unfortunately, our medical community is not yet where they will admit how many miracles happen each day in hospitals across our country and in all countries, and how much of a difference prayers make - and visions and angels and Jesus and Allah and Buddha and Shiva and God and All That Is Holy. The spiritual - the least accepted part of our lives and of the universe we live in - is the most important and the most powerful part. Invoke Divine Order and watch things fall into place. . . not magic, but in accordance with an Order based on soul growth and the soul's will. The soul, our soul, has a mind of its own.

If you ever get a chance to read my latest book, NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: THE REST OF THE STORY, you will learn what I did, that near-death states are not any kind of anomaly, but, rather, are part of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness - episodes that can happen under any circumstance in unlimited ways. All these various types of episodes engender the same or nearly the same pattern of physiological and psychological aftereffects. The key is intensity, how deeply things affect us, that causes the aftereffects and it's those aftereffects that become permanent. We change. We are transformed. We are never the same again. All transformations of consciousness (no matter how attained) are threshold experiences. They take you to that edge, that threshold between sanity and insanity, life and death, mind and spirit. You confront the ultimate. If you pass through the threshold, you either crash or surrender. If you surrender, you come out into Oneness, an understanding and knowing of spirit and soul and how things work.

Who can talk to you about this?

Well, there are various message boards. IANDS has one (International Association For Near-Death Studies). I am certain there are others, although I do not know how to reach them.Any IANDS group that meets, and there are many all over the world, has the kind of hearts and ears you are looking for. Look around. How about the Edgar Cayce groups (Association For Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, VA. They would be a perfect place: they have ongoing conferences,study groups worldwide, many services and publications. There is a section on them (A.R.E.) on my website at, in the Marketplace. Plug in. There are lots of places to share and learn and express your joy.

Blessings, PMH