Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spirit in Human Form


Occasionally I publish special sharings, rather than the usual questions/answers (although one of those will follow this).  This came from a woman named Linda who lives in Canada.

“My brother had an NDE years ago now - he’d had these little blackouts but never got them checked.  One day - thankfully in a public place - it happened again and he fell.  He broke his jaw and was taken to the hospital where a very alert ER nurse realized his heart kept stopping.  They got him into cardiac care and inserted a pacemaker.  They never fully understood what had caused his heart to stop repeatedly, saying that it was probably a virus in the heart muscle.  Each time his heart stopped, he was drawn to white light.  Very powerful stuff.  And it did change his life overtime.  He’s faced some enormous challenges in his life, but particularly since his NDE, he is one of the most optimistic creative people I know.

“He and I were privileged to be with our paternal grandmother on her deathbed at 95.  As he was relating the story of his NDE to the on-duty nurse in the room, and reached the last, brightest white light of his story, our grandmother - who had not spoken or moved much since our arrival several hours earlier - moved her head towards him, and began leaving us.  We held her hands, thanked her, and let her go.  I do believe there was a connection between the energy of him telling the story, and her moving towards her own light.  It was also very curious - when we arrived she was grey and cold to the touch, very deathly-looking.  Within moments of her last breath, she was so pink and radiant-looking I had to reach out and see how she felt.  She was warm to the touch - much warmer than when we’d arrived.  It was a wonderful experience.  She and I were very close.  In fact, when we’d gotten word the night before that she might not last more than another week or so, my husband told me I must get on a ferry the next morning to be with her, that she was waiting for me.  Within a couple of hours of my arrival, her spirit left her body.”.....Linda


“A question I would like to ask you, in your experiences, folks who have had an NDE and are looking down on their physical body, do they see their spirit self as a complete human?  For example, can they see their hands, feet, torso?  Or, is it just the mind that is outside observing?” ...Alan.


Both.  Sometimes an individual sees themselves as simply a see-through image, perhaps in human form, perhaps as a figure of light, perhaps as a plasma blob without any particular shape or form, perhaps like a mist.  Other times, people see themselves as fully human with all limbs, toes and fingers as they should be.  This humanness can be exactly as we are on the earthplane, or features can be muted or softened somehow, maybe not as solid as usual.   There is no one way this can happen.  Limits do not exist on The Other Side.  Any limits that seem to occur are of our own making, or are in accord with whatever will gain our attention.  Blessings, PMH

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