Sunday, February 01, 2004

How to protect against 'psychic attack'

Question : My husband and myself are both near-death experiencers. I wish to give you our deepest gratitude for your research on NDEs and the aftereffects. We have been spared much despair as a result. We also have a daughter, born in 1986 ... she's one of the Millennium Kids. We also deeply thank you for researching these kids. Our own NDEs could not fully prepare us for this incredible child! Who is now 17 years and the apple of our eye! Your research helped us not only to understand what we were going through, but also our daughter's
unique characteristics.

I have thought to write you in the past. Now, I feel I need qualified advice. Both my husband and I have experienced, for lack of better words, people from the dark side? literally zeroing in on us. This has gone on since our NDEs. I realize it seems to be a taboo topic. Are we unique in this? I will say we have learned a lot over the past 23 years since this first began. We have been psychically attacked ... our family members have, etc. We have even been verbally told by a couple of them, face to face. It isn't that we're afraid. Oh, we were, but that was some time back. We just would like to know if others encounter this also? Is this an unspoken aftereffect? I realize your reputation is at stake to write me back, or to even enter into this. I would not desire to place that burden on you. It you have the time, then perhaps you could just write back that others have reported this occurrence? Would that help? It sure would help us to know that we are not the only ones, as this has attempted to occur again through a deceptive association, and ill discernment on my part.

With much gratitude, Cynthia.

Dr. Atwater's reply : People mean different things when they talk about "the dark side." Some refer to psychic residue they feel around them that is uncomfortable or cold or irritating. Some refer to etheric forms, beings, or disincarnates of the more threatening type who are invisible to our physical eyes, yet are sometimes seen or heard by those more sensitive and with the ability to do so. Still others refer to people in their environment who seem negative or hurtful, even folks far away whom they have never met or heard of who attack them without provocation and for the express purpose of harm.

We don't have "spam blockers" for this, like those we can install in our computers, yet in a way we do indeed have forms of protection that can work like a spam blocker.

Before I talk about how we can protect ourselves, I first want to say a few things. Anyone who has undergone a near-death experience, or any type of transformation of consciousness that changed them in substantial ways - is more sensitive that ever before to the vast array of sensations and input we can receive - and from greater frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum - than they were used to, even multiple transmissions. This can be confusing. It can also be frightening, depending on the individual.

What we in research term "increased psychic abilities" and more "psychic phenomena," often are simply words used to indicate that the faculties of experiencers have expanded and enlarged. These people pick up more because they are now more open and receptive. Some people are born with this sensitivity.

I have always recommended that classes in how to develop and control psychic ability are helpful, the more the better IF from qualified teachers who are moral, ethical, and with a strong spiritual dedicated to service.

The A.R.E. (Association For Research and Enlightenment, 215 - 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061; 1-800-333-4499) is a wonderful place to begin. Everything they offer is tested, positive, and uplifting. There are many other places to "plug in." As in the business world, "buyer beware." That means it is up to you to check these people out, investigate resumes and testimonials. Then use the "heart test." If you feel uncomfortable around any teacher, have warning dreams about attending that class, or for any reason feel that being there is not right for you - leave! Don't allow peer pressure or guilt to keep you there. Don't put yourself in a position to be "sold" by a charismatic personality. If being there does feel right, stay and learn all that you can. It takes years. One class will not do the job. The subject is a big one and you want a good introduction and ample opportunity to test and experiment. What works for others in not enough. You want to learn what will work for you. (There are many good books out now and audio tapes that will be helpful in your quest.)

When it comes to psychic attacks, well, that's another matter. The old saying, "No one can hurt you unless you let them" has a lot of truth in it. But, perhaps not in the way we think it does. The truth lies in your own sense of self: how self-confidant and assured you feel, how willing you are to always check your own inner guidance before you commit to anything, your dedication to always put God first in "ordering" your day, affirming and knowing that Divine Guidance is always available and that you can use that Guidance by invoking its reality. The best protection a sensitive person has, in my opinion, is a lifetime dedicated to the highest and best they are capable of attaining, based on Divine Order

- maintained, nourished, and refined through daily meditation and prayer. Develop the inner life by choosing the inner journey, to the wellspring of wisdom within you, your heart of hearts, the core of your Holy of Holies, God. There is no substitute for the maturity and joy and
peace this brings.

In saying this, I want to be fully honest and state that anyone can be brought down; anyone can be tricked, anyone an be felled by those who are dedicated to the "darkness" of ego and the lesser mind of thinking their religion or their belief demands that they judge others who do not conform to their idea of "perfection" or "perfect action/response." I have been personally attacked by such people and with such psychic force that I instantly developed the worst case of flu I have ever had and was sick abed for three weeks before the cause could be isolated and removed. Pure possession, plain and simple. Cursing another, rituals or "spells" to destroy or hurt another, praying for another's ill-fortune, causing a series of circumstances to occur that will harm, planting the intention of accident or illness in another's mind or life path ... all of this sets up the stage for possession ... either via an invisible "intruder" or through the intervention of an individual who lies or curses on purpose. When anything like this occurs, call on others for help. I did. I called on my doctor because he is knowledgeable about such things, and I notified every prayer group and got on every prayer list I could. This did the job.

What came next for me was a step that was mine to take. I asked myself, what can I learn from this? Where is the gift? Always, always, always, we must take that next step - otherwise we are vulnerable to something like this happening again. You are in charge. It is your life. And nothing and no one can hurt you without your permission. In my own case, I was very tired when the psychic attack occurred. That weakened me and made me more vulnerable than usual. I wasn't paying attention to my own inner growth or inner status, and was taking for granted that daily prayer and meditation was enough. I was in essence "zoning off" and becoming lazy and over-confidant. The attack incident was an incredible gift to me, and I thank the people who did it. I forgive them and myself. I forgive the situation and what I went through. The incident enabled me to reassess my sense of spirituality and how I felt about people who thought differently than I do. It enabled me to "wake up" in how I felt about my life and my dedication to service. Was I coming from ego or spirit? Was I willing to continue speaking up, taking a stand, or cower into retirement and non-involvement? and at what range of vibration, what intention level, was I willing to encompass and embrace my own inner journey?
The psychic attack for me became a rich and rewarding opportunity to "look again" at where I was versus where I wanted to be. From that incident came a understanding for me on the power of surrender and what it really meant spiritually and in my life.

I invite all of you to begin your inner journey, take classes taught by mature and honest teachers on inner development, and include in your learning "package" many opportunities to explore spirituality, what Deity means to you, your sense of "Self" and the life you have been given. The more you embrace what is possible for you to attain, the less you will be bothered by those who prefer to have someone else do their thinking for them. Remember, a follower will never learn. Take the best you can find and apply it. God can do no more for you than through you. I love that old saying that offers this advice: "Do not follow where the path leads. Rather go where there is no path, and blaze a trail."

The "dark side" is just the reverse of the "light side." Real lasting power lies in the fulcrum, the middle - the third way. (To read up about Third Way principles, I invite you to obtain a copy of my book, Future Memory . Don't forget, though, that "Future Memory" is actually a labyrinth - the only book I have ever written that is mathematically calculated on the format of a labyrinth. Every sentence, every paragraph, every page is part of the math. And, like with a site labyrinth, you journey through its pages by staying "on the path" - no skipping around or reading the last first. The material will constantly enfold on you. Reading it straight through will allow you to move up in consciousness to the next highest level possible for you at that time. That is what a labyrinth does ... that is why it heals.)

Blessings to all, P.M.H.Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D. (Hon.)