Monday, February 23, 2015

You are Right for your World

QUESTION:   “I hope that I have found someone who can help me at last. I had an NDE when I was an infant. Because it was when I was an infant, I didn’t think much of it. The thing is, I had no way of thinking of it as ‘before NDE’ and ‘after NDE.’ The abilities that came with the ‘after’ were my common everyday reality and it took a number of years to realize, as a child, that I had something going on that most folks did not. I was, luckily enough, instructed by my ‘teachers’ not to tell anyone what was going on and if I was instructed to say something to someone by them, I was to say my teacher told me to say it or taught me about it.

“I had guides that were around me (and still are) all the time. I have seen things and I can’t say what they really were as I don’t have knowledge that instructs me on how to perceive some of the things I have seen or been told or hear. I have had visions of a spiritual nature, am told when someone is lying to me, when to be careful regarding trusting someone, I have been saved when I fell asleep at the wheel of a car, waking up after falling asleep on a major highway by a friend in the car with me (human), asking me who was driving the car down the middle lane and straight on the road right before approaching the exit where I was to get off to go home. It was around 2:00 am. So, not many cars were on the road. This is just a short list of what has occurred. My reality, because it is so different from everyone else and keeps my mind centered on the fate of humanity, the right and wrong actions of man towards man, the level of insanity (because the way men act is really insane), having this on my mind almost constantly since childhood, has made me a very heavy and serious-minded person. I did not grow up in an environment that was friendly or accepting of this aspect of my persona. Try dating as a teenager when you know your love life has little meaning to anything other than your then teenage desire to be accepted as a normal teenager. I often hit the shut-off valve until ‘they’ intruded on me again.

“I have learned to listen because when I don’t the results have had major life impacts, some of which I have not been able to recover from. Lesson learned---don’t ignore God. Of course I have free will, and I most likely am not being punished, it is just what you said about the positive and negative in one’s life increasing is definitely true.

“I have told my son about it. He is now 25 and tells me that it has been a heavy load to live with it and the effects it has had on my outlook, personality, and life. He doesn’t like me to tell people about it as they will think I am nuts. The people I love the most, my family, know some of it, but not all. I don’t tell many people. I currently have a Spiritual Director who is an 81-year-old Abbott in the Roman Catholic Church. He believes my experiences are genuine and that is a relief; but, I can tell he doesn’t really know how to advise me about it, or feels that I should follow God’s plan even if I can’t discern it.

“Apparently, discerning it is not important to the task though frustrating and often heart-breaking. One thing that really is confusing is that I have been told that there is no right or wrong religion. Yeah, we get to God through Jesus, but he doesn’t discriminate. Would he be Jesus if he did? Remember the Samaritan? Folks just want to apply our own way of being to him to justify our small thoughts or hearts. Man has so much more potential for good than he chooses to live out in the world. It is nuts to think resources in a world created by the ultimate Creator would have fewer resources than necessary to feed, clothe, and educate every single person on Earth. We know this and choose to find excuses to not utilize what we have been given as He intended. Like I said, we are insane. Thing is, those who Know are going to get busy trying to fix our fixation with greed and are going to do so in a big way. I wanted to be one of them before I died. I am 57 and have a penchant for almost dying as I have done it at least three times in my life. It is like to give me a break from the weight of what I carry. I get sick and this gives me a rest period. I can’t afford this any longer - no medical insurance or money. “All of this has me weighted down and I would really appreciate having someone I can trust (they will tell me if I cannot) to discuss this with. Imagine walking into a meeting or a room filled with people and being told who is full of it and who is not, and who takes an immediate dislike to you (often happens). I am tired and don’t know which way to turn. I am unemployed and need to get with the getting soon to survive. So, I was led this morning to Google living with the gifts given with an NDE and found your paper on the gifts NDEs bring. Please, if you can direct me where I may be able to get assistance. Blessings and love to you.” .....Ramona


I put those words in capitals because I want you to realize that everything you have gone through, everything you have thought, all the craziness of your life and the many dimensions you have reached, all the entities and spirits and knowing you have experienced, how you stood out as a child, all of it, every single bit of it, is typical for a child experiencer of a near-death state.

Many cases come from birth trauma, some from the womb before birth, some while being born, many afterwards as both a baby and a toddler. More children have near-death experiences, percentage wise, than do teens or adults. There is a huge population of people who grew up wondering what planet they were from, as they just didn’t fit, either their family, or the kids in school. The younger the child, the more apt that child is to lose parental bonding, and bond instead to The Other Side and the spirits and bright ones they came to know.

Please, buy this book immediately and read every page and every word: The New Children and Near-Death Experiences. It was published by Bear & Company several years ago yet it is very much still in print. If you can’t find it at your favorite bookstore, get it through or have your bookstore order it for you. There are only a small handful of books geared toward child experiencers. The one I wrote is an in-depth study. It is your book and you will recognize yourself in it.

The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences may also be helpful, as well as Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story. I know you will relate to these books too. My newest, Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience has several sections in it about and from child experiencers. Other child experiencers have already said to me how much they appreciated those sections.

Once you realize how normal you are, you can begin the process of refining your skills and abilities and understanding more about your “self.” The first-year class of Science of Mind is incredible. I believe it is still available by mail. I attended such a class after I died. What a wonderful difference that class made for me. Google “Centers for Spiritual Living.” Contact any of these churches or study groups, and they can tell you about the first-year class.

Look, even though I am an adult experiencer, I see the disincarnate, talk to spirits numerous times, and spend moments in other dimensions as well as this one. When I cook, I ask the food want it wants to do and we both have fun. The aftereffects of these states greatly expand your world, giving you the richness of enhanced touch, texture, feel, temperature, smell. Once you get over the idea of being “different” and not fitting in, you come to realize how exactly perfect you are and that you are right for your world.

Do some reading, dear. You will find the recommended books very healing. Blessings, PMH

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