Sunday, July 05, 2015

Life Plans for Good or Evil?

"I'd like to know if you think that a soul can somehow choose to incarnate as a bad person and cause a lot of suffering, in order to help people grow spiritually. You see, I understand perfectly that good and bad are human concepts and that even the most terrible things we can experience on this earth can serve our personal evolution, and lose pretty much all of their dramatic nature when viewed from the perspective of the higher realms. But still, I fail to understand how a soul (assuming it's a loving soul) could choose such a life plan for itself, even for the sake of human evolution. In my view, hurting other people is something we do out of ignorance. The soul of Hitler had planned all the atrocities we know for a good cause?" ......Stephane

You are asking questions which cannot be answered.
What I can share is from my research and my own personal experiences. Souls tend to incarnate in groups, like soul families. I go into this in-depth in my book We Live Forever: The Real Truth About Death. By coming in groups, they are able to spar with each other, take on differing positions and beliefs, with the knowledge that their friend and/or adversary is really their "soulmate" in the sense of being from the same soul family. You often see this kind of tie within tight-knit families like the Kennedy clan, and with those who seem equal, deeply respect each other, but soundly disagree with.
If you consider the theory of reincarnation to have validity, then you often see such tit-for-tat interplay, or some kind of "agreement" or "need" where one soul takes on a particular role for the good of the other. In my own case, for instance, I was born out of wedlock to a woman who could not or would not love me. As a child, I knew for certain I was her mother, not her daughter, and refused to accept her guidance. As I grew, the whys between us became clearer and clearer, until I could see that I had once bore her out of wedlock in France, provided for her, but could not love her. The tables turned in this life. There were many "clues" that showed me this memory was accurate. When I had children of my own I could finally look back and forgive my mother, forgive myself, and love us both. My mother was a woman of great courage who bore me at a time in our history when having a child out of wedlock was a "crime" and women who did this were treated accordingly. What my mother went through was horrific, what I went through was confusing and angry and hateful  -  until one day I woke up. The difference for me was an interceding couple, a Norwegian couple, who raised me from two months of age until six when I started school. Without them, I would never have made it in this lifetime. They were my angels. Later in my life I became a professional hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regressions. These agreements or tiffs between souls play out again and again, globally, for all of us, on some level, sooner or later.
In my research of near-death states, repeatedly, you hear experiencers afterward saying that they learned why we have wars, why we brutalize each other, once on the Other Side. And what they learned filled them with ease and gratitude. Yet they are unable to remember what they learned, only that they did discover "there were reasons" for everything. For myself, I wrote the little book I Died Three Times in 1977  -  The Complete Story, not only to tell my story but to give what I actually witnessed when I believe I was at the actual core of creation and consciousness. I called what I witnessed "revelations." They were not revelations; what I shared is what I actually saw.
Please, please, please get my latest book Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience. That will be a must for you as it is the only book that features the collective, speaking as a collective, about the collective experience. It is the experiencers themselves speaking as themselves about what they saw, what they heard, what they came to know. This book is a game changer  -  because it is direct, bold, to the point. You get the real thing. In this book is a particular story about two teen-age girls about to graduate from high school, who were killed a few days before the big event. Why they lived and why they died was revealed to their mothers a year later, same night, when each of the mothers was visited by their dead daughter. It is a stunning case, one that invites all of us to reconsider the idea of "mission," what our jobs are, why we take on a body and come to earth.
Obviously I could go on and on. How we each handle the "possibilities," the "whys" of life depends entirely on our ability to look past what our eyes and ears reveal, to connect with our hearts and dwell there for a while, taking in and listening to our heart's wisdom."
Blessings, PMH

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