Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not Everyone's Mission


"Time and time again experiencers like yourself keep on repeating the most central and most important message they received on the other side: We are sent to this material world to learn to love each other and to grow spiritually. Someone may be a selfish so-and-so, but, hopefully, he will, during his stay on earth, learn to love or at least respect someone.

"Such an incarnation can only be successful if the person in question has an innate ability to learn.

"If I would have a son who was mentally retarded, I would not send him to college and force him to become a professor specializing in the quantum mechanical interaction of subatomic particles. In a similar vein, it is no use sending a psychopathic personality to earth on a mission to learn to establish deep, loving, and intimate relationships with other people. The problem with psychopaths is not that they do not love or care for people, or that they do not have a conscience. Those flaws of character could be cured and correced if a psychopath had the ability to learn to love and care for people; if he had the ability (and the motivation) to learn to develop a conscience. But the real problem with psychopaths is simply, that they cannot learn these things. No matter how kind you are; no matter how much energy and time, love or goodwill, you would invest, you would never be able to make a loving person with a conscience out of a psychopath. Some journalist once asked Richard Kuklinsky (psychopath and former Mafia hitman): 'Did you ever have a friend you did not kill?' Kuklinsky answered: 'Yes, I had a friend I wanted to kill, but I didn't.' Short period of silence............ 'But then I changed my mind and I killed him anyway.......'

"Dr. Atwater, what are we to make of all this? The Light will know that a psychopath will not learn anything during his earthly incarnation. He will only kill and wreak havoc on innocent victims. The only mind boggling and mind bending reason for a serial killer to incarnate on this material plane is, that his mission is to kill as many prostitutes in a red light district as he can.

"But why does The Light let all these things happen? Or, do we have to assume (hold your nose cause here goes the cold water!!!) that the prostitutes chose an incarnation at the end of which they were to be killed by 'our' serial killer?

"Dr. Atwater, no matter how you look at the psychopath problem, it remains baffling and mind bending. You could even say that the psychopath was himself the victim of the cruel and violent fantasies that he could not control and deal with." ~Robert


Robert, I don't recall saying that we are sent to earth to learn to love each other and grow spiritually. Nor do I recall putting such a phrase in any of my books. Certainly, many experiencers do indeed say that very thing, and my job as a researcher would be to convey such a conviction. In that sense, then, I could have written something similar as a way of reporting on the claims of experiencers. But I would have been careful how I worded that. Just because many experiencers make such a claim does not make it true for all.

What is true, and what holds up in thousands of cases, is that we all have a mission, a job to do, during our stay on earth (maybe several), and that the greatest power we find here or anywhere else is love. Still, do we all come here to be loving? No. Not everyone's mission is to be loving.

We come for different reasons, and all of them support to some degree, somehow, the idea of growth, that we come here to learn and grow. Lives, then, and our living of them, seem geared toward the "progressive," moving forward and upward, and eventually to the spiritual. Some of us take longer to get to the spiritual than others. Experiences like near-death, kundalini breakthroughs, Baptism by the Holy Spirit, mountain-top experiences, unitive experiences, vision quests, impactual spiritual awakenings - are all breakthrough events - geared, to my way of thinking, to short-circuit the process and get us to where we can operate beyond the limits of ego and ego-based beliefs, disorders, and contortions. Once we awaken, get beyond that which limits us, it's absolutely amazing how quickly life begins to make sense and we become happier, healthier AND more loving.

The Eastern idea of karma, that we harvest whatever we sow, that whatever we have done in one life will come back to us in another, offers us a way to consider people who harm others - from a different vantage point. A question often asked in regards to karma is: who made the error, the victim or the perpetrator, and what is the judgment? Where ideas about karma get sticky is. . . that karma is really a reference to balance, rather than revenge. There's good karma and there's bad karma. That's the sticky part. When we look at karma in the sense of balance, we encounter a real truth: the power of forgiveness (where things are out-of-balance to the negative), and the power of acceptance, especially self-acceptance (when things are out-of-balance to the positive). Karma can take us either way, sometimes both.

Why are we here? What is our true mission? Only our heart knows, and only our soul can determine if our heart is in the right place or not. This is a matter for meditation and prayer, and deep contemplation, not just for the claims of the excited who were privileged to view life from another angle. ~Blessings, PMH


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