Saturday, November 11, 2017

The New Children are Here to Redefine Gender


"Just finished reading the January 2017 issue of National Geographic. It was a special issue, all about “gender.” WOW, am I behind the times! How/when/why did defining gender get to be so complicated and complex? Any insights in terms of the spiritual significance?”.....Robert


The new children are here to redefine gender, and they are doing just that. If you read my book, Children of the Fifth World, you will learn more about how the core DNA pattern of the human race has changed, and is moving toward a different type of patterning. This change began around 1982, but the seeds for it were sown long before. The “new kids” actually began entering the earthplane during the 1800’s, especially from 1844 on, under the guise of the “New Thought Movement” (with folks like Phineas Quimby, Mary Baker Eddy, Emerson, Thoreau, many others). These early leaders knew, absolutely new, they, all of us, had the right to go directly to God ourselves for aid and comfort, that there was a spiritual side to life above and beyond what any church or religion could offer. And, we had to right to heal ourselves and others. By using natural methods of healing and the power of our own mind we could make a significant difference. We didn’t have to go to a doctor unless we wanted to. This shift in thinking and living made a huge difference within the population of the time, and I believe, was the outworking of a deeper change in our very DNA - the result of which we are beginning to see now in our young people.

With medicine having changed as it has, and with the Internet, everything is literally exploding into our view. What was once only thought about has now become mainstream news. I haven’t read the latest National Geographic, but I can imagine how in-depth they probably were on the topic. The old ideas we once had about gender, God, and family have forever altered.

Just look at recent news where the popular singer Janet Jackson had her first baby at the age of 50 - the very age when menopause begins for most women. In lots of ways this new openness about gender is just great, but it is also troubling. It will take decades for the meaning of gender changes and gender issues to be really felt. ‘Tis a radical thing, really. So many churches believe this whole issue is heresy and counter to the teaching of God, especially Muslims and Orthodox Christians. If you accept reincarnation as a possibility, I wonder about that too, because being born as a certain gender is supposedly a learning lesson, one that you need to “pass through” to tackle the “test” of whatever it was you needed to learn. Today, if a person is uncomfortable with gender, he or she may simply change it, rather than go through long periods of learning, perhaps completing any karma that was due.

The catch phrase is “comfortable.” People want to be comfortable with their choices, their ideas of things, of their life. They want to feel that whatever their choice in life is, that should be respected and honored. Really? We all need to pray about this one, for there is as much truth in these new ideas as there are pitfalls. —PMH

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