Friday, July 12, 2013

Comparing Heaven and Earth


"I have a question for you that was posed to me by a friend. I was not sure how to answer it, but after the conversation, I had an idea and an analogy. I would really like to get your opinion on this question, as I think, that it will help both my friend and I. So here is the question.

"If all is One, does this mean that murder is okay and you can do whatever you want? Are God and the devil the same? He also gave me an excerpt from a C. S. Lewis book, where a man named Dr. Weston believed this way, then he invited the Allness in, good and bad, and became possessed. The book is called Perelandra, and it is part of the space trilogy. If I remember correctly, you told me that J. R. R. Tolkein's book, The Simarilion, explains oneness or the origin of it, the best. Thank you. My analogy, by the way, was this. Imagine you have a banana. As one, it is a banana, but it is also a peel and a core fruit. Both parts are necessary, but you are not going to eat the peel. The peel could be compared to darker forces. Also, Satan means "accuser" or "adversary" so, he is like a prosecuting attorney, absolutely necessary to a court case, but this does not mean you will join him and prosecute yourself. This example was given to me by Dr. Mike. The banana was my own."....Ryan


You are way out in left field with your questions, as they do not apply.

Here's the deal: when you're talking God and you're talking human beings, you're really talking about different reality systems that operate according to different vibratory frequencies. Most of your metaphysical/mystical schools of thought address this. So, just for fun, let's say there is a Level 1 and a Level 2. When you're in Level 1 (and higher planes beyond even that), you're really in a world of abstracts - not form as we know it. You could say it's all Mind. That's simplistic, but it's a good analogy. In the higher planes there is no such thing as male and female, good and bad, black and white, nature and nurture, local banks and the Grand Cayman Islands tax loops. Forget all that stuff. This is why near-death experiencers, those who had a deeper experience, are at such a loss to explain anything or name anything or relate what they saw, felt, heard, and have come to know. You cannot give voice in modern language to that which is beyond words. On that Level (Level 1), you come to recognize/realize why things happen the way they do on earth, why there is war, etc. It all becomes clear and you understand. Try explaining that to anyone once you are back in your body here on Level 2. Can't be done.

What you can do is begin to make connections. Once you're back you begin to see how our decisions, our intent, our very thoughts and feelings and longings and regrets, weave into our life experiences as if on some level a choice was made. Certainly, in this life, I did not plan to have five fathers and two mothers. I was just a child, a kid. How could I have planned that or the screwed up life I came to have because of that and how deeply I was imprinted by the attack on Pearl Harbor and the constant slap of death all around me? Whoa. Heavy stuff. Nor could I accept my biological mother. I had clear memories that she was my daughter and I was her mother back in France, and I refused to accept her as a mother. More heavy stuff. Then, as I grew older, I learned about the soul, our soul; we each have one, you know. When I died, I was able to see my soul - souls - what a soul is and how it functions. More whoa. I am convinced now that the main purpose of prayer and meditation, living a more spiritual life, is to bring you (me, us) more in line with our soul, so we can live soul, merge with our soul, become more soul like. Is that ever wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joy! Lots and lots of joy. You just feel better when this happens and your life gets better - EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT NECESSARILY BETTER IN THE SENSE OF HOW WE JUDGE THINGS ON THE EARTHPLANE. By that I mean, you can still lose your shirt, have surgery, and meet up with people who scream and yell at you because they think you're weird or cursed or whatever.

This earth, this blessed planet, these precious bodies we live in, are too wonderful for words. Don't believe anyone who says earth is a the bottom of some kind of ladder and we are cursed to be here. Nuts to that. Life is very much worth living, however brief or long. We humans and our little minds take a while to wake up and see that the only responsibility is self-responsibility, the only protection anyone has is forgiveness - because you become whatever it is you cannot forgive. Love is the only standard. As Meister Eckhart said: "If the only prayer you can say is thank you, that is enough."

Don't try to mentalize any of this or the lower and higher levels of existence. Get yourself involved in classes and workshops that address self-development, spiritual development, meditation practices, mindfulness, know thyself. It is only through experience, practice, being in the "zone" of that which is spiritual, can you ever take that wonderful deep sigh and breathe the fuller breath you have. It is in those moments that you begin to understand that which cannot be explained, only lived.

Blessings, PMH

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