Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Near-Death-Like Experience

QUESTION: "I have always wondered why my near-death experiences never occur under some form of trauma. I have mine at night when prior to sleep. I have always been happy, well, and in good spirits. I only seem to hear and read about NDEs occuring in emergency rooms, car accidents, major surgery, etc. and this is not true of me or of my near-death experiences. Any insight would be appreciated. Take care and thank you for reading this." ... Astro

ANSWER: The near-death experience is tied to some form of death or impending death or fear death (fear of dying). Research has shown that the closer you are to physical death, the more likely you are to have one. The intensity of the "power punch" it illicits can be tied to the extreme shift that can be traced to changes in the brain and nervous system.

However, there is another type of experience called the near-death-like experience that can occur under all manner of conditions, sometimes even in sleep. Just going out to one's front porch and stooping over to pick up the newspaper, then gazing into the morning sun, can trigger one. Or, walking across one's livingroom to the window to close it and then walk back to the sofa can propel one into such a state. There is no explanation that can account for these. I talk about them in all my books about near-death experiences; most of my books feature a separate chapter detailing information about them. Near-death-like experiences can be every bit as powerful and life changing as the kind that occur on the edge of death.

The determinant is always the aftereffects. There is a pattern of physiological and psychological changes that follow the phenomenon that validates the genuiness of the experience. Often these aftereffect changes increase with time, and make a marked difference in the experiencer's life. So, whether you've had a near-death experience or a near-death-like experience - both of these states can engender the same aftereffects and result in the same pattern of integration phases. Again, the determinant is the aftereffects. If no such changes occurred in your life, you may have experienced something else in your sleeping states. Be certain to check my various books for the aftereffects pattern; or, on my website, look for the "Eight Fliers," which are charts, summaries of my various research findings. There is one for the pattern of aftereffects. Seldom does anyone experience all of these changes yet most will exhibit at least half (usual is about 60 to 70% of them).

You might investigate this pattern of aftereffects (and also the integration phases - another of the Eight Fliers), to see what applies to you and any resultant changes in your life which may have occurred. Many blessings, PMH


*** Our dear friend, Eunice Brock (well into her eighties and living in China) was able to sponsor Raymond Moody as a speaker on near-death experiences in China. Not only was his trip successful and well-received, because of his appearances, Eunice was able to pay for several Chinese professionals to attend the large Near-Death Conference, held October 24-28, in Houston, TX. IANDS presented a special award to her for all her efforts at the Conference. As others have journeyed in her stead, the award will be mailed to her. Three cheers for Eunice. Truly, she has been unrelenting in her desire to open up China to the subject of near-death experiences and what they imply. And she has done it on her own nickel and through her own hard work and that of friends. What a lady. We should all be so active when we reach our 80s.

*** New "Military and Veteran NDE Research Fund" has been established by IANDS. Col. Diane Corcoran, Army nurse, is spearheading this project. Send donations to the Fund at: IANDS, P. O. Box 502, East Windsor Hill, CT 06028; (860) 882-1211; office@iands.org.

*** Attention medical professionals: IANDS now has a CE program online to assist you with learning skills and the ability to handle possible near-death cases with your patients. Inquire at the above address.

*** On a personal note, mention of my awareness throughout my life of bright spirits, is covered in the book, Real Angels, Guiding Spirits, and Heavenly Hosts, by Brad Steiger and available from Visible Ink Press, Detroit, MI, 2006. The chapter I am in is the one titled "The Shining Ones."

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Thanks, PMH